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new video Sandvik Coromant CoroMill 176
gear cutter CoroMill 176 Sandvik Coromant

The CoroMill® 176 is an economically viable alternative to the standard regrindable high-speed steel (HSS) tools, and is the ideal indexable insert cutter to use for optimum gear wheel...

new Sandvik Coromant ø 225 - 350 mm | CoroMill 177
gear cutter ø 225 - 350 mm | CoroMill 177 Sandvik Coromant

Designed with DIN 3972-2 profiled finishing inserts, the CoroMill® 177 delivers precise cutting information that is capable of handling rigid materials. This hobbing tool from...

9 products HILTI
core bit TE-C-DS HILTI

This device possesses an incredible thin wall core bit barrel which ensures...

core bit TE-C-BK HILTI

Hilti TE-C-BK hammer core bit has a tip made of metal carbide. It provides...

jig-saw blade W-CSJ W HILTI

This Hilti Jig saw blades offer a different blade specification like blade shapes...

1 products KOMET GROUP
KOMET GROUP ø 6 - 20 mm | JEL®
PCD cutting tool ø 6 - 20 mm | JEL® KOMET GROUP

Protein-coated disc compressed drilling and milling apparatus is employed for slot milling, boring and machining pockets...

8 products CERATIZIT
rotary tool blank CERATIZIT

The blanks for solid tungsten carbide discs manufactured by CERATIZIT are useful for circular shear and slitting knives, being designed in accordance to the continuously-increasing...

punching tool blank CERATIZIT

CERATIZIT are considered the leaders of the carbide business and the decades of experience in carbide design, development and manufacturing guarantees buyers the very...

long knife CERATIZIT

CERATIZIT knives series offers circular, long and special knives for the paper, plastic...

rotary knife blade CERATIZIT

There are many areas of application for this circular knife. For example,...

custom rotary knife blade CERATIZIT

CERATIZIT has launched some special knives made up of heat resistant alloys wherein some...

wood cutting tool CERATIZIT

The CERATIZIT offers a wide range of wood working tools...

4 products Garant
HSS hacksaw blade Garant

Version: GARANT - Saw blade made of molybdenum alloyed high performance cutting steel HSS (DMo5). Due to constantly high hardness and extreme toughness,...

bimetal hacksaw blade Garant

The Bimetal Hacksaw Blade delivers a high cutting efficiency and increased service life. It is 300 mm ×13...

HSS jig-saw blade Garant

Hofmann jigsaw leafs are indispensable household tools. The toothing of the blade is the main factor in the speed of work and the quality of the cut face. Thus the ideal tooth pitch should be chosen depending...

bimetal reciprocating saw blade Garant

Version: Saw blades are made of different materials depending on the application : The toothing determines the speed and the quality of the cut face. The tooth pitch should be chosen according to the...

Norton Abrasives
diamond dresser Norton Abrasives

The wide range of NORTON’S Diamond Dressing Rolls are highly efficient in addressing the removal of swarf, dull grains, and bonding material from a grinding wheel....

Norton Abrasives Fliesen
diamond dresser Fliesen Norton Abrasives

The Fliesen stationary diamond dressing tools have open wheels that are made from exposed sharp abrasive...

Norton Abrasives Norton
diamond dresser Norton Norton Abrasives

The Diamond Dressing Tool, created by Norton, is best suited for applications in truing and dressing standard...

1 products SECO TOOLS
video SECO TOOLS Jabro™ JPD89* series
PCD cutting tool Jabro™ JPD89* series SECO TOOLS

Seco’s Jabro belongs to the Composites JPD89 series that is made to work on carbon fibre added on the plastic materials. This product offers flexibility as it contains utilized...

video TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG PREMIUM***
core bit PREMIUM*** TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG

Premium*** Dry Core Drill DDL is an innovative product due to its patented design that makes it highly ideal for efficient and precise dry core...

video TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG
diamond wire for concrete TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG

Tyrolit diamond wires, with 40 beads per meter, comes in the famous yellow design. It expands wire strength due to its durable rubber fabrication. The rubber coating...

TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG
diamond wire saw TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG

Manufactured by Tylorit, the diamond wires provide a customized answer for every stationary application. It features an integrated plastic...

1 products DATRON AG
high-speed cutting tool (HSC) DATRON AG

DATRON Mini-Tools High Speed Cutting Tools On the basis of our testings and the experiences of our customers we develop...

6 products riss
6 products BAHCO
BAHCO 3802 series
HSS hacksaw blade 3802 series BAHCO

Designed for cutting almost any material...

bimetal reciprocating saw blade 3840 ST BAHCO

The Sandflex® standard shaped with improved performance and precision-ground teeth Virtually unbreakable Sandflex® bi-metal...

bimetal reciprocating saw blade 3840 SL BAHCO

The Sandflex® Slope shaped with improved performance and precision-ground teeth Virtually unbreakable Sandflex®...

jig-saw blade 91 BAHCO

These blades fit AEG, Atlas Copco, Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee and similar machines Standardized T-Shank (also referred to as Euro shank) Type of blades: HCS: Carbon...

metal jig-saw blade 91 BAHCO

These blades fit AEG, Atlas Copco, Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee and similar machines Standardized T-Shank(also referred to as Euro shank) Type of blades: HSS: High...

BAHCO 4559
compact bolt cutter 4559 BAHCO

Material: High performance alloy steel Wide range of bolt cutters with cutting capacity up to 15 mm concrete reinforcing...

Buderus Edelstahl
tool blank Buderus Edelstahl

Buderus Edelstahl, a name that stands for the production and refinement of high-grade special steels. Buderus Edelstahl is a global front-runner in this sophisticated sector....

Buderus Edelstahl
punching tool blank Buderus Edelstahl

Steels for punching and stamping - 2767 ISO-B Low-distortion, air-hardening...

1 products Fives Cinetic
Fives Cinetic
diamond dresser Fives Cinetic

For over sixty years, CITCO has been synonymous with Quality Diamond Dressers. Today, we proudly continue this tradition by offering the broadest...

7 products GREENLEE
battery-powered bolt cutter 120 V GREENLEE

Designed to cut one-time disposable locks, shipping container seals and small diameter bolts State of the art 18V lithium ion (Li-ion) battery provides 70% more cycles per charge and faster cycle times LED...

compact bolt cutter 18" | HDFBC18 GREENLEE

Unique cam bolt blade adjustment for easy cutter alignment Forged...

compact bolt cutter 18" | BC18 GREENLEE

Unique cam bolt blade adjustment for easy cutter...

hydraulic punching tool 7310 GREENLEE

Fast, easy and simple to operate Compact design for field use on construction sites and maintenance jobs Punches...

hydraulic punching tool 7904SB GREENLEE

Compact, lightweight design for portability and fast, easy one-person operation Develops 8 tons of hydraulic...

hydraulic punching tool 7906SB GREENLEE

Compact, lightweight design for portability and fast, easy one-person operation Quick...

1 products KALLER
KALLER 200 daN
roller cam punching unit 200 daN KALLER

KALLER Roller Cam is developed to meet the markets demand for a standard Cam unit. The Roller Cam unit is the ideal solution for a small compact and cost effective unit. The Roller Cam is available for...

1 products LMT FETTE
gear cutter LMT FETTE

From internally geared wheels and special profiles through to sprockets and worm gears – involute gear cutters are a powerful, economical choice of tool for the...

3 products NACHI America
NACHI America
gear cutter NACHI America

For the production method of gears, there are various ways such...

NACHI America
helical cut helical spline broach NACHI America

High Stability The angular design of gullet provides the best balanced...

NACHI America
external broach NACHI America

NACHI provide whole broaching system for Fir - Tree Broaches under...

15 products Onsrud Cutter LP
Onsrud Cutter LP 60-000 series
wood cutting tool 60-000 series Onsrud Cutter LP

Designed with a unique scalloped cutting edge...

Onsrud Cutter LP 60-300/60-350 series
wood cutting tool 60-300/60-350 series Onsrud Cutter LP

Very good tool for hard wood materials....

video Onsrud Cutter LP 60-100DC series
wood cutting tool 60-100DC series Onsrud Cutter LP

The Tuff Core compression utilizes unique dual...

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