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platform cart / motorized - 250 - 10 000 kg | ACBE series

Introducing the state of the art L-Cart. Designed to buy a base drive package and "build it yourself". Comes with a complete AGV traffic control...

platform cart / galvanized steel - Euro FW1 , 1 400 x 860 , max. 1 000 kg | Typ X.1

Typ X.1 Euro, FW1 - Material supply in Milk-Run-Train
Art. no.: 471-9001-A

dimensions outside l x w x h in mm:
1400 x 860

effective surface l x w x h in mm:
1225 x 825

loading capacity in kg:

max. valocity in km/h:

max. towing capacity:


platform cart / galvanized steel - 1 460 x 1 060 , max. 1 000 kg | Typ X GAD SD Industry

Typ X, GAD, SD, Industry - Material supply in Milk-Run-Train
Art. no.: 470-0108

- loading and unloading on both sides
- stackable
- swivelling drawbar
- mesh cover
- virtual coupling/drawbar system

dimensions outside l x w x h in mm:
1460 x 1059

effective surface l x w x h in mm:
1225 x 1025

loading capacity in kg:


platform cart - max. 1 000 kg , 825 x 625 mm , Type X.2 , 1/2 Euro

Typ X.2 ½-Euro - Material supply in Milk-Run-Train
Art. no.: 467-0123

dimensions outside l x w x h in mm:
1040 x 650

effective surface l x w x h in mm:
825 x 625

loading capacity in kg:

max. valocity in km/h:


pallet box cart - 2 150 x 1 020 x 2 120 mm, max. 1 000 kg | TP1.E

The LKE Group's Pallet Box Trolley features an integrated electric life cylinder that delivers comprehensive lifting...

transport cart / for storage containers - 1 500 x 600 x 1 640 mm, max. 300 kg | 600 E1 Lochraster

The Transport Cart is used for small part storage containers. The cart measures 1500 x 600 x...

folding cart - 200 - 500 kg

The PROVOST foldaway trolley comes with a high-quality green RAL 6029 finish. The...

platform cart - max. 250 kg

Whenever you are looking for a stable and trustworthy trolley, then Provost's...

platform cart / nesting - max. 300 kg

This shock-resistant cash and carry trolley is stackable when empty. It is...

platform cart - max. 200 kg

Whether you need to transport boxes of office supplies or bulky moving boxes,...

platform cart - max. 500 kg | Promax

Made with the purpose of transportation of loads that are too tedious to be transported manually, the structure and wheel of promax trolleys can can load capacities of 500 kg while keeping...

platform cart / aluminium - 1 000 x 655 x 620 mm

This aluminum platform trolley is created with a modular-system design. It features a platform that...

platform cart - max. 350 kg | BC series

The BC series is a platform cart manufactured by Sall. The company provides a wide range of...

handling truck - max. 3 500 kg | KM125

The KM12 from Sall Srl is a blue handling truck that has a capacity of up to 3500...

panel cart - max. 200 kg | KM213

The KM213 is a handling trolley manufactured by Sall. The device weighs...

handling truck - max. 1 500 kg, 1 500 x 700 x 460 mm | KM330150

The KM330150 is a heavy-duty handling trolley manufactured by Sall. The trolley is designed...

handling truck - max. 1 500 kg, 2 000 x 1 000 x 460 mm | KM330200

SALL Srl presents KM330200 heavy duty trolley. Its dimensions (L x W x H) are 2000 x 1000 x 460 mm. It has...

baggage cart - EQUINOX series

Whether travelling abroad for fun or on business, you will most probably use a Caddie luggage cart in a good many of the world's...

baggage cart - GALAXY series

Nestable 3 caster cart of which 2 with brakes
Capacity: up to 4 pieces of luggage

baggage cart - AR465

Nestable cart with 4 casters of which 2 braked
Capacity: 3...

baggage cart - SHOPP'AIR series

Whether travelling abroad for fun or on business, you will most probably use a Caddie luggage cart in a good many of the world's...

platform cart - 1 080 x 660 x 1 090 mm, max. 300 kg| ROULSTAR '' L ''

• Monobloc tubular steel frame
• Non-slip, grained, waterproof...

baggage cart - max. 193 l | 5039 series

weight : 31 lbs. - 14 kg kg
Total capacity: 11,775

wire mesh platform cart - 470 x 1 102 x 1 073 mm | T.FC1837

weight : 38 lbs. - 17 kg
Size: 18 1/2"x43 3/8"x42...

handling truck - 470 x 1 346 x 953 mm | T.908-13SNV

weight : 70 lbs. - 32 kg
Size: 18 1/2"x53"x37 1/2" (470x1346x953mm)

handling truck - max. 500 kg | TARTARUGA

Fitted on 2 dia. 175 mm wulkollan rear wheels and

handling truck - max. 1 200 kg | SUPER

Useful lifting surface mm. 1600x550

platform cart - max. 320 kg

Fitted on 2160 mm diameter wheals in rubber...

platform cart - max. 1 000 kg

Fitted on 2150x40 mm diameter fixed wheels in...

platform cart - max. 1 000 kg

Compared with wheeled chassis, lifting devices on air cushion running gears offer complete freedom of movement in all directions and can be moved and positioned precisely by hand despite huge loads.

platform cart / motorized - max. 500 kg | touch2move series

Thanks to the touch2move drive technology, logistics operations are optimized, and transporting heavy goods is not only more efficient, but also significantly...

hand truck / three-position convertible - max. 300 kg

One device two functions: This useful...

baggage cart - max. 200 kg

The baggage cart Type 8 932 10 is...

platform cart - max. 500 kg

The In-Focus shows you the most important technical details...

folding cart - max. 250 kg

Heavy loads moved easily, safely, and quickly: The use of high-quality, professional order-picking and...

platform cart / motorized - max. 350 kg | Tow Cart 350

The Tow Cart 350 is an electric platform cart manufactured by GGR Group. The battery-powered card can be fitted with...

panel cart - max. 400 kg

The Slab Buggy is a compact unit equipped with pneumatic rear tires and a front steering castor...

panel cart - max. 400 kg

The Platform Cart is a medium heavy-duty truck. It is built with with steel and coated with...

panel cart - max. 400 kg

The Akro-Mils® offers this handling truck constructed in a powder coated steel framework. This equipment...

platform cart - 3 000 lbs

ALC Medium and Heavy-Duty Hardwood Platform Truck is noted for its multiple handle and caster options. It can successfully transport products and minimize the hassle of lifting and carrying. These trucks come in two different models,...

platform cart / plastic - max. 181.4 kg | 4300 series

Converts from a utility cart to a platform truck in just...

platform cart / plastic - max. 226.8 kg | 4403 HD

Ideal for moving large, heavy loads in almost any environment

Ergonomically designed push handle improves control & worker safety

platform cart / folding / six-wheel - max. 907.2 kg | 4496 series

Unique, convertible design quickly transforms the bulk load capacity of a standard platform truck to the functionality of a heavy-duty 2-shelf utility cart

Three product configurations in one: 24 x 52 Platform or U-boat Truck, 1000 lb. capacity,...

platform cart - max. 907.2 kg | 4493 series

Perfect for temporary moving and storing of material, parts, and supplies

Tight turning radius for easy maneuverability in...

handling truck - max. 453.6 kg | 4484 series

Ideal for transporting & retaining small packages & materials

Heavy-duty, powder-coated wire side panels retains small packages & items
Individually removable to...

scissor handling truck - 330 - 1 100 lb | DLV series

An inexpensive and practical approach to faster, safer and easier feeding of blanks or parts in tote boxes. As material is transferred from the feed side to the...

transport cart / for heavy loads - max. 10 000 kg | EFP 10000

Transport of machine tools
Double drive 2.2...

platform cart - max. 300 kg | FP PH 300

Fer Plast's Folding FP PH 300 has been designed with a bumper, and...

handling truck - max. 500 kg

The 44/2 model, and the 44A/2 model are manufactured by Ferplast, and are platform trucks...

folding cart - 120 - 250 kg | TD

The TD Series, manufactured by I-Lift Equip, is a steel platform trolley equipped with...

platform cart / plastic - 400 - 1 500 kg | PM

The I-Lift Equip's PM Series is a plastic platform truck, which can carry 400 kg,...

panel cart - max. 500 kg | PR500

The PR500 is manufactured by i-lift Equip, and is a trigonal-frame platform cart...

handling truck - max. 1 500 kg | PMW1500

The PMW1500 model is manufactured by i-Lift Equip, and is a wagon truck that...

platform cart / motorized - max. 500 kg | SPT500

The SPT500 Motorized Platform Cart is designed with a fingertip variable speed controller....

platform cart / motorized - max. 1 100 lb | JRMC series

The JRMC series or Moto-Cart Jr is a motorized trolley tray that is specially designed for numerous electric cart...

platform cart / motorized - max. 1 500 lb | MC series

The MC series is manufactured by Lift Products, and is a moto-cart that has a battery operated self-propelled electric platform truck. It can...

platform cart / motorized - 1 500 - 2 000 lb | MC2-HD series

The Moto-Cart HD series is a motorized platform cart manufactured by Lift Products. It is...

bed cart / two-position - max. 1000 lb

The Convertible Hand Trucks are customized hand trucks with available parts that can be ordered...

folding cart - max. 44 lb | PT-SS-L, PT-SS-S series

The PT-SS-L and PT-SS-S model, is manufactured from RWM Casters, and are steel folding handle platform...

folding cart - max. 330 lb | Expand-i-Cart™

The Expand-i-Cart™ is a collapsible trolley manufactured by RWM Casters. It is suitable...

platform cart - max. 330 lb

The folding handle aluminum platform truck, manufactured by R.W.M Casters, is a platform truck...

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