ZUMBACH Electronic AG

Who we are

ZUMBACH ELECTRONIC is a world-leading manufacturer of in-line measuring systems for industrial applications. We deliver precise, reliable, innovative and customized product solutions. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and the various needs for different sectors of industry.

ZUMBACH is a Swiss family company, founded in 1957 by Bruno Zumbach, which has subsequently passed onto his son Rainer Zumbach. The headquarters of the company is based at Orpund in the northwest corner of Switzerland. Worldwide competence and expertise is realised from 11 Zumbach owned enterprises and more than 40 agency offices, guaranteeing a reliable customer support.

Our measuring solutions guarantee our customers a comprehensive quality assurance, process optimization and record of their production history. With our long experience and knowledge, we can offer profitable and innovative solutions. We work to very high quality standards and are ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

Leading manufacturers around the world have integrated Zumbach systems into their processes leading to benefits of increased output, reduction in material costs, downtime, improvements to quality and documentation.

Our values

Our technologies
• Laser/Optics
• Ultrasound
• X-ray
• Induction
• High Voltage Technology
• Computer hardware and software

What our customers appreciate
• Long device life
• Low maintenance
• Reliable customer service
• Experienced partner

Our presence around the world