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cable drum reel - max. 300 m/min, max. 600 mm | SL2, SP2

The SL2 / SP2 SPOOLING MACHINES by IMS can be had in two distinct models to bring together the most suitable spooling technology according to the material that is awaiting processing. The SL2 version is able to accommodate the strips in position and move...

pipe reel / hand crank - RA8665

Length mm:0
Width mm:0

cable reel - 80 m

With the KASRO mobile drum, you can control and supply the KASRO air working robots for milling purposes and the lateral connection systems. It is...

cable reel - 80 - 120 m

All KASRO working robots and the KASRO branch pipe rehabilitation systems can be supplied with the integrated KASRO combination cable drum. The combination cable is a cable...

cable reel - 100 m

The hydraulic milling robots can be controlled and supplied with the hydraulic combination...

cable reel / high-voltage cable - 8100

The Model 8100 High Voltage Cable Rack provides a user with 125 feet of High Voltage Cable and 125 feet of Ground Cable. Used in conjunction with most cable fault locators (Thumpers)...

pipe reel / dual-pedestal - max. ø 600 mm

Dual Coilers with peripheral rotation
With option detection...

pipe reel / dual-pedestal - max. ø 800 mm | CY800-2C

Dual Coilers model CY800-2C
With constant...

pipe reel / cable - Reel 3

Reel with heat-treated...

pipe reel / cable - Reel 4

For wire, fabric, plastic tubing, or whatever

pipe reel - Reel 5

A speciality reel used in the wire industry
For wire, fabric,...

pipe reel / cable - Reel 6

1500mm and 700mm Heavy Duty steel spools
For wire, fabric,...

pipe reel - Reel 8

Designed for low pressure, high water volume washing applications. These assemblies are ideally...

pipe reel - Reel 8

Designed for low pressure, high water volume washing applications. These assemblies are ideally...

pipe reel - max. 2000 kg, 800 mm

Coiler for spooling plastic hoses
Techn. data:

pipe reel / cable - BOXDRUM

From the Ecopalbox range, the Boxdrum hose and cable reel is constructed using pure corrugated cardboard. It...

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