gas analyzer / oxygen / carbon dioxide / concentration
gas analyzer
CANAL100/120 II

The CANAL100-120 II Analyzer is an oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer designed for comprehensive use in laboratories. This graphic display allows the unit to perform automatic measurements. Automatic ...

oxygen analyzer / carbon dioxide / concentration / portable
oxygen analyzer
BOX120-(b) II

... carry out measurements in automatic mode. Furthermore, the portable analyzer is highly-suitable for cold temperature. Automatic calibration of the O2 sensor to the air. Range O2 0-100% ...

electrical network analyzer / spectrum / portable / automatic
electrical network analyzer
PSA 5 Series

Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers 10MHz to 3.6GHz or 6.0GHz 10MHz to 3600MHz or 6000MHz frequency range Resolution bandwidths from 300Hz to 10MHz (1:3:10) -120dBm typical noise floor at -40dBm ref. level/10kHz ...

X-ray fluorescence analyzer / acid / ion concentration / for integration
X-ray fluorescence analyzer
Courier® HX

Get reliable automatic sampling with the Outotec Courier HX analyzer. This high-performance on-stream solution ensures consistent sampling and analysis for hydrometallurgy process management and monitoring. ...

air analyzer / benchtop / automatic / modular
air analyzer

YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyzer with YSI 2960 Online Monitor and Control System. The YSI 2900M Online Monitoring & Control System featuring the YSI 2960 Online Sampler is a key and reliable partner for the monitoring ...

moisture analyzer / benchtop / automatic / compact
moisture analyzer

... 10 programs incl. sample description • RS 232 and USB interface • 3 years warranty Moisture analyzer 60g, 0,001g The newly developed Moisture analyzer BM-60 is characterized by numerous features, ...

moisture analyzer / benchtop / automatic
moisture analyzer

... glance • automatic test run after when the lid is closed • pan lifter makes placing and changing of probes easier • 3 years warranty • bi-lingual menu • RS232 -interface Moisture analyzer 65g, 0,001g The ...

natural gas analyzer / Wobbe index / for integration / continuous
natural gas analyzer
6.9 - 49.7 MJ/Nm³ | INDELIS

The INDELIS concept has been developed with GDF Suez to maintain the Wobbe Index constant by automatic compensation of the gas quality and flow variations of natural gas. This instrument is specialized in the measurement ...

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oxygen analyzer / gas / thermal conductivity / for integration
oxygen analyzer

... acid gases, pure gases, etc, or for natural gas industries. The analyzer has 2 analogue outputs (4-20 mA, user adjustable) and 2 contacts, which can be used to switch electrovalves for automatic calibration. ...

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gas analyzer / combustion / automatic / process
gas analyzer

... transportation and gas processing customer specific high-contrast color touch screen, intuitive operation suitable for fully automatic operation in process control / monitoring Applications chemical, ...

hydrocarbon analyzer / sorption / benchtop / automatic
hydrocarbon analyzer

The SEMTECH-FID from Sensors is made to measure complete hydrocarbons, using a vacuum flame ionization detector. The system minimizes the loss of hydrocarbons preceding analysis in the FID chamber. The sample is kept at 191°C with ...

liquid analyzer / flow / for integration / automatic
liquid analyzer

The GERSTEL PYRO enables highly flexible and efficient automated pyrolysis of solids and liquids at up to 1000 °C combined with determination in a GC/MS system of the thermal decomposition products. If required, thermal ...

water analyzer / temperature / for integration / automatic
water analyzer

Water sample to be tested, mercuric sulfate, potassium dichromate and concentrated sulfuric acid (including a little normal silver sulfate) are collected to the reaction tank according to certain quantities. The chloridion is stirred ...

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Nanjing Panda Electronics Equipment Co.,ltd
water analyzer / temperature / for integration / automatic
water analyzer

Add permanganate and sulfuric acid with known weights in the sample. Conduct heating for a certain period of time under the temperature of 97-98℃ (equal to be heated in the boiled water bath for 30min). Permanganate can oxidize some organic ...

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Nanjing Panda Electronics Equipment Co.,ltd
hydrocarbon analyzer / concentration / for integration / automatic
hydrocarbon analyzer

Features Compact size No reagent (except for NaOH for Ammonia) Built-in automatic washing system Extremely fast response time The running costs are very low as the UV spectrophotometric measurement ...

air analyzer / moisture / benchtop / automatic
air analyzer

The SMART Turbo™ is is the fastest microwave moisture/solids analysis system available. Samples reach optimal drying temperature in less than 5 seconds. Fast! Moisture/Solids analysis with turbo power Sample results in as little as ...

water analyzer / dew-point / benchtop / automatic
water analyzer
min. -30 °C, 0.1 - 100 bar | Hygrovision BL mini

The Hygrovision BL Mini is a dew-point analyzer developed by Vympel. It is mainly used for manually measuring the dew point of water, hydrocarbons, and additives. It can also be used in applications which requires a quick ...

water analyzer / gas / dew-point / benchtop
water analyzer
-30 °C ... +30 °C, max. 25 MPa | CONG-PRIMA-10

... dew-points analyzer “CONG-Prima-10” is designed to measure the dew point temperature of the water and hydrocarbon in natural gas, air and other gaseous media. It uses a chilled mirror technique to carry out dew point ...

water analyzer / oxygen / temperature / portable
water analyzer
SensoDirect 200

... The automatic Hold function “freezes” stable measuring data in the display and indicates the presence of stable and reproducible results. The internal memory allows storage of 20 data sets to facilitate subsequent evaluation. ...

SF6 analyzer / moisture / automatic / for precision materials handling
SF6 analyzer

... measurement of the humidity content (H2O) in SF6 gas-filled equipmentSpecial Features Highest accuracy of ± 0.1 °C Automatic end value detection Dynamic Contamination Correction "DCC" Very fast measuring times ...

particle analyzer / elemental / for particle size analysis / particle size distribution
particle analyzer

SmartPI (Smart Particle Investigator) is an automated particle analysis and classification solution for scanning electron microscopes. SmartPI turns SEMs into turnkey solutions for industrial cleanliness or metal and ...

water analyzer / wastewater / in situ / continuous
water analyzer
p200 LAQ

The On-line Water Analysis Unit - LAQ is a fully automatic station for continuous monitoring of main water quality parameters. The LAQ allows the measurement of following chemical-physical water parameters: Temperature PH Redox ...

concentration analyzer / spectrum / impedance / multi-channel
concentration analyzer

The TrueData-EIS impedance analyzer is a high-capacity, noninvasive diagnostic tool designed by FuelCon for measuring the electrochemical impedance spectrum of components during operation under different load conditions. It ...

fluorescence analyzer / for integration / automatic / monitoring
fluorescence analyzer
SITA FluoScan 3D

For many years cleaning experts use worldwide proven SITA fluorescence measuring technology including hand-held devices for cleanliness control of variously shaped parts or part specific inline measurement with high throughput. The new ...

continuous analyzer / iron / cement / for integration
continuous analyzer

... enabling an automatic control, responsive and efficient, of the production and quality control operations. The complete system is made of the XRD analyzer, the cabin with controlled environment, PLC ...