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7 products TEIJIN ARAMID
TEIJIN ARAMID Twaron® yellow
Aramid staple fiber Twaron® yellow TEIJIN ARAMID

Twaron staple fibers are available in a...

TEIJIN ARAMID Twaron® black
Aramid staple fiber Twaron® black TEIJIN ARAMID

Twaron black staple fiber is used in heat protective garments such as industrial work wear or firefighter suits as blending...

Chopped Twaron® TEIJIN ARAMID

For a wide range of applications Twaron filament yarn can also be converted into short-cut or dipped short-cut fibers. Whereas Twaron powder is mainly used for increasing abrasion resistance, our short-cut...

Aramid staple fiber Technora TEIJIN ARAMID

For textile applications in protective apparel, Technora...

Chopped Sulfron® TEIJIN ARAMID

Sulfron is a modified Twaron aramid. Used as a compounding ingredient, it improves the properties of sulfur-cured and peroxide-cured rubber compounds. It reduces hysteresis, heat build-up and abrasion,...

TEIJIN ARAMID Teijinconex®
Teijinconex® TEIJIN ARAMID

Teijinconex is a meta-linked aromatic polyamide fiber with excellent flame-proofing and heat-resistance properties. It will not catch fire through exposure to direct flame or heat, and it neither burns...

1 products Dupont
Dupont KEVLAR®
KEVLAR® Dupont

Kevlar® brand fiber is an innovative technology from DuPont that combines high strength with light weight to help dramatically improve the performance of a variety of consumer...

1 products KERMEL
KERMEL Kermel®
Kermel® KERMEL

Properties of Kermel® aramid fibre Kermel® is a naturally non-flammable fibre. Non-flammability is a permanent characteristic thanks to Kermel’s chemical structure including a high proportion of aromatic...

1 products SGL GROUP
Carbon-aramid hybrid fabric / epoxy resin prepreg SGL GROUP

SGL Group operates the most up-to-date facilities for the production of pre-impregnated materials. Our unidirectional SIGRAFIL® prepregs are based on carbon fibers, and our SIGRATEX® fabric...

2 products Garlock GmbH
Garlock GmbH -100 °F ... +400 °F | LEAK-GARD™ Style 3750
Reinforced rubber gasket -100 °F ... +400 °F | LEAK-GARD™ Style 3750 Garlock GmbH

Tight seal in oil applications Proprietary compound reacts with oil to...

video Garlock GmbH -100 °F ... +400 °F | Style 3760, 3760-U series
Reinforced rubber gasket -100 °F ... +400 °F | Style 3760, 3760-U series Garlock GmbH

Creates compressive load in light weight flanges in oil and water service seals where standard gaskets won’t More universal than gaskets that swell in oil only reduces inventory Performs...

Cel Components S.r.l.
Honeycomb Cel Components S.r.l.

Nomex® honeycomb core is an extremely lightweight, strong, non-metallic product, manufactured with aramid fiber paper impregnated...

Cel Components S.r.l. ALUSTEP® FN
Honeycomb ALUSTEP® FN Cel Components S.r.l.

ALUSTEP® FN is a lightweight sandwich panel with a core in aramid paper and skins in...

new Shenzhen Jddtech Co.,Ltd. ø 3 - 50 mm, -196 ... 350 °C | JDD-NM
Braided sleeving ø 3 - 50 mm, -196 ... 350 °C | JDD-NM Shenzhen Jddtech Co.,Ltd.

JDD-NM consist of 100% continuous nomex fibre. Although its soft feel and smooth appearance,...

Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co.,Ltd Nomex®, max. 662 °F / 350 °C
Braided sleeving Nomex®, max. 662 °F / 350 °C Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co.,Ltd

662°F / 350°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent Expandable nomex braided sleeve Expandable nomex braided sleeve is fabricated from...

Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co.,Ltd Kevlar®, max. 320 °F / 160 °C
Braided sleeving Kevlar®, max. 320 °F / 160 °C Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co.,Ltd

320°F / 160°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent Kevlar Aramid Braided Sleeving Kevlar Aramid Braided Sleeving is fabricated from high quality yarns that will not burn and will withstand...

1 products Frenzelit
Frenzelit novaform ® 2300
Reinforced rubber gasket novaform ® 2300 Frenzelit

Novaform ® 2300 novaform ® 2300 is based on an ingenious raw material blend...

Reinforced conveyor belt PHOENAMID® PHOENIX Conveyor Belts

The PHOENAMID conveyor belt is available for special applications which demand...

3 products Plascore
Plascore PN1
Honeycomb PN1 Plascore

Description: PN1 commercial grade aramid fiber honeycomb is manufactured from DuPont Nomex® paper (or equivalent) and coated with a heat resistant phenolic resin. Features: • High strength...

Plascore PN2
Honeycomb PN2 Plascore

Description: PN2 aerospace grade aramid fiber honeycomb exhibits outstanding flammability properties. It is manufactured from DuPont Nomex® paper (or equivalent) and coated with a heat resistant...

Plascore PK2 Kevlar® N636
Honeycomb PK2 Kevlar® N636 Plascore

Description: PK2 Kevlar® N636 para-aramid fiber honeycomb is an extremely lightweight, high strength, non-metallic honeycomb manufactured with para-aramid fiber paper (DuPont Kevlar® N636 or...

1 products A&P technology
A&P technology Sharx™
Braided sleeving Sharx™ A&P technology

A&P Technology is the exclusive manufacturer of Sharx™ brand...

Textile Technologies Europe Limited
Braided sleeving Textile Technologies Europe Limited

Cheshire Ribbon supply stainless steel and aramid knitted sleeves are characterized by an excellent elasticity,...

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