Cyclone dust collectors

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cyclone dust collector - NC cyclone

Basic cyclone to separate large materials from the airflow
The cyclone is a separator that uses centrifugal force to purify air loaded...

cyclone dust collector - NC cyclone

Our systems clean blast media as follows:
Separation of fine blast...

cyclone dust collector - C Series

Remove large to moderate size particles (chips, metal grindings, sawdust) from woodworking and metalworking processes with the C Series Cyclone dust collector. Used alone or in conjunction with another dust collector, the Cyclone separates...

cyclone dust collector / mobile - 8 - 18 L | CVA-1030

Dust collector

- Adaptable to several suction sources (x4).
- Maximum filtration rate of 99,97% (particulates ≥ 0,3µ).

- Used as a prefilter or a separator of fine and heavy particulates...

cyclone dust collector / mobile - 8 - 18 L | WSCC - 60 series


Capacity: 8L
Weight: 7 kg
Air flow: 0,5...

cyclone dust collector / mobile - 8 - 18 L | WSCC - 60 series

The geometry of cyclones is a determining factor in obtaining high efficiency. Various physical properties such as: temperature,...

cyclone dust collector - 300 g/m³

They are mainly used for industries that produce large quantities of dust, and they can be used to prevent pollution problems on premises, and can play a part in a production process. Removal of the dust and shavings produced...

cyclone dust collector - CGS

Its performance depends on the rotational speed of the particles, their density and their particle...

cyclone dust collector - HC

Its performance depends on the rotational speed of the particles, their density and their particle...

cyclone dust collector - GC

Its performance depends on the rotational speed of the particles, their density and their particle...

cyclone dust collector / heavy-duty - 3 000 - 40 000 m³/h | ACF series

Cartridge filter system with automatic compressed air cleaning
High-efficiency cyclone filter plant, the complete solution for extraction and filtering of fumes, dust, fine dust and particles.
Consisting of a stable powder-coated sheet steel design.
The fan can also be located on the filter and in the sound insulation hood in the case of air volumes up to 9000m³/h.

cyclone dust collector - 100 - 80 000 cfm | CycloPlus™

The CycloPlus™ collector is an advanced cyclone design that offers high retained solid particulate collection as either a primary particulate device for dust removal or recovery or to act as a precleaning stage ahead of a fabric filter collector or wet scrubber to reduce particulate loadings and to increase fabric filter life or reduce scrubbing...

cyclone dust collector - 100 - 80 000 cfm | CycloPlus™

Envirotec Engineering Pulse

cyclone dust collector / heavy-duty - 450 - 13 000 cfm | Cyclotron CF series

Heavy-Duty Performance for Heavy Dust Loads

The Filter 1 Cyclotron combines a long tapered cone, a high velocity inlet, and a large internal helix to easily separate from the air stream all moderate size particles, such as saw dust chips and particles from metal grinding.The Cyclotron fans are positioned on the clean air side of the...

cyclone dust collector - CYCLONE

Economic solutions.
Efficiency > 95% for large particles.
6 models :
- 5 000 : from 3 000...

cyclone dust collector - POLJET FC series

Round Body with cyclonic hopper
Filtration with high efficiency Bags
Dust discharge with hoppers and collection bin(rotary valve on request)
Heavy construction, metal sheet...

cyclone dust collector - max. 44000 m3/h | Pc Cyclone series


The Pc Cyclone produces the separation of the powders due to inertial forces effect; moreover, it forces the airflow to dedust at an helical motion, on itself, inside of a room in development tapered downward.
The air moved...

cyclone dust collector - max. 44000 m3/h | Pc Cyclone series

CAMCORP's cartridge filters come in two styles - Pleated Bags (spun bonded...

cyclone dust collector - max. 44000 m3/h | Pc Cyclone series

IAC Cyclone Collectors utilize cyclonic action, centrifugal force to separate dust and particulate matter from the process air stream. No fabric filter...

cyclone dust collector / heavy-duty - Cyclopulse

The Airex Cyclopulse cyclonic effect baghouse dust collector is our unique concept for critically heavy dust load applications.

This cyclonic effect baghouse...

cyclone dust collector - Econopulse

The Econopulse - cyclonic effect baghouse dust collector stands out because of the superior efficiency of its cyclonic effect and its simple construction design. A downsized version...

cyclone dust collector - GP, HE, HF series

Cyclones dust collector are frequently used as product receivers, as pre-cleaners to high efficiency fabric-type dust collectors, or simply as...

cyclone dust collector - 100 - 8 468 m ² | VTS, VOS

Circular VOS and VTS type filter cyclones represent the latest vertical bag filter product line. VTS filter type employ vertical layout of the cutting-edge triangle-shaped filter bags, which considerably fosters the increase...

cyclone dust collector / heavy-duty - max. 100 mg/Nm³ | CF

The analysis of the operation of a proved solution widely acceptable in heating industry i.e. a two stage system facilitated development of this dust collection system. The ECO INSTAL designers have elaborated a dust collector known under the market name of CF CYCLONE FILTER.

The dust collector fosters reduction...

cyclone dust collector - CE/S, CE/S/B

CE/S and CE/S/B (with basalt lining) dust collectors offered by ECO INSTAL are characterized by high operating efficiency, resistance to erosive wear from dust and reduced flow resistance in comparison with hitherto...

multi-cyclone dust collector - MOS

A multicyclone is a device based on the experienced gained from the long-term use of cyclones. The device is a compromise between the size (several times smaller dimensions),...

cyclone dust collector - max. 12 000 cfm | AAF-CY series

The AAF Cyclone is a dry centrifugal collector for dusts of moderate to coarse particle size (>20µ). The Cyclone will remove up to 99% of dust (by weight) generated by steel grinding and saw dust. When used as a pre-cleaner,...

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