Who we are

About us

Zenit's history began more than 60 years ago in a small engineering workshop in Modena. Today, it has grown into a company with strong international presence, supported by hundreds of loyal employees, partners and associates all over the world.
We have grown organically thanks to talented and dedicated individuals who are veritable experts in their respective fields in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment technology. Our origin as a family business has contributed to our continual emphasis on incisive and quick decision-making.

What we do

Our core business is the design, manufacture and distribution of electric submersible pumps for residential and industrial use.
Through constant acquisition of new technological know-how and skills our product range is constantly being improved, refined and broadened.
We offer a wide range of lifting stations, aeration and mixing products, control and monitoring devices.
We also provide complete packages of water treatment solutions with their respective complementary services. We are capable of taking on the most demanding challenges.

How we operate

A customer-oriented approach, a penchant for innovation and specialisation are the salient qualities that have led us to constant growth.
We believe in being there for our customers when they need us. We support and work alongside you in all phases of your projects, from the initial consultation to product/plant design and then to implementation with intensive supervision and finally to a complete and comprehensive after-sales service.

Our values

The values that guide us, that we want to be identified with and that give us our competitive edge must inspire the behaviour of us all: from strategic decisions to daily routines.

better together
Embodies the way we do business, with the purpose of achieving the highest possible level of gratification for our customers, suppliers, colleagues and all the other stakeholders.
We believe that listening to our customers allows us to find the best solutions and to create products and services that are innovative and valuable.

Focus on effectivenes
Every effort, every resource used in our daily activity or mid-long term goal must be aligned with the corporate strategy and goals, focusing on what really matters.

Simplicity and lean thinking
We must focus on real, defined goals, and look for the most efficient way to achieve them.

A proactive change
We must be a company capable and happy to embrace change proactively.

Integrity, honesty and transparency
We must operate fairly and ethically. We must be honest and transparent with each other and with our stakeholders.

To be consistent means to have a real strategy, and to make it happen. it means to set achievable goals, and to keep promises.

Our presence around the world