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2 products Sutton Tools
Sutton Tools B215 series
Carbide B215 series Sutton Tools

The Aluminium Cut flute pattern is recommended for rapid material removal of aluminium or other soft materials such as brass, copper and plastics...

Sutton Tools B200 series
Carbide B200 series Sutton Tools

The double cut bur allows for rapid stock removal in the harder materials. The chisel tooth pattern not only minimises tool chatter but reduces the chip to a granular shape, in most materials, thereby...

Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge Gratex I
HSSE Gratex I Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge

Gratex are used to remove burrs and to chamfer tapped holes. Gratex...

Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge Gratex II
HSSE Gratex II Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge

When mounted on a twist drill, the GN-Gratex II serves as a deburring and chamfering tool. Depending on the circumstances,...

Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge Gratex III
HSSE Gratex III Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge

The GN-Gratex III is the subsequent development of the approved GN-Gratex...

1 products Bipol
Carbide Bipol

We supply quality made in Germany burs...

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