Zikodrive Motor Controllers

Who we are

Zikodrive Motor Controllers are an award winning UK based company which makes motor control simple.

Founded in 2012 we deliver a broad range of motor control solutions to a wide range of industries - from pumps and process control to robotics and the audio market. Based in the UK, we ship all over the world from our online shop and offer technical support from our UK based sales team.

For projects with more exacting requirements we can customise any of our standard motor controllers - either through custom programming or customising the hardware.

If we have nothing close to your requirements then we can offer a range of bespoke design packages to deliver exactly what you need.

Our values

Customer focused motor control. We work very hard to offer our customers a broad range of products and controllers which will help them deliver the products and engineering they need. We work with you to get our controllers working as you need them to.

5:1 Salary Cap - our highest paid employees are never paid more than 5 times the lowest paid full time employee.

All Zikodrive Motor Controllers are designed and manufactured in the UK.

We limit travel as much as possible to limit our negative impact on the environment. Wherever possible we will work remotely with customers to deliver what they need.

Supply chain responsibility.

Our presence around the world