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Pallet trucks
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electric pallet truck / pedestrian - max. 1 500 kg | TE15

Name: Electric Pallet Truck
Model: TE15
The smart electric pallet truck with AC driving system offer quick response, accurate control and excellent performance;
1. Safety: Auto...

electric pallet truck / with rider platform - max. 2 500 kg | TE25

Name: Pallet Truck 2.0T-2.5T
Model: TE20, TE25
The electric pallet truck with load capacity 2T-2.5T, it's polpular in many industries.
1. Safety: Auto Curve Speed-reduced function;
2. Anti-roll back prevents uncontrolled traveled...

electric pallet truck - 4 000 kg | TE40


Name: Pallet Truck 4T
Model: TE40
The electric pallet truck with load capacity 3.0T, it's polpular in many industries.

electric pallet truck / stand-on - max. 6 000 kg | TE60

Name: Electric Heavy-Duty Pallet Truck 5T-6T
Model: TE50, TE60
The rated load capacity is 5000-6000kg, also it can be changed according to special enviroments, it's very popular in heavy-duty industry for material handling solution.

electric pallet truck / with rider platform - max. 2 000 kg, max. 600 mm | TNBT20


Self propelled electric power pallet truck
Capacity 2.000 Kg
Capacity Q Kg 2.000

electric pallet truck / pedestrian - 6 - 40 t

Votex Bison's EGH is a electric pallet truck that is controlled by foot. It is safe to use,...

electric pallet truck / with rider platform - 5 - 40 t

The EGH is an electric pallet truck engineered by Votex-Bison. It saves...

electric pallet truck / pedestrian - 3 000 - 4 500 lb | EPT series

Fully powered pallet truck for easy and quick operation. Includes fingertip raise and lower buttons. Easy-to-operate throttle for forward and...

electric pallet truck / with rider platform - max. 650 kg | TL 100 PT

TRANS-LIFT Pallet Truck, model TL 100 PT AC

A Danish produced pallet truck for either standing...


How to choose this product


An electric pallet truck is used to lift and transport pallets. Movement and fork operation are facilitated by a heavy-duty battery, making it possible to carry heavy loads. The forks raise the pallets; steering and speed are controlled by a handle at the rear of the truck.


These vehicles transport pallets in industrial environments. They can handle heavy loads and stacked pallets.


A battery powers truck movement and fork operation. The wheels beneath the front of the forks support them as they move up and down. Steering is via the handle, which contains the forward and reverse speed controls. Generally, there is an emergency stop button for immediate braking. Some versions have an operator platform.

How to choose

Choice depends primarily on the load to be transported plus the distance to be covered.


- Can transport heavy loads
- Requires less physical effort


- Cost

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