Zanardo SpA

Who we are


Zanardo is a leading company in producing metal carpentry for electrical systems and industrial automation.
Zanardo was founded in 1973 by Dino Zanardo and it is based in Susegana (Treviso). As time went by the company grew, becoming bigger and bigger.
The firm now counts five separate production units, sales offices and a warehouse in Susegana, a separate branch in Rovigo, a subsidiary company in Holland, distributors in Australia, South Africa and USA nowadays.
Electrical systems, control machinery, computers, industrial automation: all you need is a strong chest keeping these fragile mechanisms safe.
Zanardo: a strong company, a professional team, a technical ability which can satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our values


Meant as a meticulous care while producing our carpentry. Products must be made “as they have to be made” in order to reach the customer in perfect condition.


Meant as product’s firmness and stability. Our products do not fear shocks and guarantee long duration.


Meant as a continuous tension to improvement, new technologies research, investing in new infrastructures, new machinery and employees training.


Meant as clarity on product pricing, honesty and trustworthiness about missions and challenges we take on, concreteness about products quality and customer service.


Meant as love for the environment that we want to preserve by waste recycling, smart industrial waste disposal, investment in solar panels as a green energy source.


Meant as cooperation of working force from many different countries. Our workers friendly share the everyday working reality and the passion for this job.

Our presence around the world