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1 products LEROY-SOMER
1 products GE Motors
GE Motors
For asynchronous motors GE Motors

Designed, built and tested in the motor factory, solid salient pole rotors are suitable for applications requiring long duty cycles. This rotor has solid poles and a strip-on-edge field winding. The shaft...

SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG
For asynchronous motors SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG

AC-Motors (3-phase asynchronous) available sizes:...

SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG
For synchronous motors SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG

BLDC-Motors (3-phase synchronous) available sizes: 24...

1 products ATB
ATB 0.06 - 4 800 kW
0.06 - 4 800 kW ATB

Power range: 0.06kW to 4800kW frame...

1 products SELCA
SELCA 5 - 380 Nm, 12 000 - 30 000 rpm | SMI series
5 - 380 Nm, 12 000 - 30 000 rpm | SMI series SELCA

The SMI Series rotor/stator units are used in the production of liquid-cooled electrospindles and motospindles. They are designed by Selca according to specific customers needs and permit the tool to...

1 products Kolektor
Kolektor BL series
BL series Kolektor

Beside stator and electronics, the rotor is the key component oft he brushless motor....

AIC Engineering ltd.
For permanent magnet synchronous motors AIC Engineering ltd.

Summarize We can provide you with rotors for high speed motor; The products have high performance, high rotate speed, high precision, and high corrosion resistance....

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