articulated robot / 6-axis / pick-and-place / compact
articulated robot
TVL series

Payload: 0 g - 4,000 g
Reach: 500, 700 mm

High productivity in assembly and pick-and-place applications in a compact space.Vertical Articulated Robot series of world-class performance.(standard cycle time of less than 0.4 seconds)

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Toshiba Machine
SCARA robot / 4-axis / pick-and-place / feed
SCARA robot

Payload: 3 kg - 6 kg
Reach: 650, 180 mm
Repeatability: 0.01, 0.015 mm

The new design of the G6 series offers maximum work envelope at very compact dimensions. The robots can carry out tasks with an arm length of e.g. 550 mm when usually 600 mm would be required. The G6 series is the ideal solution for applications ...

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EPSON Robotic Solutions
delta robot / 4-axis / packaging / pick-and-place
delta robot
max. 8 kg

With a design by IXAPACK, the pick & place tripod unit permits a great flexibility and a high speed of functioning in its application. Several versions are available: 3, 4 and 5 axis with a load up to 8 kg.

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articulated robot / 6-axis / pick-and-place / handling
articulated robot

Payload: 6 g
Reach: 700 mm

The pioneering Powerball-Lightweightarm LWA 4.6 manufactured by Schunk is a modular robot that offers versatile and compact support for mobile and stationary applications in areas such as industrial handling and service robotics. This ...

SCARA robot / 4-axis / pick-and-place / ceiling-mount
SCARA robot
RH-FHR series

Payload: 0 kg - 1 kg

High speed, high precision, space saving inverse mounting robot Capable of wide range applications electric and electronic parts, precision assembly of small parts inspections, high speed transfer and packing RH-FHR Series The RH-FHR-D ...

SCARA robot / articulated / delta / transfer
SCARA robot

Robotics Evolves by Taking up New Challenges We have led the world’s industrial robot market since the first release of the all-electric industrial robot “MOTOMAN” in Japan in 1977. Since that time, we have successively commercialized ...

articulated robot / 6-axis / packaging / pick-and-place
articulated robot

delta robot / packaging / pick-and-place / industrial
delta robot

Lightweight, however remarkably successful, the Presto Top rated Loader Robot is flexible to a wide array of apps. The Delta Robot modern technology areas item into cartons or containers effortlessly and preciseness. Effortless-to-use, ...

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Bosch Packaging Technology
articulated robot / pick-and-place / industrial
articulated robot

Honeywell Intelligrated's robotic each picking solutions use vision technology and specially designed end-of-arm tooling to identify and handle individual items, picking and placing them for order fulfillment processes. The solutions ...

pick-and-place robot / spider / 5-axis / for wafer handling
pick-and-place robot

The Pick + Place Robot is an effective and flexible high-speed solution for various applications requiring utmost precision in handling. The robot transfers wafer*s from the incoming belt to a various number of tracks between one and ...

Cartesian robot / 3-axis / pick-and-place / industrial
Cartesian robot
YP series

Payload: 3 kg
Reach: 0 mm

delta robot / 3-axis / pick-and-place / industrial
delta robot

Schobertechnologies SPIDER, a High-Speed Robot for RSM Off-line Die Cutters. This automated High-Speed Robot offers extreme acceleration, speed and precision to stack extra long products and handles production speeds of up to 150 ft./min. ...

articulated robot / packaging / pick-and-place / loading
articulated robot

Payload: 3 kg

The CRL offers a choice of either end load or top load versions. For top load, the CRL will load products into static cartons, and with an optional carton management system (CMS), will also load products into moving cartons. The end load ...

2-axis robot / articulated / pick-and-place / loading
2-axis robot

Payload: 20 kg

The manipulation of product collation and their insertion into a carton or cartoner bucket chain can be achieved with Top Loading or Side Loading capability and Bergami has developed his own Pick & Place family Brutus. Our 2 axis Pick ...

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SCARA robot / 4-axis / for assembly / packaging
SCARA robot
HSR Series

Payload: 8 g
Reach: 480, 550, 650 mm

Sustained fast performance - High performance even during continuous operation over long periods. Interlocking machine design and servo control. - The advanced interlocking design assures highly effective vibration dampening. Strengthened ...

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DENSO Robotics Europe
Cartesian robot / 3-axis / pick-and-place / unloading
Cartesian robot
SUCCESS (5 - 7 - 11 - 22 - 33)

Payload: 3 kg - 15 kg
Reach: 1,000 mm - 6,000 mm

Success is a range of universal and economic robots that provide all the performance and reliability that you expect from Sepro. These 3-axis servocontrolled robots can quickly and precisely perform simple and peripheral pick & place ...

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delta robot / packaging / pick-and-place / self-learning
delta robot
max. 63 kg | TWINLINE series

The TwinLine twin-axis-robot is a multi-functional basic module combining high performance and handling of heavy loads. The innovative mechanical design - with drive arms in lightweight carbon fibre and servo-technology - allows for ...

articulated robot / 4-axis / packaging / pick-and-place
articulated robot
max. 100 p/min | oli 210 V/R

New to the product range: Suitable for nearly any type of product, especially bags, sachets, flowpacks, cartons, tubes, cans, etc. Fully automatic product infeed, detection, orientation and collation Can be perfectly combined with oli ...

delta robot / pick-and-place / packaging / high-speed
delta robot

What the "Delta Robot" can do for you The Delta Robot packs almost any type of lay-down (horizontal) pattern directly in the flowwrapper chain or thermoformed tray; ideal for naked products. How the "Delta Robot" works The vision scans ...

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BluePrint Automation
Cartesian robot / 2-axis / packaging / pick-and-place
Cartesian robot

Polypack's patented robotic Pick & Place system ensures product stability throughout the entire wrapping process. This robotic system is the only pick and place equipment capable of handling ovals and unstable products. With no pusher, ...

collaborative robot / articulated / 4-axis / for assembly
collaborative robot
Junior 200

Payload: 3 kg
Reach: 400 mm
Repeatability: 1 mm

The robot MIP Junior 200 is a four-axis robotic arm, with a working radius of 400mm. Main features - Easy to use. It's controllable through an integrated touch-screen (in the foot), and programmable thanks to an intuitive and easy ...

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MIP Robotics
Cartesian robot / 3-axis / pick-and-place / loading
Cartesian robot
Y&D-G series

Payload: 8 kg
Reach: 800, 300, 500, 100 mm
Repeatability: 0.01 mm

Y&D-Gseries Universal machine control system combined with excellent, precise positioning capability, the point can be widely used in plastic, PCB cutting / drilling,PCB solder, lock screw, the pick-and-place components (Pick & Place), ...

SCARA robot / 6-axis / for materials handling / for assembly
SCARA robot

Payload: 5 kg
Reach: 415 mm
Repeatability: 0.1 mm

Gridbots High Performance SCARA Robot is perfect companion for activities requiring high speed and precision. The system is suitable mechanical assembly, material handling, high speed pick and place and machine tending. With Gridbots ...

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Gridbots Technologies Private Limited
collaborative robot / articulated / 6-axis / packaging
collaborative robot

Payload: 5 kg
Reach: 915 mm
Repeatability: 0.1 mm

n 1977, Hanwha Techwin launched its precision machinery business, which served as the foundation for the aviation, defense, and industrial equipment businesses, all of which the company still operates today. The company's track record ...

delta robot / 3-axis / 2-axis / pick-and-place
delta robot

Payload: 3 kg
Reach: 800 mm
Repeatability: 0.2 mm

The D2-800 model is a two axis delta robot developed by Codian Robotics. It is specifically designed to cater applications that include high speed toploading pick and place processes. The robot comes with a parallel kinematic design ...

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Codian Robotics