Who we are

ZAMKO is an independent specialist of collapsible pallet boxes.
Our challenge with each project is to offer our customers the most fitting solution against the best price.
To achieve this, we have selected a range of manufacturers and suppliers over the years, based on their reliability and excellent price/quality ratio.

By actively thinking along with our customers, we usually arrive at the most optimal solution.

The requirements of customers’ logistics project form the starting point, but also the running cost of the selected pallet boxes are an important aspect.

Our extensive range of collapsible pallet boxes is of high quality and at the same time competitively priced.
Our customers are located throughout Europe and beyond.
Next to specific sector solutions we also develop custom solutions.

Pooling and renting pallet boxes is our specialism. You pay a small amount per day or per use.
When Pooling, the process behind the scenes is fully taken care of by ZAMKO’s professionals. You always receive your pallet boxes well in time for your daily shipments.

We repair plastic pallet boxes of all types in a professional way. If necessary on location throughout Europe.
The repair is barely visible and the pallet boxes become even stronger than before. Often a repair is a very economical solution.

‘Service Oriented’
‘Independent Specialist’
‘Competitively Priced’

Next to offering a diverse range of standard collapsible pallet boxes, we also offer pallet boxes for specific logistic needs, also tailor made;

Our assortment varies from big bag racks to automotive pallet boxes, from collapsible bulk hoppers to one-way export boxes, from e-waste boxes to walk-in pallet boxes. Our standard and special solutions are available in plastic, wood, steel, and carton. Also, we always have some interesting offers of used collapsible pallet boxes.

Next to many local operating medium & small businesses, also top-level international companies like Duracell, Knorr-Bremse, ITW, Lonza, Liebherr, Osram, Philips, Qsil and Wienerberger are among our customers now for many years.
Using our collapsible pallet boxes for their production-, warehousing-, transport- & distribution processes.

Our clients are in a wide range of industries, all over Europe
Chemical Industry
Agricultural Industry
Repair & Maintenance
Cold Chain Logistics
Landscaping & Green Maintenance
Construction Industry
Electronics Manufacturing
General Manufacturing
Automotive (OEM & Suppliers)
Transport, Warehousing & Logistics
Recycling Industry
Event- & Trade Fair organizations
Retail Distribution
DIY Shop Retail
Food Retail

Our values

ZAMKO offers you a wide range of collapsible Pallet Boxes.

Some of our succesfull products are niche products giving a specific -and often new- solution for certain logistic challenges.

An important service we offer id Pooling & Renting of collapsible pallet boxes.

Our customers appreciate the independent advise we give them to come to the right choise of product. Sometimes a standard product can be used when adapting it a little, other times a custome made solution seems better.

We like to build a relationship with our customers to learn their needs even better.

Many leading International companies have already chosen for ZAMKO.

Our presence around the world