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fluorescent light / work - 18 V | PC18AL

Battery and charger sold separately

13W Low-Heat Fluorescent Bulb Illuminates up to 100 sq. ft.


LED light / work - BD2AASLED-B

55 Hour runtime
90° swivel...

LED light / work - BD2AALED-B

42 Hour runtime
Spot to flood adjustable...

LED light / work - MWLB14B

Compact size, ideal for storage and travel
14 Long-life LEDs...

fluorescent light / work - max. 240 V, max. 30 W | Opus Mini LED series

The OPUS Mini LED combines several advantages in one lamp.
Robust - compact - maximum illumination
With additional side socket for connection of further devices.
90 high-efficiency-SMD-LEDs with 120°...

fluorescent light / work - max. 240 V, max. 24 W | Roll - Master series

Keep your workshop clean: with this lighting device the light you need is always available. The huge action...

fluorescent light / work - max.240 V, max. 11 W | Opus-1 series

By means of the dent detection light set no dent remains...

fluorescent light / work - max. 240 V, max. 24 W | Opus mini series

The OPUS mini is the inexpensive version of the Opus Standard,
small - compact- powerful-
with additional side socket for connection of further devices..
Case made out of two component (2K) plastic yellow/black

fluorescent light / work - max. 230 V, max. 24 W | Opus Standard series

The Opus Standard task light system has been developed especially for the use in the rough environment of workshops, garages,...

LED light / magnifying - KFM

KFM LED - Luxo's newest, and most energy-efficient, addition to its...

magnifying light - JFM

JFM Magnifiers - Luxo's newest high-quality illuminated...

work light - 13 W | Verit

Verit - Versatile task light that adapts to any work environment. An asymmetric...

assembly inspection station light / magnifying - WAVE®

WAVE® LED Magnifiers - Luxos newest, and most energy-efficient addition...

assembly inspection station light / magnifying - WAVE+Plus 5D

Wave+Plus 5D Magnifiers - the industry's first 5-diopter true rectangular lensed magnifier. These magnifiers...

xenon light / stroboscopic - IP 65 | XFV Series

Xenon Strobe Beacon 190mm High, 150mm x 150mm Base

12Vuc, 24Vuc, 115Vac...

LED light / stroboscopic - 12 - 24 V | 3700 - 3800 series

These versatile LEDs feature four 1W LEDs, offer multiple flash patterns and syncronisation capability.
Robust die-case coated aluminium housig with epoxy encapsulated electronics

LED light / work - 12 - 36 V

Vision Alert offers a comprehensive...

LED light / work - Stinger® Lite Pipe

RECHARGEABLE LED WORK LIGHT SYSTEM Work light featuring eight high-power LEDs produces a soft, 200+ lumen flood pattern to illuminate a large work area and runs continuously for over 3 hours.

Work light system features 8 high-power LEDs that produce a soft, 220 lumen flood pattern to illuminate your entire work area for 3.25 hours

compact fluorescent light - 7 - 57 W, 400 - 4 300 lm | Aura Unique-S/-D/-T

Aura's complete range of compact fluorescent lamps offers you an energy efficient light source with all the Aura Long Life benefits.



compact fluorescent light - 18 - 80 W, 1 200 - 6 000 lm | Aura Unique-L

Product information
Aura Unique-L Long Life is tri-phosphor lamps with very good color rendering and ideally suited in applications that need high...

metal halide light - Aura Crystal TC

Product information3
Aura Crystal TC Long Life is an excellent high pressure ceramic metal halide discharge lamp. It is an efficient and sustainable light source...

metal halide light - 70 - 150 W, 6 500 - 15 000 lm | Aura Crystal

Product information
Aura Light has developed the first real Long Life Metal Halide lamp. It more than doubles the lifetime of standard products and has an average lifetime of 43,000 hours. Aura Crystal...

sodium light / high-pressure - 50 - 1 000 W, 4 200 - 135 000 lm | Aura Sodinette

Product information
Aura Sodinette Long Life is a high pressure sodium lamp with a color temperature of 2100 K and a color rendering index, Ra 25. Aura Sodinette Long Life is a beneficial choice in areas...

xenon light / arc - OptoSource

Cairn xenon and mercury/xenon mixed-gas arc light sources offer ultra-high stability, high intensity illumination. The extreme point intensity and broad spectrum make them particularly suitable for fluorescence microscopy, but the modular design and wide range of couplings ensures that they can be equally effective for other purposes.

Available in two basic configurations, the...

xenon light / stroboscopic - IP67 | X80 series

The X80 is a flashing mode type of beacon (single stage alarm) suitable for a wide range of local signalling applications where a low cost and energy efficient solution...

stroboscopic light - 12 - 24 V

The Wheelock® ExcederTM strobes use high efficiency optics to minimise current draw to allow a greater number...

fluorescent light / work - 120 V, 17 - 40 W | 800 series

These portable work lights are designed to meet the need for safe, temporary, economical task lighting.
Their versatility provides for base and feed-thru units to meet a variety of lighting applications :-
Tent Lighting
Tunnel Lighting
Work Shop Lighting
Task Lighting

sodium light / work / high-pressure - 120 V, 70 W | EZ 1000 series

Choose either the 70 Watt High Pressure Sodium or the 70 Watt Metal Halide version and goits that easy.
Available with High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide Lamp-Choice of light source that is right for you
Metal Halide Lamp-Provides bright, white light...

fluorescent light / work / with emergency battery - 120 V, 2 x 13 W | 1000 series

NEW - 1000 Series Emergency Battery Backup light has a built in battery ballast that switches over in the event of power loss on the cord. This light provides emergency egress lighting so workers can see to get to safety and restore power to the jobsite.


sodium light / work / high-pressure - 70 W | 1000 series

1000 Series High Pressure Sodium Wide Area Magnet Lighting

For the ultimate in durability, choose from Ericsons Premier™ line of High Pressure Sodium Lighting Fixtures. Choose from...

fluorescent light / work - max. 40 W | 1239 series

These portable overhead lights have been engineered to meet the need for safe, temporary, economical lighting for large area. Their versatility provides for base unit and feed-through unit use to meet virtually any wide area lighting requirement. Heavy-duty construction and high lumen output make these lights ideal for a broad range of applications including manufacturing...

stroboscopic light - 24 V, 35 mA | FD-PE50

Polycarbonate strobe light...

LED light / work - FLX60

This light is small in size and with its 60 high performance...

stroboscopic light - 27 W, 12 V | PAR-36 series

The PAR-36 and PAR-36E remote strobe heads are designed to be used with TOMAR’s strobe or NEOBE® power supplies and feature a sealed...

stroboscopic light / explosion-proof - 1.25 A, 12 - 72 V | 3200BEP series

The 3200BEP ffamily is designed, tested, and certified for use in hazardous locations and hostile environments classified by the NEC as Class I, Div. 1 & 2, Groups C &...

flashing light - 0.25 A, 24 V | BL 41

BL 41
flashing light

xenon light / stroboscopic - Ø 118 mm | RLA-KB/KBB series

- Ø118 rotating continuous light, rotating continuous light and buzzer built in

xenon light / stroboscopic - Ø 118 mm | RLA

RLA (Ø118) - Xenon lamp
- Spinning and resistant of vibration effect

xenon light / stroboscopic - Ø 118 mm | RLA

The CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) operates when the electric current with high AC voltage provided by an inverter passes through the glass tube of the lamp. The tube is coated with phosphor to achieve different colours and also filled with Mercury and inert gases...

LED light / work - LE1725LED

The LE1725LED has the same usable light output as a 13W fluorescent work light, but with superior LED technology and no bulbs...

LED light / work - LE1625LED

The LE1625LED is the value priced choice. It has the same durability as our other heavy duty LED work lights, but at a lower price point...

LED light / work - LED6015

The LED6015 has 60 LEDs, providing greater light output across its longer...

LED light / work - LED5015G

Packing 50 LEDs into a compact space, the LED5015G is bright white light where you need it most. It incorporates a 13A convenience...

fluorescent light / work - LE1300, 1400 series

Our 1300 and 1400 series lights are both 13W lights that give off 900 lumens of light....

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