Aramid fibers

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The Twaron yellow staple fiber manufactured by Teijin are offered in wide array of yarn counts as well as...

The Twaron black staple fiber fabricated by Teijin, is an aramid that features the feasibility to enhance the para-aramid share in the...

The Twaron short-cut fiber, fabricated by Teijin, is an Aramid that features a short cut fiber and is available in variety of lengths depending on the plastic matrix utilized. This product is supplied...

The Technora staple fiber, fabricated by Teijin, is an Aramid that is available...

Sulfron is an adjusted Twaron aramid. It is utilized as an exacerbating part, and enhances the properties of sulfur-cured and peroxide-cured elastic mixes. It decreases hysteresis, heat and scraped area, while enhancing adaptability, tear and fatigue opposing...


Procotex Corporation is a leading manufacturer and exporter of recycled Aramid fibres. We have also become world–famous in the pulling of Aramid fabrics or –yarns. Waste lots and production waste is...

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