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protective clothing - Tyvek® PS32LA

The DuPont™ Tyvek® sleeve, model PS32LA features and adjustable arm opening and stitched internal seam. Its upper-arm is attached with a blue thread for identification purposes. This...

protective clothing - Tychem® C PS32LA

The DuPont™ Tychem® model PA30L0 is a 50-cm long sleeve which is specifically made to suit other Tychem® accessories. All of these accessories are being made through the...

protective clothing - Tychem® F PS32LA

The PS32LA, which is manufactured by DuPont™, is the Tychem® F sleeve that has been developed to specifically be used as a chemical protective clothing for the arm of the user. The sleeve can be used against hazardous...

protective clothing - Tyvek® IsoClean IC 501 B WH OS

The IC 501 B WH OS DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean sleeve is available in white and in a single size. Its wrist and upper arm features tunelled elastication. It features a dense flash spun polyethylene...

protective clothing - Kenton Softshell BW7001

The product is Kenton Softshell Gilet. It is special fabric is composed of 94 % polyester and...

protective clothing - Townsend BW11800

The Townsend Interactive Bodywarmer of Dickies can be availed in sizes of S, M, L, XL,...

protective clothing - BW17000

Padded Gilet is a vest garment that embeds an inner compartment for holding maps, phones,...

protective clothing - Tundra DT7000

The Dickies Workwear's DT7000 series Tundra gilet is made out of 100% nylon (100gsm),...

protective clothing - WD250

The Dickies Workwear's WD250 series Redhawk Ladies Tabard is available in sizes...

protective clothing - WD250

The Kevlar® and Kevlar®/ Cotton sleeves are Memphis gloves that ensure protection from...

protective clothing - DENIM

The Denim Apparel consists of aprons with side and neck straps that are sewn...

protective clothing - MEMPHIS

The MCR Safety MEMPHIS WELDING SLEEVES are designed to provide maximum full arm protection...

protective clothing - 6 MIL

The MCR Saftey aprons are designed to provide excellent safety for various food...

protective clothing - EN388 | DS45 HPPE

Showa's DS45 HPPE SLEEVE features a standard finish, high performance polyethylene, elasticated...

protective clothing - SORTLAND

The Sortland half sleeves are polyester sleeves...

protective clothing - Salford

This SALFORD SWEATER is appointed with an embroidered workwear logo on the left sleeve....

protective clothing - LIGHT

Helly Hansen's Light Workwear Sock features good moisture delivery and air ventilation...

protective clothing / cooling - CVP 5220

The Dräger Comfort Vest CVP 5220 is a suit designed with an updated performance...

protective clothing / waterproof - Workstar

The Dräger Workstar Flexothane / PVC is highly durable and delivers optimum protection...

protective clothing / waterproof - Workstar

The protective suit will protect your...

protective clothing - PUL050BM

The sweaters here are made of 100% acrylic...

protective clothing - GILSPORTM

This polyester and cotton bodywarmer comes with eight pockets and a Mandarin...

protective clothing / waterproof - VPLCBV

P.V.C/polyester/P.V.C. Coveralls are provided in a range of...

protective clothing - TABPV

Apron with bib.

protective clothing - 40 cm | COTMTEBLEU

Cotton fabric sleeve.
Length 40 cm (including the...

protective clothing - 8 oz, HRC2

Four concealed snap-front closures Two large slash pockets Snaps into JNJ8, JLJ8,...

protective clothing - MANCHBL

Description :
Cuff. Polyethylene 21 µ. Elasticated...

protective clothing - WINGS

The Eric TABARLY® reversible vest with a PVC-coated Pongee polyester fabric...

protective clothing - VENICUT5M

Seamless sleeves from Delta Plus. Highly qualitative as it is made of high...

protective clothing - VENICUT5M

Are you looking for cooling garments that doesn't require neither electrical hook up nor batteries, or use strange chemical reactions?

You work in hot environments,...

protective clothing / Kevlar® - Kevlar® Series

Automatic knit liner of 100% Kevlar® fiber.
Available in numerous lengths, to give you the optimum balance of dexterity and cut resistance.

protective clothing / waterproof - Castor

The castor overall is designed with multi-pocket water-repellent sleeveless overall with zip-off nail pockets. The work gear features adjustable shoulder...

protective clothing / waterproof - Nilus

Heroflex water- and windproof rain overall
Taped seams
Storable hood
2 side openings

protective clothing / waterproof - Demetra

Women's multi-pocket water-repellent overall
1 chest pocket

protective clothing / waterproof - Eros

Multi-pocket water-repellent overall with 2 front zippers
1 chest pocket with 1 small pocket
1 Velcro®...

protective clothing - Apis

APIS Socks winter socks are strong and warm,...

protective clothing - Apis

Genuine split cowhide welding apron...

protective clothing / waterproof - HWS

The Viking HWS combines durability and comfort. The HWS is manufactured from a unique triple layer, stretch VSN material, originally developed...

protective clothing / waterproof - VSN

The Viking VSN is a comfortable, stretchy and durable drysuit manufactured from a unique rubber based material. VSN is a triple layered material comprising of a middle rubber layer...

protective clothing / waterproof - VTS

The Viking VTS is one of a new range of trilaminate lightweight, but robust suits designed for use by divers where contaminated water is not an issue, but strength and puncture resistance is a must. VTS suits feature stitched...

protective clothing / waterproof - HAZTECH

The Viking HAZTECH is the latest suit to join the range, and is an exciting addition. The HAZTECH suit has been developed as a lightweight robust suit for diving in hazardous water conditions, particularly where there...

protective clothing / waterproof - HAZTECH

The Viking Cooling Vest is a comfort garment developed to prevent elevated...

protective clothing - OFBS16

Sleeve for jobs requiring a protection of the arms
Applications : automotive industry, glazing and metal handling industries.


protective clothing -  NFS

The sleeve is ideal for use in the automotive and manufacturing industries.
Features and benefits

protective clothing - Vulcain 950

Ideal for use with Vulcain 950 gloves range.
Sleeve recommended for protection against heat and cuts in automotive...

protective clothing / sand blasting - 805

comfortable and durable overall made of leather and cotton
the Shotblasting Overall provides reliable protection against coarse...

protective clothing / sand blasting - 605

one-piece, with inner pocket
strainable twisted...

protective clothing / medical - BQ-103

• Made in polyester continuous filament, with...

protective clothing / medical - PJ series

Undergarments manufactured in very gentle fabric, light and comfortable, suitable for contact with the skin.

protective clothing - 202

Waterproof apron made of polieter coated polyurethan. Colours availables: white with red stripes and white with blue stripes....

protective clothing - 120/120 108

Made of polyester fabric coated with polyvinyl chloride. The...

protective clothing - 108/WZ

Made of fabric coated with PVC/PU. The apron is resistant for water, fats,...

protective clothing - BP 90/120 109

Made of polyester fabric coated with polyvinyl chloride. The...

protective clothing - 119

Made of polyester coated PVC/PU, resistant for water, fats, digestive juices,...

protective clothing / medical - IT100FA

Reverse collar / Front closure with 4 buttons / 2 waistpockets / 1 chest small pocket / Loose...

protective clothing / medical - IT120FA

Reverse collar / double breasted front closure / 2 waistpockets / 1 chest small pocket /...

protective clothing / medical - IT180FA

Reverse collar / Pleated front / Front closure with 6 buttons / 2 waist pockets / 1 chest small...

protective clothing / medical - IT170FA

Reverse collar / Front closure with 6 buttons / 2 waist pockets / 1 chest small pocket...

protective clothing - IT2100PRO

Bar apron 70x50 woth pocket


How to choose this product


Protective clothing is suitable for all professional environments and situations. These include extreme climatic conditions (heat, cold, rain, etc.), specialized work environments (clean room, laboratory, medical domains, etc.) or risk of exposure to chemicals, fire, electric arcs and NRBC hazards, among others.


Numerous applications for these garments are found in nearly all branches of industry: medical, mechanical, electronic, etc.


Technological advances have produced a wide variety of protective fabrics: waterproof, antistatic, dielectric, extreme temperature and chemical protection, etc.

How to choose

The dangers and desired protection must be defined before choosing an appropriate garment. Protective clothing should conform to applicable standards, as well as allowing sufficient freedom of movement while working.


- Safety
- Comfort

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