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3 products Owens Corning
Owens Corning
Chopped Owens Corning

OC® Chopped Strands and Milled Fibers are reinforcements used in thermoplastic and thermoset applications for excellent dimensional stability, shrinkage...

Owens Corning
Milled Owens Corning

OC� Milled Fibers are glass fibers, coated with a specific sizing to enhance resin compatibility, and then milled to a specific bulk density. OC� Milled...

Owens Corning
Chopped E-glass strand mat Owens Corning

OC® Chopped Strand Mats consist of chopped glass fibers bonded together using either an emulsion binder or a polyester powder. The mats are designed to be compatible with...

2 products Johns Manville
Johns Manville DuraCore®
Chopped DuraCore® Johns Manville

Compatibility matters when combining fiber glass and thermoplastic resin into a short-fiber...

Johns Manville
Chopped E-glass strand mat Johns Manville

Glass Fiber Nonwoven: Johns Manville is the pioneer and inventor of glass fiber nonwovens. In the beginning of the 50th the first glass fiber nonwoven was already produced. First application...

1 products Vetrotex
Chopped Vetrotex

Vetrotex textile chopped strands are produced from continuous E-glass filaments treated with textile sizing (starch/oil-based)....

3B-the fibreglass company
Chopped 3B-the fibreglass company

3B Chopped Strands are glass fibres filaments chopped into a specified length and coated with a chemical sizing, which ensures the compatibility with the resin to reinforce. They are generally used...

3B-the fibreglass company
Milled 3B-the fibreglass company

3B Milled Fibres are Advantex® glass filaments coated with a specific sizing to enhance resin compatibility and grinded to a specified density, which is determined by the input glass and milling process...

3B-the fibreglass company
Coated chopped 3B-the fibreglass company

3B Wet Chopped Strands are coated Advantex® glass fibre filaments specifically engineered for use in wet-process, non-woven applications. They provide excellent strength and dimensional stability. They...

5 products Krosglass
Krosglass ER 2011
Chopped for BMC premix ER 2011 Krosglass

Chopped strands ER 2011 is made of the glass type E. It is characterized by good strand integrity. The special...

Krosglass ER 6001
Chopped ER 6001 Krosglass

Chopped strands ER 6001 are made of the glass E type .It is...

Krosglass ER 5001
Chopped ER 5001 Krosglass

Chopped strands ER 5001 is made of the glass E type . It is characterized...

Krosglass ER 5001F
Chopped ER 5001F Krosglass

Chopped strands ER 5001F is made of the glass type E. It...

Krosglass EM series
Chopped E-glass strand mat EM series Krosglass

Mat EM 1002 with density of 100 g/m2 is manufactured from chopped strands made of glass fibre of the single filament diameter 9 µm, bound together...

Porcher Industries SilcoSoft®, Techmat®
Needlemat SilcoSoft®, Techmat® Porcher Industries

Acoustical insulation / Exhaust system Our nonwoven SilcoSoft® and Techmat® products provide superior performance for acoustical insulation applications. Our nonwoven SilcoSoft® and...

1 products Chomarat
Chomarat ROVICORE™
Needlemat ROVICORE™ Chomarat

Description Reinforcement made of a draining non-woven synthetic core with both sides of chopped glass fibers, mechanically stitched together. Gamme The...

1 products PALL
PALL max. 50 μm | Duo-Fine® E series
Glass fiber filter cartridge for liquid max. 50 μm | Duo-Fine® E series PALL

High Capacity Pleated Filter Cartridges With Microfiberglass Media Unique microfiberglass media provides exceptional dirt-holding capacity for longer service...

1 products Mikropor
Mikropor 440 mm, F9/E10 | MVX series
Glass fiber V bank filter 440 mm, F9/E10 | MVX series Mikropor

EN 779 EFFICIENCY: F9-E10 MEDIA: Micro Glass Fibre / Synthetic...

1 products Hartzell Fan
Hartzell Fan 1 084 - 54 863 cfm | 37, 57, 58E series
Glass fiber roof fan 1 084 - 54 863 cfm | 37, 57, 58E series Hartzell Fan

Hartzell fiberglass roof ventilators are a practical choice for industrial applications where corrosive elements exist in fume and vapor form but still provide the advantages of positive and accurate...

CPS - Cable Protection Systems 36 mm, 10 m/s | CPS036E
Fully enclosed glass fiber reinforced polyamide drag chain 36 mm, 10 m/s | CPS036E CPS - Cable Protection Systems

CPS036E Chain material CPS-polyamide with glass fiber reinforced, UL94-HB Low Noise 43dB (DIN...

CPS - Cable Protection Systems 50 mm, 10 m/s | CPS050E
Fully enclosed glass fiber reinforced polyamide drag chain 50 mm, 10 m/s | CPS050E CPS - Cable Protection Systems

CPS050E Chain material CPS-polyamide with glass fiber reinforced, UL94-HB Low Noise 43dB (DIN...

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