CCTV camera / infrared / CCD / fixed
CCTV camera
S660 series

S660 from the monitoring system is an infrared camera, CCD high-definition cameras, electric head, orientation display module, sealed corrosion shields, terminal equipment, can remotely control the weather ...

CCTV camera / multi-spectral / hyperspectral / sCMOS
CCTV camera

Full HDTV low noise sCMOS camera Delivers read out noise as low as 1 electron at 200MHz overall scanning frequency. The new high sensitivity full HDTV low noise cooled sCMOS camera from PSL delivers read ...

CCTV camera / full-color / CMOS
CCTV camera

inspection camera / CCTV / multi-spectral / compact
inspection camera
Orbit X

... explosion-proof camera. The camera has a HD imaging sensor, two LED lights and laser pointer fitted into an extremely compact form. This enables the user to capture images and videos as well as conduct ...

CCTV camera / full-color / digital / IP
CCTV camera
VPort 66-2MP series

-40 to 65°C operating temperature Maximum 1920x1080 resolution at 60 FPS (single stream) Supports 360° endless PAN and - 6° to + 96° TILT 22X, 30X optical zoom, and 20X digital zoom DNR, BLC, and image stabilizer for superb image quality Built-in ...

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Moxa Europe
CCTV camera / full-color / HD / digital
CCTV camera

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional China cctv camera system manufacturer, with professional factory we are always able to offer you discount cctv camera ...

CCTV camera / infrared / full HD / compact
CCTV camera
Orbit X

Number of pixels: 8 unit

The Orbit X Explosion Proof Wi-Fi Camera represents a revolution within communication in hazardous area. The Orbit X is a small, lightweight, battery operated wearable camera which enables you to transmit ...