Who we are

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN is the market leader in manufacturing and distributing industrial embroidery machines „Made in Germany“.

The company manufactures highly appreciated embroidery machines for the challenges at the mass production as well as machines to individualize and personalize textiles. ZSK STICKMASCHINEN single-head embroidery machines of the popular brand SPRINT and ZSK STICKMASCHINEN multi-head embroidery machines of the series RACER with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 embroidery heads offer the best conditions for a high quality and profitable decorating and individualisation of textiles and leather.

The well-known and widely used flat embroidery machines of ZSK STICKMASCHINEN offer a variety of embroidery field sizes and variants from 1 to 56 embroidery heads. The quality of the ZSK STICKMASCHINEN embroidery machines continues in the available extensions for sequins starting with 2mm diameter, cord embroidery, drill or hot air cutting.

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN is as well the leading brand for highly demanded technical embroidery machines MADE IN GERMANY. The application of unusual material like fibers, wire, tubes or even integrated circuits to ZSK STICKMASCHINEN's approved embroidery technology opened a wide scope of products and methodical procedures like TFP –Tailored Fiber Placement.

With innovative applications as active wire and fiber supply systems, automatic pull-through systems for the carrier material or wire hit detection ZSK STICKMASCHINEN achieve a top level of automatization and efficiency.

Today companies from diverse branches develop and manufacture functional products, fashion, advanced composites or wearables with the embroidery solutions of ZSK STICKMASCHINEN’s brand ZSK TECHNICAL EMBROIDERY SYSTEMS.

To support customers’ success with ZSK STICKMASCHINEN embroidery machines the company has built up a worldwide network of regional representatives and skilled technicians. Therefore, fast and reliable customer support and part service is ensured.

Our values

Since its foundation, ZSK STICKMASCHINEN has gained the reputation of a reliable and fair partner. These values, paired with innovative technology and quality, make ZSK STICKMASCHINEN a respected company in mechanical engineering.

Entrepreneurial activity is social participation and demands that we assume social responsibility. We take responsibility for our employees, for the quality of life in our society through the use of innovative, environmentally friendly products and for the impact of our business activities on society and the environment.


ZSK STICKMASCHINEN is committed to socially and ecologically responsible corporate management and manifests its sense of responsibility in these statements on ZSK STICKMASCHINEN Corporate Social Responsibility.


ZSK STICKMASCHINEN focuses its commitment on 3 main areas:

• Social responsibility - The social impact and influence of the company
• Ecological Responsibility - The impact of the company and its activities on the environment
• Ethical social behavior - The application of moral principles to socially meaningful entrepreneurial pursuit of profit and moral ideals

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN is committed locally, sustainably along its value chain and is bound by laws and regulations as well as international conventions such as the general declarations of the United Nations, the guidelines on children's rights and entrepreneurial activity, the guidelines of the United Nations "Business and Human Rights", the international labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Global Compact of the United Nations.

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN practiced corporate ethics is measured by the following characteristics:

• Interested attitude towards social and global challenges
• Social behavior towards employees and their families
• Salaries and wages are sufficient for a quality of life befitting the status
• Suppliers and sub-service providers have a beneficial ethical and humane attitude
• Fair behavior towards suppliers through clear briefings, appropriate and punctual payment as well as partnership-based communication
• Products and services are maximally harmless - at best beneficial - for the living space
• The value chain is ecologically sustainable
• The principles of value ethics find concrete attention and application
• Profit does not come first, it is a purpose, but follows social goals
• Risk management includes the preventative averting of damage to companies, people and the environment
• The company is a moral role model for others and thus a willing part of a constructive change in values ​​in society

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN Corporate Social Responsibility is implemented through the ZSK STICKMASCHINEN Code of Conduct for employees (Code of Conduct) and suppliers (Code of Conduct for Suppliers).

Our presence around the world