hose reel / automatic / wall-mounted
hose reel

... hose has a design that includes a self-winding reel containing ten meters of hose and is available in a colorful, elegant and streamlined casing that adds a dash of decor to any service garage. Elgi reels ...

hose reel / automatic / fixed / for crude oil
hose reel
max. 50 psi | DEF

Length: 50'00"
Diameter: 0.75 in

This stailess steel apparatus is designed for big applications. It will react perfectly.

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hose reel / spring / fully-enclosed / side-mount
hose reel
0 - 140 °F | LD Series

Length: 6 mm - 12 mm
Diameter: 10 m - 15 m

It is under the LD Series Hose Reels with built-in enclosures. Design protects internal particles from dirt, full flow swivel inside maximized fluid output while minimizing pressure-loss. Easily increases or decreases ...

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cable reel / manual / mobile
cable reel

- Whether media broadcast, network providers, industry or military, Sachsenkabel develops and manufactures for every application a customized solution based on high quality components - Virtually any configuration is possible: the combination ...

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