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electric pallet truck / scale - 2 000 kg, IP 65 | ELWL series

Electric pallet truck scale, with built-in electronic weighing. Easy to use, reliable, suitable for harsh work conditions. It is indispensable when one needs to weigh accurately and save time. Available also CE-M approved.
MAIN FEATURES (weighing)


electric pallet truck / scale - max. 1000 kg | EGW series

Electrical pallet trucks with integrated weighing system

The EGW – B weighing system can be installed on any brand of electrical pallet truck. The weighing system...

electric pallet truck - 1.6 - 2 t | EP20

Make use of proximity switches instead of mechanical micro switches and reduction of contactors have consistently...

electric pallet truck - 1.5 - 2.5 t

Electric Pallet Trucks (1.5-2.5 ton load capacity) with E-Steering with/without platform, also known as powered pallet jacks,...

electric pallet truck - 2 000 kg, max. 205 mm | SWEP20P

Main Parameters

Overall weight:No-load 572kg
Rated carrying capacity 2000kg


How to choose this product


An electric pallet truck is used to lift and transport pallets. Movement and fork operation are facilitated by a heavy-duty battery, making it possible to carry heavy loads. The forks raise the pallets; steering and speed are controlled by a handle at the rear of the truck.


These vehicles transport pallets in industrial environments. They can handle heavy loads and stacked pallets.


A battery powers truck movement and fork operation. The wheels beneath the front of the forks support them as they move up and down. Steering is via the handle, which contains the forward and reverse speed controls. Generally, there is an emergency stop button for immediate braking. Some versions have an operator platform.

How to choose

Choice depends primarily on the load to be transported plus the distance to be covered.


- Can transport heavy loads
- Requires less physical effort


- Cost

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