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belt sander / pneumatic - max. 22 000 rpm | 28366

The 3M(TM) Fine Belt Sander, with the help of 3M(TM) Abrasive Belts and Scotch-Brite Belts,...

belt sander / pneumatic - max. 17 000 rpm | B-10N

The B-10N by Nitto Kohki Deutschland is a Belt sander which is...

belt sander / pneumatic - max. 17 000 rpm | B-20N

Belt Size: 20 x 520 mm
Motor Free Speed (rpm): 17.000 min-1
Air Consumption (No load): 0.52 m³/min
Mass (Weight):...

belt sander / pneumatic - max. 17 000 rpm | B-20NB

The most versatile belt sander...

belt sander / pneumatic - max. 14 000 rpm | B-30N

The B-30N, manufactured by Nitto Kohki Deutschland, is a pneumatic belt sander designed...

belt sander / pneumatic - max. 16 000 rpm | BB-10A

Suitable for sanding jobs in narrow spaces, recessed corners or on curved...

tube polisher - PBB-300

The PBB-300 is a planetary machine for polishing round tubes in materials as stainless, copper, brass and aluminium. It is capable of producing...

polisher - Levibreton KG3600

Machine to grind and polish granite slabs.
It is produced in two versions: KG 3600/013 and KG 3600/022, equipped with 13 and 22 spindles, respectively.
The max. speed of the mobile beam is 60 metres/minute.
The dressing/polishing spindles are equipped with...

marble polishing machine / band - Levibreton KFG 3600

It is produced in two versions: KFG 3600/011 and KFG 3600/018, equipped with 11 and 18 spindles, respectively.
The max. speed of the mobile beam is 70 metres/minute.
The polishing spindles...

bench grinder - 3000 rpm | STL 200

The STL 200 unit is a bench grinder developed by Syderic. It is equipped...

bench grinder - 1500 rpm | STL 300

Type Surface grinder
Grinding wheel dimensions Lap.300*50*25...

bench grinder - 3000 rpm | STM 151

The STM 151 series is manufactured by Syderic, and is a bench grinder...

bench grinder - 3000 rpm | STM201

Type Grinder
Grinding wheel dimensions 200*25*16

bench grinder - 3000 rpm | STP 250

The STP 250 is manufactured by Syderic. It is a mola da banco that has dimensions...

circular finishing vibrator - CB, CD, CM, MV

Circular vibrators are widely used in a multitude of finishing applications....

circular finishing vibrator - 2.4 - 22.8 ft³ | OR series

Almco offers a High Impact Bowl Series featuring shorter time cycles and increased action, when production dictates. OR Series bowls have design efficiency...

circular finishing vibrator - 4.2 - 38.8 ft³ | LR series

Almco Long-Radius Bowls feature Unique Automatic Internal Separation with a Once-Around-And-Out sequence or timed discharge of parts, without operator involvement, using bottom-mounted pivoting dam.


circular finishing vibrator - 0.5 - 10.6 ft³ | VM series

Low-profile design
The low-profile design together with variable speed control supports fine-tuned operation along with efficient processing and part unloading.

Curved polyurethane-lined bowl
Maximizes machine channel utilization and...

circular finishing vibrator - 12 - 24  ft³ | SBB series

A new generation of round bowl vibratory finishing machines

Almcos newest round-bowl design offers the following...

manual polisher - max. ø 500 mm | FABI-SME


- The belt is easily worked and adapts itself to the shapes

manual polisher - max. ø 500 mm | FABI-SME

It is composed by 2 MANIPULATORS our mod.MINIROBOT:

- Self-teaching...

manual polisher - max. ø 1 000 mm | MAXI-2000

Acme machines for medium to high-volume buffing and polishing applications include:

- Universal Straight Line Conveyors
- Tangent and wide wheel...

polisher - max. ø 120 mm | Cyberpolish 900 Series

With several abrasive tools and the adaptable logistic these machines are able to carry out all kinds of finishing by belt-grinding, polishing, and finishing.

Cyberpolish 900 Series were developed especially for applications inside the domain of Watch industry, Electronics, Medical industry, Armatures...

band sander / heavy-duty - R2740

Twin Fan High Efficiency Dust Collection – while one fan cools the motor, the other collects dust resulting in maximum dust pickup efficiency
Soft Grip Handles – for increased comfort and decreased vibration

band sander / heavy-duty - R2720

10 Amp in-line design motor – belt and gear driven for added power and durability
Variable speed dial – match the speed to the desired removal rate to fit the application

band sander / oscillating - EB4424

Two machines in one – combines edge belt and spindle sanding in one high performance tool
Ball bearing construction – for smooth operation and long life
Oscillating and rotary motion – for fast, burn-free...

tube polisher - max. ø 98

CNC Roll Grinding Machines
RGZ8463 / RG8463
Grinding Diameter Min/Max: 4" / 24"

RGZ8480 / RG8480

tube polisher - max. ø 98

Conventional Roll Grinding Machines

Grinding Diameter Min/Max: 4" / 24"

Grinding Diameter Min/Max: 4" / 31"


CNC polisher - ø 340 x 7 000 mm | finish

The machine is capable of polishing by belt, contact wheel or flapping wheel (also called buffing) by means of the...

band sander / with vacuum base - S272V

The S272V Series manufactured by Kalamazoo Industries Inc. is a belt grinder made with a vacuum base. This device is equipped...

horizontal sander / belt - KS390HV-5 / KS490HV

Remove metal FAST with no heat! 8″ Dia. contact wheel, 24″ long platens! Keep dirt down!
5 HP, 3 PH belt...

band sander / metals - 1″ x 42″ | 1SM

1/3 HP motor
1 PH, 1725 RPM
1″ x 42″ belt
4″ contact wheel
Tilt table –...

band sander / metals - 2″ x 48″ | 2FSM

2″ x 48″ belt, Vertical or Horizontal Position.
1/2 HP motor, 3450 RPM, direct drive, 5″ contact wheel

belt sander - 2″ x 48″ | 2FS

Less motor, use your motor , 1/2 hp , 1725-3450 will do the job!
Vertical thru horizontal postitions....

CNC polisher - max. ø 400 mm | 4LDQ25

Polishing Machine 4LDQ25 has numerical controls that make them ideal for polishing polish square, round, rectangular, oval bars and sheets made of brass and stainless steel. The machine is integrated...

flat parts polisher - LM30-VE

The LM30-VE Series, manufactured by Achilli, is a floor grinding-polishing 1-phase machine equipped...

flat parts polisher - LM30-CE

Sturdy and compact structure.
Available with "Prismatic",...

flat parts polisher - MEC7-VE

The MEC7 - VE Series, manufactured by Achilli s.r.l.®, is a flat part polisher that is...

flat parts polisher - MEC7-CE

The Series, manufactured by Achilli s.r.l.®, is a flat parts polisher that is designed in a structure...

double head polisher - MAXBT-CE

The MAXBT-CE by Achilli s.r.l. is a double head polisher which comes with a sturdy...

circular finishing vibrator - VBC 32-FP

With dip tank made of antiabrasive polyurethane and with the unloading...

circular finishing vibrator - 5 - 16 l

Circular vibrators with tridimensional tank made of antiabrasive polyurethane...

circular finishing vibrator - max. 16 l | ECO

The Circular finishing vibrator ECO Series is manufactured by LM srl. The product features a multidimensional...

circular finishing vibrator - 32 l | VBC


With dip tank made of antiabrasive...

bench grinder - CE Line

The CE Line is composed of bench grinders developed by Nebes srl....

bench grinder - CEA LINE

The CEA Line of products is engineered with a capability to provide...

bench grinder - PEA LINE

The PEA Line Series, manufactured by Nebes srl®, is a bench grinder that comes...

bench grinder -

The "SE" Line Series, manufactured by Nebes srl®, is a bench...

bench grinder - SEA LINE

hp from 0,50 3ph/1ph to 1,0...

belt sander / pneumatic - 9290

The 9290 Series, manufactured by Pro-Tek, is a series of 3/8" belt sanders...

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