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fiber laser / continuous / wave CW - JenLas® fiber cw 1000

JenLas® fiber cw 1000 W provides powerful cw fiber lasers with modulation rates of up to 5 kHz. They emit at power levels up to 1000 W, with an excellent beam quality: M2 <1.2 This makes them suitable e.g. for cutting applications with...

fiber laser / galvo / marking - max. 180 x 180 mm | ProMarker

Large volumes are able to be marked in the shortest possible time by using the ProMarker...

fiber laser / galvo / marking - max. 12.2 x 12.2

The SpeedMarker FL Galvo Marking Laser is Built to withstand even the most demanding of application or the harshest of working condition. It is mostly applied...

fiber laser / continuous / wave CW - max. 100 W | FAP series

Every HighLight FAP system in this family is built to deliver a massive 100 watts of unique diode light. This light comes with a modular delivery system. The systems are made using Coherent's modern technology...

fiber laser / pulsed - 5 - 45 kW | Daytona series

The two product models, 335 and 335-20 of type Daytona are ideal for use with various micro-machining applications, especially those that require a...

fiber laser / compact / for marking - 20 - 50 W, 1064 nm | NUQ series

Make the switch with confidence.
With the security of Nuferns name behind every pulse, NuQ fiber lasers enable you...

fiber laser / continuous / wave CW - 5 W | NuBENCH series

The NuBENCH series of fiber laser and accessories is a family of products specifically...

fiber laser / continuous / wave CW - 1 064 nm, 10 - 50 W | NuFIRE™ series

The NuFIRE™ family lasers are continuous wave (CW) fiber lasers that can also be modulated up to a frequency of 10 kHz. Various models offer near-diffraction-limited laser output powers ranging from 10 to 50 W. The lasers operating at 1064 nm are suitable for processing a wide range of materials. The compact, air cooled laser operating with...

fiber laser / short-pulse - 1 550 nm | NuTx

NuTx is designed with monolithic-fiber architecture and Nuferns-fiber packaging expertise. Its transmitters are greatly resistant to shock and persistent vibration. These compact sorces enable high-resolution...

fiber laser - 25 - 40 W, 1 940 nm | Nu2µ series

Powered by Nuferns proprietary thulium-doped LMA optical fibers, the Nu2μ laser sources are a valuable choice for OEM medical laser manufacturing. Operation in the eye-safe 1940 nm wavelength range corresponds to a strong molecular water absorption peak, which enables flexible control of the energy absorption in tissue. Near diffraction...

fiber laser / power - Quasar®

From the makers of top quality innovations in High Power UV and Green Lasers comes Hybrid Fiber Laser from QUASAR. The first to innovate and utilize TimeShift™...

fiber laser / DFB - 1064 - 1550nm

Powers up to 100 mW
Low Relative Intensity Noise (RIN)
Direct Modulation to 12 GHz

fiber laser / amplified spontaneous emission ASE - EBS-402x, EYBS-3527 series

The EBS-4022 Erbium Broadband Source is an extremely stable, flattened broadband source delivering 22 dBm in a 40-nm wide spectrum spanning the whole Erbium C band. It utilizes amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) from diode-pumped Erbium-doped fiber and a spectral shaping scheme which flattens the output to better than 1 dB from 1527 to 1567 nm.


fiber laser / continuous / wave CW - 488 - 670 nm

MPB’s Fiber Lasers are compact, highly-efficient CW fiber laser with an all-fusion-spliced optical train, resulting in unprecedented...

ytterbium fiber laser - 10 - 20 W | YFL-P Series

MPBs Ytterbium Fiber Laser is a compact, highly-efficient CW fiber laser with an all-fusion-spliced optical train, resulting in very low maintenance and unprecedented stability.

Compact size and robust design...

ytterbium fiber laser - YFL-µ series

The all-fiber design of the YFL-μ laser eliminates the possibility of cavity misalignment due to the influence of thermal or vibrational perturbations, resulting in exceptional reliability and stability....

ytterbium fiber laser - MLFL-P Series

MPBCs new line of passively Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers are designed to address a range of market applications including semi-conductor inspection, micro-machining, metrology, multi-photon spectroscopy, and can be used as a seed source for optical amplifiers, and second harmonic generation.


supercontinuum fiber laser / fiber / visible - SuperK COMPACT

The SuperK COMPACT can be triggered externally and synced with low jitter up to 20 kHz. The trigger signal can be provided to a standard coax input or to the industrial trigger input that galvanically isolated. Constructed...

fiber laser / DFB - BasiK™

Koheras BasiK™ are narrow linewidth fiber laser systems based on a truly single mode, single frequency DFB (Distributed-Feedback) Fiber Laser with extremely high frequency stability and low phase and intensity noise.

This range of lasers offered as compact modules typically...

fiber laser / tunable / DFB - 200 mW | AdjustiK™

The AdjustiK™ system are narrow linewidth fiber laser turn-key benchtop systems based on a truly single mode, single frequency DFB (Distributed-Feedback) Fiber Laser with extremely high frequency stability and low phase and intensity noise.
The Koheras AdjustiK™ System is a single...

fiber laser / multi-channel - AcoustiK™

The Koheras AcoustiK™ System, which is manufactured by NKT Photonics is a multi-channel, narrow linewidth, single-frequency fiber laser. It comes with Koheras...

fiber laser / tunable / DFB / high-power - 1 W | BoostiK™

The Koheras Boostik™ Module by NKT Photonics offers a high quality performance with a narrow linewidth fiber laser system feature which is based on a single mode and frequency. The lasers provide tightly-packed modules...

supercontinuum fiber laser - 525 nm - 700 nm | SOLEA

Spectral range: 525 nm - 700 nm (ECO mode), 480 nm - 700 nm (BOOST mode)
Supercontinuum output or wavelength selected output through build-in tunable bandpass filter
Emission from a polarization maintaining singlemode fiber with FC/PC connector
Externally triggerable: 1 MHz to 40 MHz
Internal oscillator:...

fiber laser - StarFiber 180/320/550 FC OEM

ROFIN has developed the StarFiber OEM featuring a minimum 'trigger to light' effect, i.e. the shortest switch-on delay, especially for complex fine cutting. In comparison to other beam sources available on the market, this laser offers...

fiber laser / compact / for marking - PowerLine F 20/30/50/100

The laser markers of the PowerLine F series are diode-pumped, q-switched fiber lasers with 20 W, 30 W, 50 W and 100 W respectively output power, which will mark almost all metals and plastics with high economic efficiency....

fiber laser / compact / for marking - PowerLine FL 20/30/50

The laser beam sources of the PowerLine FL series consist of a compact laser head and a supply unit. The laser beam source is available in the power ranges 20 W, 30 W and 50 W.
The 20 watts and 30 watts pulsed...

fiber laser / compact / for marking - PowerLine FL OEM 20/30

The 20 W and 30 W pulsed fiber lasers from ROFIN deliver 1 mJ pulse energy with a fast turnon time and high peak power over a wide range of repetition rates which maximizes production throughput...

fiber-optic laser / marking machine - PowerLine F 20 IC

The PowerLine F 20 IC is a diode-pumped, q-switched fiber laser with 20 W output power, especially optimized for the semiconductor industry. The...

fiber laser / pulsed - 150 W | LFS

The pulsed fiber laser of the LFS-series provides high pulse peak power at reduced average power and high beam quality. It is therefore the first fiber laser series capable of providing and even exceeding the welding characteristics...

fiber laser / for automotive applications - 50 W | QFS 50 SC

The QFS 50 SC is a dedicated, fiberlaser based manufacturing solution for scribing motor connecting rods. A laser process, that is adapted to the specific...

fiber laser / pulsed - 10 - 70 W | redENERGY G4 series

Lasers are the tool of choice no matter what the material as they produce permanent marks with a non-contact process at high speed with high precision. Laser marking requires no consumables and marks are computer generated and are therefore highly flexible.


fiber laser / power - 100 - 500 W | redPOWER R4 series

The commercial advantages of fiber lasers over alternative technologies are far reaching: improved line speeds, finer machining capabilities, reduced downtime and lower cost of ownership, giving users a leading edge advantage.


fiber laser / continuous / OEM - 0.5 - 1 kW | redPOWER

Our redPOWER High Power 500W - 1kW OEM Fiber Laser delivers substantial commercial and performance advantages over alternative technologies and products, offering a leading...

fiber laser / continuous / OEM - 0.5 - 1 kW | redPOWER

Fiber lasers have made huge advances in the last 2 years. While they have not gained widespread acceptance as an industrial tool, they show promise for some new applications. Their current primary use is in low-power applications. With a smaller footprint than other laser types, they are also very modular. Because the laser cavity is a conventional multimode fiber, small diameter fiber...

fiber laser / continuous / OEM - 0.5 - 1 kW | redPOWER

The MOPA series continues the tradition of STA-01 microlasers: being the smallest passive Q-switched DPSS laser on the market without compromising optical performance. Fiber-coupled pump diodes are housed...

supercontinuum fiber laser - 1000 - 2400 nm, > 100 mW |  LEUKOS SM-IR Series

The SM-IR Series by LEUKOS is specifically designed with a high energy nanosecond pulses. The series has several...

supercontinuum fiber laser - 900 - 2800 nm, > 1300 mW |  LEUKOS STM-IR Series

The STM-IR Series, engineered by Leukos, is a supercontinuum fiber laser that features a high energy nanosecond pulses. This apparatus features...

supercontinuum fiber laser - 350 - 2200 nm, > 80 mW | LEUKOS SM-UV Series

This is the LEUKOS SM-UV Series with source optimized to UV. It features high energy nanosecond pulses.

Features :
Its total average power is greater than 80 mW. Its spectral bandwidth...

supercontinuum fiber laser - 370 - 2000 nm, > 85 mW | LEUKOS SP Series

The supercontinuum fiber laser is a unique broadband laser that allows to trigger directly the supercontinuum for the easy...

supercontinuum fiber laser - 320 - 2000 nm, > 50 mW | LEUKOS SP-UV Series

Source optimized to UV
High energy nanosecond pulses


Total average power > 50 mW
Spectral bandwidth 320-2000 nm

ytterbium fiber laser / pulsed - YLPS-20

IPG Photonics' NEW Picosecond fiber lasers provide a high peak power with scalable average power >20 W, short pulse duration <50 ps at full operational...

fiber laser / short-pulse - 1060 nm | YLPM-0.3-A1-60-18

IPG Photonics' NEW short pulse fiber lasers provide a high peak power with scalable average output power >18 W, variable pulse duration of 1-10 ns and...

fiber laser / continuous / wave CW - 750 - 6000 W, 0.2 - 20 ms | Quasi CW

IPGs new quasi continuous wave (QCW) fiber lasers are ideal for spot welding, seam welding & drilling in the long pulse operation mode. These air-cooled, compact units are substantially more cost-effective than conventional YAG lasers due partly to...

ytterbium fiber laser / pulsed - max. 50 m, 1 - 100 W | YLM Series

IPG Photonics presents new fiber laser modules available for OEM's and system integrators; these compact units...

ytterbium fiber laser / pulsed - 100 W - 1.5 kW | YLR-SM Series

IPG's YLR-SM Series represents a new generation of diode-pumped single-mode CW Ytterbium fiber laser systems of near infrared spectral range (1060-1080 nm) with a unique combination of high power, ideal beam quality, fiber...

fiber laser / femtosecond - 1 560 nm | ELMO

Menlo Systems’ fiber-based femtosecond laser sources integrate the latest achievements in fiber technology into easy-to-use products. Menlo Systems’ unique Figure...

fiber laser / femtosecond - 1 030 nm | BlueCut

The BlueCut is an industrial-grade micro-Joule fiber laser system. Based on all-fiber integrated technology, this is an inherently robust and stable system, which comes in a sealed package designed...

fiber laser / femtosecond - 1 025 - 1 070 nm | BlueCut OEM

The BlueCut series is based on Yb-doped fiber technology and has been designed to increase precision and cost efficiency for industrial microprocessing applications. The laser is aimed at...

fiber laser / femtosecond - 1 560 nm, min. 350 mW | C-Fiber

Menlo Systems fiber-based femtosecond laser sources integrate the latest achievments in fiber technology into easy-to-use products. Menlo Systems unique Figure 9 design results in reproducible and long-term...

fiber laser / femtosecond - min. 100 mW | T-Light

The T-Light Femtosecond Erbium Laser, manufactured by Menlo Systems, features a laser output in less than 60 seconds....

erbium-doped fiber laser - FemtoFErb 1560

50 fs 140 mW 100 MHz (typical)
SAM mode-locking technology
Alignment-free all-fiber setup, use of PM fibers only
Compact design: optics and electronics just in one...

fiber laser / femtosecond - FemtoFErb 1560 FD5-PM

5 meter fiber delivery option (standard)
Single-mode, polarization-maintaining
Dispersion compensation integrated in laser head
Short pulses < 80 fs typ. at fiber output
FC/APC connectors on external...

fiber laser / compact - FemtoFErb 780

Up to 50 mW avg. power with typ. 90 fs pulses
Alignment-free all-fiber setup, use of PM fibers only
SAM modelocking technology
Free-beam output with...

fiber laser / femtosecond - FemtoFErb SC

Supercontinuum source using highly nonlinear fiber
Broad emission spectrum > 200 nm @ 1250 nm
Alignment-free all-fiber setup, use of PM fibers...

fiber laser / femtosecond - max. 1 560 nm | FemtoFiber pro IR

Ultrafast fiber laser @ 1560 nm
Short pulse (350 mW)
SAM mode locking, PM fiber based MOPA system
Robust and reliable design, push button operation

fiber laser / femtosecond - 1 064 nm, 40 MHz | LightWire FF3000 series

LightWire FF3000 series femtosecond fiber laser features up to 3 W output power,...

fiber laser / picosecond / tunable / visible - max. 1 064 nm, 30 MHz | LightWire FP series

LightWire FP series picosecond fiber lasers feature 2 or 6 ps pulse duration, up to 80 mW output power and 1064 nm or 1053 nm output...

supercontinuum fiber laser / pulsed / high-power - 550 - 1 750 nm | WhiteLase™ SC450-PP-HE

The WhiteLase™ SC450-PP-HE systems are desgined for high energy
applications by providing very high spectral energy density across a wide
spectral bandwidth. Producing micro-joule class supercontinuum...

supercontinuum fiber laser / pulsed / high-power - 400- 2400 nm, 100 - 240 V | WhiteLase™ SC series

The WhiteLase™ SC400, SC450 & SC480 systems are high-power fiber lasers
generating ultrafast broadband supercontinuum light. Operating in the MHz
repetition rate range, with picosecond pulses, these systems can be utilised

supercontinuum fiber laser / pulsed / high-power - max. 390 nm | WhiteLase™ UV

The WhiteLase™ UV system is the first mode-locked, high-power
supercontinuum laser generating broadband light with a spectrum
extending to the Ultraviolet range. Utilising technology unique to Fianium, the
system has a guaranteed...

supercontinuum fiber laser - 450 - 2 000 nm | WhiteLase™ micro

The WhiteLase™ micro system is unique; an ultra-compact supercontinuum source based on a mode-locked fiber laser. With a total output power of more than 200mW...

fiber laser / femtosecond - max. 20 W | FP1060, FP532

The FP1060 series is a high power ultrafast fiber laser based on
an inherently robust self-starting picosecond fiber laser oscillator
and high-power low noise fiber amplifier. The FP532 version adds
fully integrated high-efficiency...

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