Nd:YAG lasers

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Nd:YAG laser / diode pumped - TITAN

The Titan laser series represents the state-of-the-art in Nd: YAG pump laser development from Amplitude Technologies. It provides the high energy pump required for high-intensity, ultra-short Ti:SA systems.


Nd:YAG laser / diode pumped - PRO-PULSE

The Pro-Pulse laser series represents the foundation of Amplitude Technologies’ state-of-the-art Nd:YAG pump laser development program. It provides the high energy pump required for high-intensity, ultra-short Ti:SA systems.

Nd:YAG laser / diode pumped / marking - 1064 µm

- Entirely designed and implemented by Tullio Giusi spa.

- Thanks to the laser technology and the system of transmission of the ray by means of scansion head, you can obtain very high quality and precision markings on...

Nd:YAG laser / diode pumped / marking - TYREX series

The diode-pumped, compact, high performance YAG laser for precise industrial...

Nd:YAG laser / pulsed / compact - Tempest

Tempest is a compact pulsed Nd:YAG laser system delivering maximum performance in a compact, inexpensive platform.
* Designed with scientific...

Nd:YAG laser / diode pumped / marking - BusinessDiode series

The BusinessDiode series of lasers are the all-rounders in the ACI range. Their high energy efficiency and beam quality make them suitable for use both with individual components and in series production lines. The systems are typically...

Nd:YAG laser / diode pumped / marking - EconomyDiode series

The EconomyDiode series of lasers are the perfect entry-level systems for small and medium-sized companies with a modest demand for marking. The short resonator allows an outstanding...

Nd:YAG laser / triggered / Q-switched - 5 - 60 W

Our Nd:Yag Laser etching System is "Q-switched" or cycled at very short pulses in order to optimize peak power for a very effective...

Nd:YAG laser / pulsed - Light series

Light series is the latest multifunctional short and long pulsed laser platform introduced by Quanta System on the market. It is based on the combination of...

Nd:YAG laser / Q-switched / triggered - Q-PLUS series

Q-Plus series provides much higher performances when compared to other Q-switched lasers on the...

Nd:YAG laser / pulsed - DA VINCI LIPO

Da Vinci Lipo is a powerful Nd:YAG 1064 and 1320 nm laser for Lipolysis and Laser assisted Liposuction and gives new real advantages to all the new mini-invasive body reshaping procedures.

This laser delivers...

Nd:YAG laser / Q-switched / triggered - Asset

The Asset laser combines Nd:YAG 532/1064 nm wavelengths with energy per pulse up to 1000 mJ in a compact and useful box, a wordwide standard for the treatment of tattoos and pigmented...

Nd:YAG laser / diode pumped - Heera series

Ideal for advanced micro-sawing, this diode pumped Q-switched laser allows the minimum...

Nd:YAG laser / lamp pumped / marking - 100 W | FOBA LP100

The Marking Laser DP50 by FOBA is an innovative new product designed to perform complex and precise operations. It...

Nd:YAG laser / diode pumped / marking - 50 W | FOBA DP50

The particular FOBA DP50 Nd:YAG diode pumped marking laser system is actually ideal for general use within equipment places of work, production...

Nd:YAG laser / diode pumped / marking - 5 - 10 W

The Cicrespi C-Laser G6 has High contrast with high readability of codes through handy or connected readers, resistant to chemicals, acids. The integrity of the glass is not compromised, with anti-counterfeiting...


How to choose this product


The Nd:YAG laser is a solid-state device using a neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal as its gain medium. Optically pumped by flashlamp or laser diode, it can function in continuous or pulse mode.


Nd:YAG lasers are among the most common of all types. They operate in the infrared, at 1064 nm. Industrial use is primarily for metal and plastic etching. With power levels of one to five kW, they are used in metallurgy to cut and weld steel.


Nd:YAG lasers use several different technologies in continuous or pulse (Q-switching) modes. They can be pumped by laser diode (DPSS) or krypton flashlamps.

How to choose

Choice of Nd:YAG laser will depend on specific use. Operational wavelength is set at 1064 nm (infrared) by the use of the neodymium ion. Deposited power will depend on pumping mechanism (flashlamp or diode) and pulse or continuous operation.


- High power
- Fiber optic transmission possible
- Control of deposited energy

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