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stroboscopic light / explosion-proof - 116 class series

Edwards Explosionproof AdaptaBeacon Strobe Lights are designed for installation in hazardous location environments. Rigid specifications and state-of-the-art technology provide for high visual output and low maintenance. Powder coat epoxy finished gray.

Each explosionproof strobe is UL Listed...

stroboscopic light - 90 series


Optically designed fresnel lens

Protective polycarbonate dome cover provides easy cleaning

Cast base can be utilized as a junction box

Immune to shock and vibration

The Edwards 90 Series AdaptaBeacon Light Duty strobe lights are...

flashing light - ABL/ABS series

The powerful flashing light in a metal housing

designed for alarm functions outdoors and in...

flashing light - PMF 2030

secure 360° alarm for large distances (indoors or outdoors)
extremely reliable and durable due to the use of state-of-the-art electronic components – no replacement of mechanical or electrical wearing...

flashing light - ø 140 mm | P 400 STR/P 400 STS

Powerful flashing alarm light for universal use
large variety of mounting methods due to modular design principle:
surface-mounted devices for mounting directly or...

flashing light - Quadro F12/Quadro S

Quadro F12

industrial successor to the legendary Eiffel Tower light
design adapted to suit industrial requirements; mounted via concealed interior holes or external...

flashing light - WBS, WBL series

The classic flashing light

sturdy metal housing
universally usable
also available...

fluorescent light / work - 18 V | PC18AL

Battery and charger sold separately

13W Low-Heat Fluorescent Bulb Illuminates up to 100 sq. ft.


LED light / work - BD2AASLED-B

55 Hour runtime
90° swivel...

LED light / work - BD2AALED-B

42 Hour runtime
Spot to flood adjustable...

LED light / work - MWLB14B

Compact size, ideal for storage and travel
14 Long-life LEDs...

flashing light - ø 70 mm, 24 V | KombiSIGN 70

The intense light pulse of the Xenon flash guarntees...

flashing light - ø 98 mm, 10 - 60 V | BM

Extendend voltage range of 10 to 60 V AC/DC

LED light / stroboscopic - 170 - 250 Cd, IP66 | QDL, QBL

comprehensive range of cubic design beacons in LED and Xenon technique
in modern LED strobe technique (long lifetime, low current consumption, vibration proof)
- LED steady/flashing beacons size...

LED light / stroboscopic - 120 Cd, IP66 | QDM, QFM

comprehensive range of cubic design beacons in LED and xenon technique
in modern LED strobe technique
(long lifetime, low current consumption, vibration proof)
- LED steady/flashing beacons in sizes 1-4
- most modern...

LED light / stroboscopic - 300 - 400 Cd, IP66 | QDX, QBX

Comprehensive range of cubic design beacons in LED and xenon technique
In modern LED strobe technique
long lifetime, low current consumption, vibration proof
- LED steady/flashing beacons in size 1-4
- LED multi strobe...

LED light / stroboscopic - Ø 75 mm, IP66/67 | PFH, PFL

Ø 75 mm lage compact and brilliant beacon range with
- high lens (PFH) or
- low lens (PFL)
High ingress protection IP66/67
Prewired with 1 m cable with PUR-jacket, open ends, ready to use

LED light / stroboscopic - ø 90 mm, IP65/67 | NFS-HP

using most modern high performance LEDs
highest signalling effect
outside applications - clear signalling effect also in bright...

LED light / work - DCL510

Bright LED output - 130 Lumens

polymerisation light - 75 - 400 W

UV curing flood lamps, spot curing lamps and UV conveyors can be integrated into existing manufacturing assembly...

stroboscopic light - 12 - 24 V

The Wheelock® ExcederTM strobes use high efficiency optics to minimise current draw to allow a greater number...

stroboscopic light - 24 V, 35 mA | FD-PE50

Polycarbonate strobe light...

fluorescent light / ring - 2401K

3 fixing screws
12W Fluorescent...

fluorescent light / work - max. 24 V

One portable 24VAC Ex transformer
Three Ex fluorescent work lights
One Ex fluorescent emergency light
Eight Ex brackets and eight straps
The SLAM®...

fluorescent light / work - max. 42 V

One portable 42VAC Ex transformer
Three Ex fluorescent work lights
One Ex fluorescent emergency light
Eight Ex brackets and eight straps

fluorescent light / work - max. 42 V

One portable 24VAC Ex transformer
Four Ex LED work lights
Eight Ex brackets and eight straps
LEDs are already paving their way to be the standard...

fluorescent light / work - max. 12 V

One portable 12VAC Ex transformer
Four Ex 12V fluorescent work lights
Eight Ex brackets and eight straps

LED light / work - SLAM® Hornet

EX-certified for zones 1 and 21
Improved temperature class T4
Linkable in series
SafeEye® LED technology inside
Select from a wide range of specially designed fixings

deuterium light / arc - 30 W, 115 - 380 nm | 632

The model 632 Deuterium light source has a magnesium fluoride window that facilitates high energy output of 115 to 380-nm at 30watt. Easy operation is ensured by line operated power supply, eliminating...

hollow cathode light - 20 - 200 nm | 629

The Model 629 Hollow Cathode Source with a Stainless steel cathode and an Aluminium anode is available in a variety of apertures allowing simulation of a slit or pin hole.The hollow cathode source which is completely in accordance with the Model 730 power supply McPherson, Inc. proves...

LED light / work - BugLite™

2 Hi Power Bright White LEDs (20,000 mcd each)
Hi Strength Neodymium Magnetic base...

LED light / work - ClipLite

Attaches to all Baseball Caps and most Hard Hats
Over Visor Design prevents obscured vision

LED light / work - FUEZR™

27 bright white LEDs
Selectable 24 LED Flood light or 3 LED Flashlight
SilkGrip; Non-slip...

polymerisation light - OmniCure®

Cure Ring technology allows a Light Guide 360° of curing power. The standard...

xenon light / stroboscopic - IP67 | X80 series

The X80 is a flashing mode type of beacon (single stage alarm) suitable for a wide range of local signalling applications where a low cost and energy efficient solution...

compact fluorescent light - 7 - 57 W, 400 - 4 300 lm | Aura Unique-S/-D/-T

Aura's complete range of compact fluorescent lamps offers you an energy efficient light source with all the Aura Long Life benefits.



compact fluorescent light - 18 - 80 W, 1 200 - 6 000 lm | Aura Unique-L

Product information
Aura Unique-L Long Life is tri-phosphor lamps with very good color rendering and ideally suited in applications that need high...

metal halide light - Aura Crystal TC

Product information3
Aura Crystal TC Long Life is an excellent high pressure ceramic metal halide discharge lamp. It is an efficient and sustainable light source...

metal halide light - 70 - 150 W, 6 500 - 15 000 lm | Aura Crystal

Product information
Aura Light has developed the first real Long Life Metal Halide lamp. It more than doubles the lifetime of standard products and has an average lifetime of 43,000 hours. Aura Crystal...

sodium light / high-pressure - 50 - 1 000 W, 4 200 - 135 000 lm | Aura Sodinette

Product information
Aura Sodinette Long Life is a high pressure sodium lamp with a color temperature of 2100 K and a color rendering index, Ra 25. Aura Sodinette Long Life is a beneficial choice in areas...

xenon light / stroboscopic - Ø 118 mm | RLA-KB/KBB series

- Ø118 rotating continuous light, rotating continuous light and buzzer built in

xenon light / stroboscopic - Ø 118 mm | RLA

RLA (Ø118) - Xenon lamp
- Spinning and resistant of vibration effect

infrared light / polymerisation - Hot Flash™ series

For quality and controllable curing parameters, the A.W.T. Hot Flash is unmatched in value and performance....

infrared light / polymerisation - Slide-Flash™ series

This versatile freestanding flash cure unit is caster mounted for easy positioning at any station in the Print-Tex production system ( can retrofit to other machines...

infrared light / polymerisation - Slide-Flash™ series

Constructed with aluminum screen temperature resistant,...

infrared light / polymerisation - Slide-Flash™ series

- Fluorescent lamps with magnifying 3 or 5 diopter built.
- Fluorescent 22w built-in electronic...

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