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Blasting offers the most complete variety of abrasives...

corundum - max. 2000 µm

Field of application:
Cleaning, roughening, tarnishing

Blasting systems:

corundum - max. 1700 µm

The high-grade corundum pink fused alumina is manufactured by Eisenwerk Wuerth,...

corundum - max. 2000 µm | NK I

The NKI is manufactured by Eisenwerk Würth. It features blasting applications for high-grade corundum...

corundum - max. 2000 µm | NK II, NK III

The NKII and NKIII is a corundum made by Eisenwerk Würth GmbH. It is intended...

corundum - max. 2000 µm | NK II, NK III

Tightly meshed to +- 1 micron average particle size. Optimum...

corundum - max. 2000 µm | NK II, NK III

Light, Mild and Extreme coarse abrasive materials base on the micron particle size. APPLICATIONS:...

corundum - max. 2000 µm | NK II, NK III

For blasting jobs which do not...

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