crimp cable termination / tubular / heat-shrinkable
crimp cable termination
ø 33 - 80 mm, 120 °C, 36 kV | CNTT

... non-tracking tubing designed for indoor or outdoor applications. This tubing device is specifically used in MV joints and terminations of maximum 36 kV. It is characterized with improved electrical and weathering properties ...

cold-applied push-on cable termination / tubular / heat-shrink / silicone
cold-applied push-on cable termination
max. 24 kV | CCAT

The silicon rubber push-on termination is suitable for single core copper wire screened and bonded PE-cables up to Um = 24kW. The item is designed for use with compression and screw cable ...

ring cable termination / tubular
ring cable termination
BN 22378

BN 22378 Compression cable lugs standard type, with/without inspection hole without inspection hole Copper tin-plated

insulated cable termination / medium-voltage
insulated cable termination

... two models of cable terminations using different techniques depending on the test voltage of the cables to be tested. Oil termination systems are used to test medium voltage cables ...

flat cable termination / copper
flat cable termination

Features STF is soft with pastern,made of copper foil and polyimide base; STH is hard,made of pure copper foil and glass fiber reinforced expoxy base.

cast steel wire rope termination
cast steel wire rope termination

body cast steel Cold proof until -40°C/F painted bolt high tensile steel plasma carbonitrided safety clip pin gelbchromatiert application stranded rope

wire rope termination
wire rope termination

material quenched and tempered steel cold proof until -40°C/F surface ACC (Autophoretic Chemicals Coated) cast two component Epoxy resin application high rotation resistant ropes


... Cooled, Water-Cooled and Water Terminations which operate within industry standard bandwidths and ranging in frequency from 200MHz to 30GHz. Many of the existing stand-alone designs were born from the need for terminations to ...