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stacking container / flush grid / nesting - 560 x 375 x 224 mm | CE-921

The containers are designed to provide stacking...

flush grid container / nesting / stacking - 620 x 474 x 232 mm | CE-923

The CE-923 model is manufactured by Plastipol, and is a nesting and stacking...

nesting container / stacking - 75 L | SnapPack™

Product name: 75L SnapPack container
Product code: 647
Shape: Rectangular, conical...

nesting container / stacking - 52 L | SnapPack™

Product name: 52L SnapPack container
Product code: 648
Shape: Rectangular, conical...

stacking container / nesting - max. 620 x 410 x 180 mm | LP-SN series

The standard stack nest containers are available with a variety of dimensions and colors. The base and side walls...

stacking container / flush grid / nesting - max. 600 x 400 x 167 mm | LP-BA series

The Bale-Arm Container is developed by Logistic Packaging. It is mainly used for secure and stable handling. The unit is built...

lid stacking container / nesting - max. 800 x 600 x 540 mm | LP-ALC series

The LP-ALC series is a lid stacking container developed by Logistic Packaging. It is built with rough and innovative structure, and comes with lid container for storing...

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