Waste water treatment plants, water treatment units

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wastewater treatment plant - max. 750 l/h | LUGAN 500

Flow capacity: 750 l/h
Dimensions H x W x D: 1900 x 650 x 610 mm
Weight: 90 kg

wastewater treatment plant - max. 1250 l/h | LUGAN 1000

Technical data
Flow capacity: 1250 l/h
Dimensions H x W x D: 1800 x 1040 x 530 mm
Weight: 130...

wastewater treatment plant - max. 1250 l/h | LUGAN 1000

ALPINE TECHNICAL SERVICES has decades of experience in treating all kinds of waste water. We got into the waste water business by helping Oil Refineries clean their pit water and now...

wastewater treatment plant - E955B

Treats the majority of industrial wastewater applications.

compact wastewater treatment plant - TT-125

The RT Unit is Filled with effluent. The turbine mixer is started and DH Reactant is added. After 5 minutes of mixing a large floc will form. The mix of the floc will sink to the bottom of the tank, usually in a couple ofminutes.


compact wastewater treatment plant - TT-125

Water softener and Osmosis Plants
The customers water quality is important in respect of a good washing result and performance of the machine. Unsuitably rinse water results...

compact wastewater treatment plant - TT-125

It is based on the principle of conversion of the disolved contaminates, which arrive from industrial...

compact wastewater treatment plant - TT-125

Roto-Fuge wastewater minimization units are designed to work with tumbling barrels, vibratory bowls or tubs and centrifugal finishing...

water recycling unit - 6334

The OXYMOP are water treatment plants with activated sludge developped in GRP tanks. They are composed by an aeration basin and a clarifier installated downstream from a primary decanter.

Designed to treat domestic wastewater from 50 to 200 equivalent inhabitants, these plants are aerobic biological treatment systems operating the principle of...

water treatment unit process - max. 500 kW | ips-PWS

For treatment of the process water. As stand-alone unit or for integration into existing equipment.

Supply of the required...

water treatment unit process - max. 500 kW | ips-PWS

The RECYCLING Plant are made with a separator screw that makes the separation of the aggregate material from water.
It is composed of:

* A fully hot galvanized screw customized for customer needs...

water treatment unit process - max. 500 kW | ips-PWS

Closed Loop Water Treatment Systems. Environmentally safe, efficient recycling of rinse water for ultrasonic cleaning systems, spray systems and overflow rinse systems.
Features and Benefits


water recycling unit - max. 31 649.8 L | R9x12T

For large-scale pipeline projects with high-fluid volume needs, the R9x12T reclaimer is outfitted...

water recycling unit - WRS-3000

What is the WRS-3000?
WARDJet’s approach to water recycling is a 3-phase process. The WRS-3000 is phase 2 in that process, designed specifically to remove suspended...

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