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It is our most powerful chamfering machine for edges and contours, having
the biggest supporting table. Its sturdy insert milling cutters are ideally suitable for processing larger and heavier work pieces.

Professional advantages:
- Big supporting table
- Sturdy insert milling cutter
- For continuous operation


Deburring and chamfering of big work pieces is an easy job. Rounding of
edges in use with radius inserts is also possible. Speed control is very useful
when processing aluminum or stainless steel.

Professional advantages:
- Axial cutter head adjustment for utilization of inserts by small chamfers
- Chamfer adjustment by...

The chamfering of thin sheets, solid material or tubular profiles is not a problem
for the machine. Whether small parts or bars, a constantly high surface
quality is chamfered. This makes it an indispensable assistant in all metalworking
individual parts, - and series production.

Professional advantages:
- Sharp-edged chamfering is possible, that is,...

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