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reclining platform / piezo-electric - max. 200 N, max. 1.3 mm | N-510 NEXLINE® series

The N-510 High-Force NEXLINE® Z/Tip/Tilt Platform has a Self Locking at Rest and No Heat Generation features that enables the...

working platform / for formwork - BKB

The range of working platforms and scaffolds from MEVA are composed of different items. The BKB 125 series of folding access platforms employs 125 centimeters...

working platform / mast climbing / for formwork - KAB

One of the important factors in every construction area, specifically on working scaffolds, is safety. But aside from this, scaffolding systems must also satisfy all the requirements for effective...

working platform / for safety shield / for formwork - LAB

The Lab 130, which is manufactured by Meva, is a working scaffold that has a maximum load...

working platform / for safety shield / for formwork - LAB

The unit is manufactured by Ssi Schaefer, and is a self-supporting mezzanine which expands the working and racking area of places...

working platform / for safety shield / for formwork - LAB

The unit is manufactured by Ssi Schaefer, and is a multi-story system which is an expanded version of the single-story systems also from Ssi Schaefer. The unit provides more usable space. The model...

platform / vibration damping - Quiet Island®

These Quiet Island® Sub-Floor platforms and supports are made with a 4" thick steel plate lamination placed in between lightweight, incompressible, damped core material. The product's top...

platform / vibration damping - 65 series

TMC 65 series floor platform with STACIS is suitable for traditional laboratory floors.

Typically, lab floors face an ergonomic challenge of separating vibration of building floor from huge, tall tools. When isolators are kept under the tool, the height of the tool is increased to an unworkable...

platform / vibration damping - STACIS® iX SEM-Base™

The STACIS iX SEM-Base active vibration cancellation floor platform system is specifically designed for use with scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). Being among the most vibration-sensitive tools made, the...

platform / vibration damping - 150 lb (67 kg) | 66 series

TMC TableTop™ CSP® 66 Series is a top-performing vibration isolation system. It features...

platform / vibration damping - 64 series

The 64 SERIES TableTop™ Platforms is for table top vibration critical instruments. It features...

platform / vibration damping - 64 series

The Longspan Industrial Mezzanine is the best solution for limited floor areas. It...

platform / vibration damping - 64 series

The Industrial/Warehouse Mezzanine platform by Provost is the perfect solution for expanding...

platform / vibration damping - 64 series

The Industrial and Warehouse Mezzanine Floor, which is manufactured by Provost, is a...

work platform / for formwork - Xsafe plus

This is a Platform system Xsafe plus which is the most cheapest and safest system for wall and...

work platform / for formwork - K

The DOKA Folding platform K are pre-as­sem­bled scaffold systems designed to provide...

work platform / for formwork - M

Setting the latest requirement for providing fast and safe operation in the masonry and...

storage platform / two-stage - max. 2 000 kg

mezzanines the inexpensive solution to double your area
better use of existing room-height

reclining platform / piezo-electric - max. 200 µm | TT60SM

The product is TT60SM actuator with tilt translator is designed based on 2 APA 60SM actuators....

reclining platform / piezo-electric - max. 35 µm | DTT35XS

The double tilt translator DTT is derived from 2 pairs of APA 35XS. There are 3 movement types...

storage platform / long-range - 350 - 4000 kg/m²

Punt forms heavy for storages and offices
Our platforms ensure the return...

axle weighing platform - max. 10 t, IP65 | PPA

The Low-Profile Aluminum Platform is highly designed with a modern and sophisticated...

axle weighing platform - IP55 | LGTN12

This weight indicator is mobile and easy to transport, allowing connections to as many as four independent platforms. This indicator is multi-functional, as it has a...

work platform - max. 1 t, 4 x 1.5 x 0.8 m | PE F 1/X

To lift any kind of load in easy, functional and safe way. Lifting platforms...

work platform - max. 300 kg, 3.2 x 1.8 x 0.9 m | PLE 300 SB 4 + 4R

To lift any kind of load in easy, functional and safe way. Lifting platforms...

work platform / for tunnels - Essform

The Essform model engineered by Normet International, is a work platform intended for use on tunnels....

reclining platform / for optical component alignment - 6TP116

The Altechna 6TP116, a black anodized aluminum-made Multi-Axis Tilt Platform, is specifically designed to offer stable angular adjustments about two-axis-tilting and in-plane rotation for attachment on tables, bread boards...

reclining platform / for optical component alignment - 6TP116

The suspended platform is an all aluminum platform custom designed for cyclones, vertical lime kilns and BOF process furnaces. The suspended platform allows personnel to safely and easily inspect or install refractory.

Designed to meet specific platform size, diameter range, load capacity, and features

work platform / for formwork - 2 kN/m² | Multip

The multi-functional working platform with highest safety standards

Formwork and scaffolding is delivered to site preassembled

work platform / for formwork - KBK 180

Climbing platform KBK 180

Work and jacking scaffold, which comes fully assembled and ready to use on-site.
- with all formwork types compatible
- platform folds up for low transport volume

Platform width: 180...

loading platform - PA 4

The setting in safety of the operators and the speakers on the sites of production is an extreme priority. Within the framework of transfer operations of products, operations...

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