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Roller screws
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The SKF Actuation Systems are roller screws that transfer loads from nut to shaft through the build surfaces of the engaged rollers. It has a high load...

The recirculating roller screws by SKF has a small lead and increased resolution for applications requiring...

Ultra power roller screws have been developped since 2000 for heavy duty applications.


* Nominal diameter: 60 to 240 mm
* Lead: 15 to 50 mm
* Length:...


The Planetary Screw Assemblies from BOSCH REXROTH utilize guided planets that lead to low-noise operations. Also, due to increased power...

roller screw planetary - 45 - 1 200 kN | Spiracon series

The Spiracon series is a line of roller screws manufactured by Power Jack. They are suitable for the...

roller screw planetary - 45 - 1 200 kN | Spiracon series

Nook Planetary Roller Screws (NRS), a member of the lead screw family, are remarkable devices designed to convert rotary motion into axial force or vice versa.

The NRS design offers multiple advantages and...

roller screw planetary - 45 - 1 200 kN | Spiracon series

Rodriguez rollerscrews are only used for transferring axial forces. They consist of a ground spindle and the threaded nut which is equipped with rollers. The special geometry of the thread and the rollers characterize the rollerscrews. The use of rollers with grooves on their outside diameter and the hereby resulting contact areas as well as the number of...

roller screw planetary - ø 3.5 - 150, ø 8 - 44 | RV, BRV series

The main elements of RV and BRV satellite roller screws are the screw, the nut and satellite rollers.
The screw has a multiple-start thread. The angle between the flanks is 90° and the profile is triangular. The nut has...

roller screw planetary - ø 8 - 125 | RVR series

RVR satellite roller screws have very fine threads and are used when very great positioning accuracy is required along with high rigidity and load-carrying capacity.
The main elements of RVR satellite roller screws are the screw, the nut and the rollers which are guided...

roller screw planetary - RVI series

RVI satellite roller screws work on the same principle as RV and BRV screws except that their nut system is reversed.
This means the rollers...

roller screw planetary - RVD series

The RVD differential screw is actually a variant of the RV and BRV screws.
Its components,...

roller screw planetary - RVD series

Roller screws or also named planet roller screws are applied if ball screws cannot pick up the load or the dynamic. Instead...

roller screw planetary - 3.5 - 150 mm | RV series

The RV series is a planetary roller screw developed by Lim-Tec. It comes meticulously grinded and machined,...

roller screw planetary - 8 - 44 mm | BRV series

The BRV series is a line of roller screws manufactured by Lim-Tec. It is equipped with...

roller screw planetary - 3.5 - 100 mm | RVR series

The RVR series, manufactured by LIM-TEC Beijing Transmission Equipment, is a type of planetary roller...

roller screw planetary - ASCA

The standard ASCA servo screw series comes in no less than eight sizes, with various leads....

roller screw planetary - max. 218 000 lb | PRS, PRR series

Available in diameters from 8 to 80mm, Exlar PRS Series roller screws provide solutions to a wide range of applications - from the most compact and precise...

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