wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / polycarbonate / waterproof
wall-mount enclosure
BT series

These transparent Polycarbonate molded enclosures meet NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 specifications and are ideal for PCB enclosures, test equipment and other applications in the electrical ...

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surface mounted enclosure / rectangular / polycarbonate
surface mounted enclosure
IP 65 | MBM series

Width: 50 mm - 230 mm
Height: 35 mm - 150 mm

MBM-Enclosures offer excellent properties for packaging electronic and electrical components as well as complete control systems. Thanks to the high UV-resistance of the material, these enclosures ...

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wall-mount enclosure / modular / polycarbonate
wall-mount enclosure
IP43, -50 °C ... +120 °C | SAFYBOX CA GAS

... by Uriarte, is an equipment that features an outdoor wall as well as a flush mounting enclosures. The construction permits an IP 43 level of protection. The enclosures are tailored from reinforced fiber ...

portable enclosure / modular / polycarbonate / switch
portable enclosure

... their robust construction gives protection to the sensor cabling against industrial environments. Simple-to-use, the HS-BE boxes are ideal for connecting, via the BNC, with a portable data collector to take vibration ...

DIN rail enclosure / modular / polycarbonate / for instrumentation
DIN rail enclosure

... mounting single and multiple rail-mount instruments in the field, so we designed our own. Made of metal with a rugged clear polycarbonate cover, the R-BOX meets standards for enclosing indoor and outdoor electronics approved ...

wall-mount box / rectangular / polycarbonate
wall-mount box

Width: 25 mm
Height: 93 mm
Depth: 56 mm

Wall mounting "M" series basestations box - Equipped with 24Vdc power supply (refer to DR1524 accessory) and italian plug power cable (refer to CV230 accessory) - IP33 sealing.

IP65 box / wall-mount / rectangular / polycarbonate
IP65 box

Width: 5 mm
Height: 5 mm
Depth: 1 mm

Wall mounting WLI/WDG basestations polycarbonate box - IP65 sealing.

custom enclosure / modular / polycarbonate / aluminum
custom enclosure

... exceed your expectations. SEL creates a single part number for your custom enclosure solution design, simplifying repeat ordering and approvals. SOLUTION CAPABILITIES Enclosures, racks, bezels, plates, ...