fiber filter medium / stainless steel / air / for acids
fiber filter medium

... media integrity in cases of high acid number and long term exposure. Once OEM glass media pump discharge and servo pilot filter elements were upgraded to Hy-Pro Dynafuzz elements the problems with clogged servo screens went away.

liquid filter medium
liquid filter medium

... maximum filter efficiency. The cross flow effect (tangential flow cleaning of the filter surface) is generated by the rotating of the filter discs and not by pumping large volumes. extreme ...

activated alumina filter medium / activated carbon / gas / coolant
activated alumina filter medium
MULTI-MIX® series

SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED AIR PURIFICATION A SOLUTION TO PURIFICATION… Various high-efficiency MULTI-MIX® formulas enable CIRCUL-AIRE® to provide the most fitting combination of physical and chemical characteristics to meet the specific ...

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liquid filter element / membrane
liquid filter element

Designed as a "Pre-Final" filter the Duo-Maxx was created to protect final filters saving money and extending the life of your final filters. Duo Maxx incorporates a synchronized ...

liquid filter medium
liquid filter medium
MN 617 - 619 series

For general purpose filtrations Qualitative filter papers are manufactured from the same raw materials as the ashless grades and are particularly suited for general laboratory filtrations. The average ash content is ...

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liquid filter element / membrane
liquid filter element
Torrento® X series

... Installation flexibility reduces equipment retrofits required for node transition and extends filter lifetime Disposable design eliminates operator handling of the filter element Aqueous-based ...

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PTFE filter medium / liquid / membrane
PTFE filter medium

... organic extractions than sodium sulfate. Because it is a physical separation rather than a chemical process to remove residual water from organic solvent extracts, DryDisk Separation Membranes eliminate the problems inherent ...

foam filter medium / air / oil
foam filter medium
20 mm, EN 779

Medium thickness: 20 mm

Washable medium. In plates of 1 m x 2 m, thickness : 20 mm Classification EN 779 : G2. Gravimetric efficiency 72%. Filtration for fan coils (or any kind of air-conditioners).

polyester filter medium / liquid
polyester filter medium

We have been in this line for more than 10 years with the experiences of sales of our products in North American and European markets. Our strict quality control system supplies products with reliable quality, When you work with us, ...

stainless steel filter medium / knitted wire mesh / liquid
stainless steel filter medium

Pore size: 2 µm - 200 µm
Medium thickness: 1.66 mm

... . The particle size retention (i,e. micron rating) is governed by the choice of filter mesh; the other four layers (see diagram) are carefully chosen to protect the filter layer and to maximize strength ...

PTFE filter medium / liquid / dust / membrane
PTFE filter medium

Pore size: 0 µm - 5 µm
Medium thickness: 37 mm

... according to individual specific needs. Some membrane materials are also available in sterile format. Membrane filters are typically used in both liquid and air filtration. They offer accurately controlled ...

liquid filter element
liquid filter element

oil filter medium
oil filter medium
3M2097 P100

3M™ 3M2097 P100 particulate filter with nuisance level organic vapor relief is NIOSH approved for environments containing certain oil and non-oil based particles. It is also recommended for relief against organic ...

knitted mesh filter medium / liquid / gas
knitted mesh filter medium

Filtering liquids or air in hostile environmentssuch as those subject to temperature extremes, high orders of shock/vibration, and caustic fuels or fumeshas posed problems for paper filter ...

knitted mesh filter medium / liquid
knitted mesh filter medium
Sinterflo® MC

... resistance and/or high abrasion resistance is essential. These applications include flame arrestors, nutsche filter plates and polymer melt filters.

polypropylene filter medium / air / for acids
polypropylene filter medium
max. 210 °F

Recommended continuous operation temperature: 190°F Maximum (short time) operation temperature: 210°F Supports combustion: Yes Biological resistance (bacteria, mildew): Excellent Resistance to alkalies: Excellent Resistance to ...

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