Detection - Measurement

The detection and measurement section includes various sensors and other devices used to measure physical values in technical and industrial applications, as well as the accompanying data recorders. DirectIndustry also offers laboratory, metrology and inspection equipment essential to quality control.

Automation - Industrial IT

Here you will find the essential elements of automation control, data transfer, display and networking. DirectIndustry also offers industrial IT tools, computers and software for automation and CAD.

Electricity - Electronics - Optics

In this department, DirectIndustry presents equipment for the production of electrical energy including solar, wind and internal combustion systems. In addition, there are devices for energy distribution, storage and conversion, and for the protection of electrical installations. You will also find electronic components, cables, connectors and instruments for electrical measurements. The world of optics also appears here, including lasers, optical components, filters and fiber optics.

Power Transmission - Mechanical components

This section encompasses both electric motors and internal combustion engines, as well as control elements. We also have mechanical transmission devices such as gears and belts, couplings, clutches and braking systems. To complement this standard mechanical equipment, you will also find bearings, a variety of actuators and guidance and positioning systems.

Hydraulics - Pneumatics

This group incorporates everything hydraulic and pneumatic including pumps, valves, compressors and regulators. There is also a selection of accessories classified by type, from piping to fittings, from filtration units to air treatment systems.


This DirectIndustry department features a range of industrial equipment for machining, milling, turning, cutting and forming. You will also find cutting tools, tool holders, saw blades and abrasives. Because maintenance is a priority concern in any production environment, spare parts and consumable elements, such as grinding wheels, are also available here.

Industrial machines and equipment

Here you will find robots and a variety of industrial machinery for assembly, workpiece handling, welding, painting and gluing. DirectIndustry also offers access to the world of plastics processing, as well as a full range of equipment for heat and cold treatments, such as ovens, dryers, curing ovens and industrial cooling and chilling material. Keep in mind that hand tools are also found in this section.

Logistics - Handling

This section includes a complete range of material for managing product flow: packaging bagging machines, conveyors, manipulators to pallet handling. From jib cranes and electric winches to conveyor rollers and reach trucks, DirectIndustry offers a wide presentation of sorting, stocking and marking equipment.

Environment - Health - Safety

Here, DirectIndustry offers everything related to the environment and to health and safety. There is a range of products for air and water treatment, ambient noise abatement, waste and waste-water management, personal and plant security, fire alarms and protective clothing.


This is your source for raw materials and semi-finished products, metals and steels, synthetic products, resins, glues and magnets. DirectIndustry also features a selection of machining fluids and lubricants for manufacturing, finishing and tool maintenance operations.

Building - Construction

This department encompasses products linked to the construction, outfitting and maintenance of industrial buildings. You will find modular buildings, industrial doors and various construction elements, as well as lighting, heating and air conditioning equipment. Maintenance material includes industrial vacuums, sweepers and scrubber-dryers. The second part of the section is devoted to various earth-moving equipment including shovels, loaders and bulldozers, tools and construction site materials such as formwork and scaffolding. There is also mining and quarrying equipment.

New products

laser cutting machine / tube 0.15 - 3mm | Profile 6015 Wuhan HuaGong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd
This slotted casing tube is capable of cutting thousands of gaps on alloy steel tube of high strength. The width of the gap is between 0.15 and 3 mm, while the gap length is of 50 to 300 mm. Next, there are several other features, ...
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shotcrete machine max. 20 m | Spraymec NorRunner 100 DVC Normet International Ltd.
The Spraymec NorRunner 100 DVC is designed to be used in tunnel profiles up to 14.5 m in height and 20 m in width and offers a maximum longitudinal ...
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hazardous environment tablet PC Tab-Ex® Series ecom instruments GmbH
World´s first Zone 1 / Div. 1 tablet computer based on Samsung GALAXY Tab Active

ecom´s hazardous area tablet Tab-Ex® brings ...
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tunnel boring machine boom-type heading 1.2 m Atlas Copco Applications Industrielles
Used all over the world for drilling operations the Atlas Copco Symmetrix range is an advanced system and a preferable alternative to the conventional piling. The ...
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profilometer Dektak XTL™ Bruker Nano Surfaces
The new Dektak Xtl™ stylus profile gives amazingly exact, repeatable, and reproducible metrology for an extensive variety of applications. With its capability to suit examples of up to 350mm x 350mm, this framework brings fanciful Dektak execution to 200mm and 300mm wafer ...
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