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Protective clothing is suitable for all professional environments and situations. These include extreme climatic conditions (heat, cold, rain, etc.), specialized work environments (clean room, laboratory, medical domains, etc.) or risk of exposure to chemicals, fire, electric arcs and NRBC hazards, among others.


Numerous applications for these garments are found in nearly all branches of industry: medical, mechanical, electronic, etc.


Technological advances have produced a wide variety of protective fabrics: waterproof, antistatic, dielectric, extreme temperature and chemical protection, etc.

How to choose

The dangers and desired protection must be defined before choosing an appropriate garment. Protective clothing should conform to applicable standards, as well as allowing sufficient freedom of movement while working.


- Safety
- Comfort

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1 products CONTITECH
CONTITECH ContiBarrierSystem®
Chemical suit ContiBarrierSystem® CONTITECH

Personal Protective Equipment - Now with newly developed ContiBarrierSystem® Greater safety, comfort and economy these are the key advantages of the newly developed protective cloth material with...

FerroCrtalic d.o.o.
For blasting FerroCrtalic d.o.o.

Personal protective equipment is the most important equipment of any abrasive blasting system. Personal protective equipment...

MÜLLER Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
MÜLLER Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Special reinforced bib and brace...

Dueperthal Sicherheitstechnik AGRI-SAFE Pro
Chemical suit AGRI-SAFE Pro Dueperthal Sicherheitstechnik

Protection suit AGRI-SAFE Pro, size M (50/52) Pesticide protection...

Salotech International B.V. 2 000 bar
2 000 bar Salotech International B.V.

Safety first. Protective suit specialist TST Sweden has launched a new series of CE-certified protective clothing for waterjetting at ultra high pressure (UHP). Key features are the new certification...

2 products RS Components
RS Components Cat I - Simple PPE
Chemical suit Cat I - Simple PPE RS Components

Budget Coveralls Polypropylene material Strong and durable fabric Elasticated...

RS Components Cat I - simple EPP
Chemical Cat I - simple EPP RS Components

Budget Coveralls Polypropylene material Strong and durable fabric Elasticated...

Protecta Screen
Disposable polyethylene suit Protecta Screen

Disposable Coveralls General...

1 products Hodge Clemco
video Hodge Clemco
For blasting Hodge Clemco

Personal protective equipment is the most important piece of equipment on any blast system. This equipment will keep you safe, secure and comfortable during any hazardous process. Everyone’s...

Holland Shielding Systems BV
Electromagnetic radiation Holland Shielding Systems BV

Holland Shielding Systems BV Anti-EMI/RF E-Smog personal protection is functional, effective shielding against electromagnetic fields. This shielding clothing may be worn while working in an environment...

5 products BioClean
video BioClean BDSC-L
Cleanroom workwear: disposable sleeve BDSC-L BioClean

Offering exceptional comfort and protection, single-use BioClean-D Disposable Sleeve Covers have been specially developed to be compatible for use in ISO Class 4...

video BioClean BDCCT
Cleanroom workwear: disposable boot covers BDCCT BioClean

The BioClean-D coverall with collar is a single-use disposable garment which offers exceptional comfort and protection for the cleanroom technician with additional thumb loops for easy donning. The product...

video BioClean BDOB
Cleanroom workwear: disposable boot covers BDOB BioClean

The BioClean-D Disposable Overboot has been designed and constructed to provide ultimate comfort and protection for the cleanroom technician. Compatible for use in ISO Class 4 cleanrooms,...

BioClean SKO series
Cleanroom workwear: shoe covers SKO series BioClean

Description SKO001 The BioClean-R Overshoes have elastic fastening tops, elastic bridges & 3mm crepe soles SKO002 The...

BioClean STO series
Cleanroom workwear: boot covers STO series BioClean

Description STO001 The BioClean-R Overboots have elastic fastening tops, elastic bridge & ankles & 3mm crepe soles STO013 The BioClean-R Overboots have tie tape tops, tape &...

2 products Frenzelit
Frenzelit max. 1600 mm, 0.7 - 5 mm
Glass fabric for thermal protection applications max. 1600 mm, 0.7 - 5 mm Frenzelit

Woven fabrics for insulation applications Properties Frenzelit...

Metal coated fabric for thermal protection applications Frenzelit

Mtex ® - Metal-textile-compound material Metal-textile-compound material Manufacturing process In a thermal...

Fireguard safety equip EN 469 | MAHERO 04113-A
Fire safety clothing: suit EN 469 | MAHERO 04113-A Fireguard safety equip

Fireguard produces various types of firemen suits with high quality for...

1 products Kaya Grubu
Kaya Grubu
Fire safety clothing: suit Kaya Grubu

Materials resistant to heat and flame provide to users safety in case of danger in heat and flame....

Magid Glove & Safety FRSD550 series
Fire safety clothing: trousers FRSD550 series Magid Glove & Safety

Magid® A.R.C.™ FRSD550 Inherently Flame-Resistant Denim Pants are the ultimate in protection and stylish comfort. These dark blue denim A.R.C™ pants are tested to meet the requirements...

Magid Glove & Safety IND2530HV
Fire safety clothing: jacket IND2530HV Magid Glove & Safety

The Magid A.R.C.™ IND2530HV Arc-Resistant Jacket is flame resistant and made of a 12 oz. 100% cotton Indura whipcord material to protect workers from Arc flash hazards. The IND2530HV Arc-Resistant...

Magid Glove & Safety 3024
Fire safety clothing: waistcoat 3024 Magid Glove & Safety

Aiming to enhance the visibility and safety of workers, the Magid® 3022/3024 Reflective Safety Hi Viz Vest is lightweight, comfortable and economical. Each ANSI compliant vest is...

Magid Glove & Safety 8.3 cal/cm² | SHOR88
Fire safety clothing: shirt 8.3 cal/cm² | SHOR88 Magid Glove & Safety

The Magid® A.R.C.™ SHOR88 Orange Arc-Resistant Comfort Line Shirt is flame resistant and specially treated and constructed with Nomex® thread to protect...

GORE electronics
Fire safety clothing GORE electronics

For more than 30 years, we have pioneered high-performance fabrics for firefighters and first responders. Because fire departments have different needs, our line of breathable moisture barriers spans...

1 products Advance Tapes
Advance Tapes -10 °C ... +60 °C | AT142
Adhesive sealing tape for chemical -10 °C ... +60 °C | AT142 Advance Tapes

AT142 conforms to Def Stan 75-2 Fully biodegradable...

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