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interface relay / slim - TERMSERIES

This relay module is a universal isolator that works for automation needs. This comes in several forms and can vary based on what you require for them. These units are made...

interface relay - 1 RT, 10 A, 6 - 230 V | BIV 105

BIV 105 Interface Module

- Contact: 1 RT 10A

interface relay - STKR

Slim-style relays SKR are manufactured for high packaging density purposes. It isolates multiple inputs or outputs with its...

interface relay - STKR

The PIR6W-1P is a 6.2 mm relays interface which consists of screw terminals sockets having an electronic...

interface relay - STKR

This device manufactured by Relpol, is an interface time delay relay that features a rated load...

interface relay - STKR

"Technical intermediary between the power and control level
Timer and switching devices are tried and tested as intermediaries between the intelligent logic level - e.g. a control device or other...

interface relay - 6 - 240 V | RV8H series

IDEC 6mm interface relays provide a compact solution for general purpose relay requirements. The RV8H series Interface relays are ideal for PLC and electronic systems, industrial...

interface relay / modular / fused - 230 V, max. 10 A | IMREF2SS series

Relay Module 1CO 12VDC (SPDT) With Input Fuse Protection
-Replaceable fuses with simple to operate Horizontal fuse holders
-Fast Blow & Slow Blow fuses available as standard

interface relay - K series


PLC transistor output to
power switching converter


interface relay - K1 series

plc interface relay

- PLC transistor output to power...

interface relay - -40 ... +70 °C | IRL series

Mainly intended for automata, the IRL...

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