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isophtalic gelcoat - NORPOL® GFA

The Norpol® GFA from Reichhold is a general-purpose gel-coat agent. It is manufactured out of an isophtalic polyester resin material that provides...

polyester gelcoat - NORPOL® GI

NORPOL® GI is a gelcoat founded on an isophtalic polyester resin for key applications in wind mill nacelles, car body work, cladding panels, roof canopies, industrial parts and a lot more....

mold gelcoat - NORPOL® GM

The NORPOL® GM series of tooling gelcoats from REICHHOLD are made from a novolac vinyl ester resin, It offers services that are chemical and solvent resistant. It provides a durable...

polyester topcoat / water resistant - NORPOL® MTI

The NORPOL® MTI, manufactured by Reichhold, is a topcoat based on an isophtalic polyester resin engineered to provide optimum application properties. It is...

polyester gelcoat / water resistant / weather resistant - NORPOL® SVG

The NORPOL® SVG represents a low VOC gelcoat that uses ISO/NPG polyester resin base, making it well suited for surface protection applications (marine, sanitary articles, wind energy, automotive bodywork...

epoxy gelcoat - Biresin® S10

The Biresin 10, which is manufactured by Sika, is a gelcoat that has been developed to...

mold gelcoat - Biresin® S15

SIKA offers a wide range of gelcoats that may be used for applications concerning polyester, foam, and LP-RIM molds,...

mold gelcoat - RenGel®

Gel Coats and Coupling Coats RenGel® gel coats enable precision finishing of production tools. Applied to a backing structure, these materials can be machined and polished...

antibacterial gelcoat - 6700 series

These products are moistened wipes...

coating gelcoat / sanding - GELCOAT GC

Can be polish. Easy to...

mold gelcoat - GELCOAT GC

Good thermal conductivity....

epoxy gelcoat - GELCOAT GC 1 190, GC 22

Epoxy Gel Coat,...

polyester gelcoat / epoxy / laminating - GELCOAT GC 3 070

Polyester. Gelcoat epoxy compatible....

vinylester gelcoat / laminating - GELCOAT GC 3 130

Vinylester gelcoat. Preaccelerated....

mold gelcoat - Ultra®

UltraTooling gelcoat is specially formulated for moldmaking.
The plug to be duplicated must first be waxed to permit positive release. UltraTooling gelcoat is then applied using...

mold gelcoat - Ultra®

UltraSandable gelcoat
UltraSandable 1-SP sandable gelcoat for resin transfer molding (RTM) applications is an ideal surface for all secondary finishing operations. A high level of neopentyl...

epoxy gelcoat - UltraShield® SuperShield®

Ultra® and SuperShield® gelcoats, which are used for boats, wind tubine blades, recreational vehicles, truck bodies, sanitaryware, swimming pools and other polyester composite parts and castings, produce colorful and/or clear finishes that...

epoxy gelcoat - UltraShield® SuperShield®

Crystic gelcoats have proven durability in many demanding applications...

epoxy gelcoat - UltraShield® SuperShield®

Crystic Isophthalic and Orthophthalic Gelcoats

Brush Applied Gelcoats
Low styrene content, superior weathering isophthalic gelcoat. Suitable for use in all markets, particularly Marine.

General purpose isophthalic gelcoat suitable for use in all...

epoxy gelcoat - UltraShield® SuperShield®

Crystic Iso-NPG Gelcoats

Brush-Applied Gelcoats
Protec (B)
The ultimate superior weathering Iso/NPG gelcoat suitable in all markets, particularly Marine.

Superior weathering gelcoat for use in all markets, particularly Marine.


epoxy gelcoat - UltraShield® SuperShield®

The Crystic gelcoat range has products which have been developed, tested...

epoxy gelcoat - UltraShield® SuperShield®

Crystic Fireguard 73PA is a new technology brush fire retardant gelcoat which...

epoxy gelcoat - 7080 GC, 7081

Epoxy Gelcoat for Tooling

epoxy gelcoat - 7080 HC

Epoxy Gel-coat for Fuel Tanks

epoxy gelcoat - 2010FGCS

RESOLTECH 2010FGCS-2014 FGC is a self-extinguishing epoxy that complies with the OMI-SOLAS 2000 directive. Thanks...

epoxy gelcoat - 7060S

RESOLCOAT 7060S is an epoxy gelcoat available in a wide range...

epoxy gelcoat - 7090

RESOLCOAT 7090 is a high temperature resistant epoxy gelcoat,...

epoxy gelcoat - 7090

Bisphenolic gelcoats have the maximum heat and chemical resistance compared to all gelcoat groups. Therefore these gelcoats are widely used in chemical industry where high temperature...

epoxy gelcoat - 7090

The gelcoats in this group are designed for general industrial applications. They are suitable for economic applications where weathering, water or chemical resistance is not necessary for the...

epoxy gelcoat - 7090

These gelcoats are specially designed for mold building applications where impact, heat and chemical (aging effects of release agents) resistance is at high levels. Polijel 220...

epoxy gelcoat - 7090

Eurogel GCP 3000 :
Exceptional iso-vinylester gel coat with highest water, hydrolysis, scratch, temperature and chemical products resistancy. High gloss retention, good ageing and best mechanical properties.

Eurogel GCP 2000...

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