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pipe reel / for oil / grease / grease - 10 m | CRS-10 series

The Yamada CR Series uses newly designed swivel mechanism. Testing has shown that these new CR reels have...

compressed air hose reel - max. 2.5 MPa, 10 m | CR series

Because smoothness is very important when drawing and retracting the air hose, the new CR Series reels have...

pipe reel / exhaust gas - ø 38 mm, 10 m | HVR38-10

Suitable for vacuum extraction systems. Extraction...

cable reel - 80 m

With the KASRO mobile drum, you can control and supply the KASRO air working robots for milling purposes and the lateral connection systems. It is...

cable reel - 80 - 120 m

All KASRO working robots and the KASRO branch pipe rehabilitation systems can be supplied with the integrated KASRO combination cable drum. The combination cable is a cable...

cable reel - 100 m

The hydraulic milling robots can be controlled and supplied with the hydraulic combination...

pipe reel / hand crank - RA8665

Length mm:0
Width mm:0

automatic reel - 10 m | NEQ-E010

TRADING Winders Electric


automatic reel / pipe - 10 m, 220 psi | AHR 1210M

Our PIPE Winder (Double wheel system) is suitable to coil pipes with diamters...

cable reel / high-voltage cable - 8100

The Model 8100 High Voltage Cable Rack provides a user with 125 feet of High Voltage Cable and 125 feet of Ground Cable. Used in conjunction with most cable fault locators (Thumpers)...

cable reel / high-voltage cable - 8100

MODEL Hose Length (M/FT) Hose I.D. (inch) Outlet...

cable reel / high-voltage cable - 8100

Water Hose Reel
MODEL Hose Length (M/FT) Hose...

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