E-glass fibers

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Vetrotex textile chopped strands are produced from continuous E-glass filaments treated with textile sizing (starch/oil-based)....


3B chopped strand products are Advantex® glass fibre bundles of consistent shape and size. They are made by chopping, into a specified length, continuous glass filaments coated with a chemical sizing, which ensures the...

3B Milled Fibres are Advantex® glass filaments coated with a specific sizing to enhance resin compatibility and grinded to a specified density, which is determined by the input glass and milling process conditions. 3B Milled Fibres filament diameters are...

3B Wet Chopped Strands are coated Advantex® glass fibre filaments specifically engineered for use in wet-process, non-woven applications. They provide excellent strength and dimensional stability. They also perform well across...

E-glass fiber / chopped - ThermoFlow ® series, StarStran® series

Compatibility matters when combining fiber glass and thermoplastic resin into a short-fiber...

E-glass fiber / chopped - StarStran®  LCF 991

We offer unique Long Chopped Fibers (LCF) with defined chopped length and optimum...

E-glass fiber / chopped - DuraCore® 300

Our Johns Manville DuraCore® chopped strands and DuraChop® roving were designed with high-quality gypsum board manufacturing...

E-glass fiber / chopped / for BMC premix - ER 2011

Chopped strands ER 2011 is made of the glass type E. It is characterized by good strand integrity. The special...

E-glass fiber / chopped - ER 6001

Chopped strands ER 6001 are made of the glass E type .It is...

E-glass fiber / chopped - ER 5001

Chopped strands ER 5001 is made of the glass E type . It is characterized...

E-glass fiber / chopped - ER 5001F

Chopped strands ER 5001F is made of the glass type E. It...

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