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The Short Drill Chuck Form A BT 40 is designed for left-hand and right-hand turn. It is...

This tapping head 12/1 Garant model is designed for automatic return with its built-in reversing gears. Upon reaching the thread depth, the unit raises the spindle of the machine...

The Drill Chucks by the Hoffmann Group is specifically made to provide a good quality drilling functionality...

tapping chuck / drilling - Drill Tapper

The Big Kaiser Precision Tooling's Drill Taper is a quick change system for drilling and...

drilling chuck / morse taper shank - DIN 2080

The DIN 2080 is mainly designed with a robust and powerful finish to...

drilling chuck / for CNC machines - ø 0.45 - 6 mm | MEGA Micro Chuck

The MEGA Micro Chuck is manufactured by KAISER Precision Tooling Ltd. This drilling chuck is especially designed...

drilling chuck / for CNC machines - ø 0.45 - 6 mm | MEGA Micro Chuck

This drilling chuck manufactured by Suhner...

drilling chuck / keyless - EXTRA

The Extra model, is manufactured by Roehm, and is a keyless drill chuck that has been specifically developed to be used...

drilling chuck / keyless - EXTRA-RV

For cordless and corded drills, these keyless drill chucks are made in plastic or in metal design. It is used for percussion...

drilling chuck / keyless - SUPRA

The Supra model is manufactured by Roehm, and is a user-friendly keyless drill chuck that...

drilling chuck - SPIRO

This drilling chuck is developed by ROHM. It is designed with a permanent self-tightening...

drilling chuck - PRIMA

The key-type drill chucks with key are made as per DIN ISO 10887. The versatile model has proved its performance for decades...

drilling chuck - ø 21 - 40 mm

These drill holders include a parallel...

drilling chuck - 490.00 series

The 490.00 series by Kelch is a Drilling chuck which is designed for holding...

drilling chuck / for CNC machines - 33-100 series

Fiber bushings for temporary reduction of collet ID Temporary...

drilling chuck / keyless / for CNC machines - KLD

Integral shank design allows the use of a spanner wrench providing up to 4 times

drilling chuck / quick-change - KH-EC1

In addition to KH-E’ s outstanding...

drilling chuck / quick-change - KH-A

● Stub drilling, reaming etc.
● For special purpose machines,...

drilling chuck / quick-change - KD

• Special purpose machines
• Transfer machines
• Machining centers
• NC lathes

drilling chuck / tapping - DSPL-D

The tap is securely clamped on both the shank and square using a double clamping system. The wide clamping range of this unit is operated by using a key on the rectangular head adjustment screw within the...

drilling chuck / tapping - TA

This self reversing tapping attachment is designed for use on drilling machines which have only manual feed facilities and which do not have a reversible spindle.

The tool design is simple, effective, and is virtually maintenance free. The unit is fitted...

drilling chuck / tapping - WFLK

They fulfill all the requirements for tapping tolerance compliant threads whilst operating rationally.

The quick change feature is suitable for various adaptors and is activated by means of the length compensation. When changing the adaptors, the length compensation is completely...

drilling chuck / quick-change - SBK/SEK

The SBK quick change system is for use on drilling machines, either manual, radial or NC controlled. The system is designed to enable numerous functions to be carried out whilst utilising a single toolholder.

The unique double ball clamping gives a positive drive and allows the precise location of the SEK adaptor in the chuck....

drilling chuck / for CNC machines / quick-change - ASHR, WZHR

The Bilz stub drilling system consists of the ASR drill chuck used in conjunction with a WZHR toolholder. It is designed for use on transfer lines and special purpose machines, the short projection length of the unit ensures rigidity and accuracy and is ideal for drilling applications without the...

drilling chuck / for CNC machines - 0.3 - 13 mm | NC series

Nikken's NC Drill Chuck offers 'solid' performance when compared to similar competitor systems.

The NC drill chuck is a compact, precise, rigid and most of all safe solution for a wide variety of demanding applications.

Competitor systems adopting the 'Jacobs' style interface...

drilling chuck - A series

Precision Drill...

drilling chuck - 15 series

Intergral drill...

drilling chuck - 15 series

Keyless Precision Drill Chucks...

drilling chuck - 15 series

If you need a Drill or Tapping Chuck you dont need to look any further. Ladner can provide you with the right Chuck for your CNC Machining Centre.

Drill Chucks:

-Universal drill chucks for right-...

drilling chuck - RA8647

Length mm:
Width mm:

drilling chuck / keyless - RA8647A

Length mm:
Width mm:

drilling chuck - RA8648

Length mm:
Width mm:

drilling chuck - RA8649

Length mm:
Width mm:

drilling chuck / keyless - RA8655N10

Length mm:
Width mm:

drilling chuck - DIN 2080

Universal drill chuck, DIN...

VDI chuck / drilling - DIN 69880

Universal drill chuck, DIN 69880...

VDI chuck / drilling - DIN 69880

High-precision keyless drill chuck


VDI chuck / drilling - DIN 69880

Keyless drill chuck


drilling chuck - DIN 69871

Universal drill chuck according to DIN 69871

- standard
- short version

drilling chuck - HYBRID

Another solution offered first by the world's leader of drill chucks
from Barcelona,Spain,Llambrlch.

drilling chuck / self-fastening - SP

Maximum total integrated run-out of 0,04
Self-tightening feature automatically
increases gripping force in proportion...

drilling chuck / self-fastening - SPX

SPX drill chucks offer the same features
as SP, with the advantage of being
furnished with milled wrench flats and

drilling chuck / self-fastening - SP-INOX

Features & Benefits
-Available in Keyed or Keyless model types.
-Manufactured from Stainless Steel to withstand chemical corrosion.
-Identified with special laser markings to hold up to the autoclave process.
-FGE Keyless chucks have milled instead...

drilling chuck / self-fastening - SPS-SOLID

• Arbor integrated in internal socket of drill chuck;
compact design.
• No possibility of taper slipping from drill chuck.
• Greater rigidity and precision.


How to choose this product


Drill chucks are three-jaw, self-centering chucks that hold drill bits in place for drilling operations. They can be used on cordless drills, drill presses, lathes and computer numeric control (CNC) milling machines.


These devices hold bits in place for drilling operations. They also can hold other rotary tools, such as reamers and screwdriver bits.


Drill chucks consist of three concentric jaws whose diameter does not exceed 25 mm (about one inch). The jaws are manually opened and closed, either with or without a key.

How to choose

Choice of drill chuck depends on the nature of the machine or tool to which it will be attached. For CNC or lathe drill chucks, be sure to determine the machine's spindle type.

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