industrial decanter / centrifugal / horizontal
industrial decanter

Main Features Bowl diameter: 650mm Slenderness ratio L/D: 4 Maximum Bowl speed: 2.700rpm Bowl conical angle: 20°

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sludge dewatering decanter / floating / horizontal / mobile
sludge dewatering decanter

The decanter FRIESS Skimmtelligent is utilized at systems were oil is blended with process fluid and does not glide on the water surface. The oily process fluid is pumped with an air compelled diaphragm pump into the ...

sludge dehydration decanter / centrifugal / horizontal
sludge dehydration decanter

The Decanter ZR19347 is used for the mechanical separation of heterogeneous solid-liquid mixtures. The separation is based on the principle of sedimentation, however the impact on the solids is much higher due to the ...

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sludge dewatering decanter / centrifugal / horizontal
sludge dewatering decanter

Dewatering centrifuge with dia. max. 600mm bowl, L/D = 4,5 , speed up to 4500rpm, capacity up to 50m3/h, fully automatic process, professional hardfacing on the critical parts. Max power of motors 110kW + 45kW, planetary or cyclo gearboxes. ...