Who we are

Yonggu is professional enterprise manufacturing, modeling, structuring, design, R & D and integration service. Our 6,000 square meters factory includes main equipment like CNC laser cutting machine, carving machine, bending machine, grinding machine and CNC punching machine.

We have more than 1000 molds. Main products incalude aluminum extrusion enclosure, power amplifier chassis, 19-inch rack mount chassis, instrument chassis, metal box.Yonggu Enclosure R & D department combines the wind, force, and heat to provide customers with practical, energy-saving and efficient appearance design.

production department provides & create new molds, drill, tapping, Punching, Cutting, C N C, Bending, laser carving, brushing, sandblasting, finish treatment and word printing to match your requirement. Our laboratory supports Salt Spray Testing, Waterproof Testing, Xenon Lampe Weathering Testing, Dust Testing, Hardness Testing & microscope to protect the quality of the products you order. With an experienced sales and engineering team provides you with a one-stop service that best meets all your job requirements.

Our products are widely used in electrical, communication, medical, industrial, audio power amplifier, instrumentation and research projects purposes. Customers are widely from North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our values

Mission: committed to providing first-class chassis solutions for global electronic equipment
Vision: the world's leading intelligent manufacturing service provider of electronic equipment housings
Our advantages:
Yongucase is a company with 18 years of experience in electronic equipment enclosures
18 standardized electronic housing product series
Professional R & D and design team to help customers create a perfect project box
5g + industry 4.0 technology upgrade, create a highly flexible digital factory, and realize intelligent interaction in all scenarios.
Deliver the prototype within 48 hours.
8 hours treatment and delivery to site.

Our presence around the world