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interlocking  roll container / anti-theft - max. 500 kg, 720 x 860 x 1 770 mm | ROLL 201011

The ROLL 201011 Series manufactured by Italiana Contenitori is a nestable security...

interlocking  roll container - max. 600 kg,  max. 710 x 800 x 1 920 mm | ROLL series

The Roll series of Nestable roll-container, manufactured by Italiana Contenitori, has a maximum capacity of...

interlocking  roll container - ROCOTEC®

The ideal load carrier from the warehouse to the branch.

Load carriers...

interlocking  roll container - ROCOTEC®

Dimensions and designs to...

interlocking  roll container - 807 x 670 x 1573 mm

2 sided nesting roll container

interlocking  roll container - 715 x 824 x 1 700 mm |

The Nestable Security Roll Container is suitable for use in transporting delicate objects. It...

interlocking  roll container - 715 X 805 X 1 820 mm

The Nestable 2-Sided Roll-container is manufactured by Cargo Pak. This product is used in transport, supermarkets and warehouses....

interlocking  roll container - 600 x 805 x 1 820 mm

The is a 2-sided nestable roll container. The container has a nestability...

interlocking  roll container - 715 x 805 x 1 700 mm

The technical features of this product are varied. It can be utilized for transportation, in supermarkets and in warehouses as well. One just needs to lift the base up to nest the...

interlocking  roll container - 715 x 824 x 1 700 mm

Cargo Pack® manufactures a nestable security roll container with a load capacity of 600 kg and a bright zinc chrome...

interlocking  roll container - max. 500 kg

With easy "one-touch" operation to fold up
the Work-Tainer.

Données Techniques fondamentales
Nestable Work-Tainer now also available with a plastic platform


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