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The Sealed Rivet, manufactured by FAR, can be...

The Copper Sealed Rivet provides maximum liquid seal, once it is installed. The installation...


The CAP, manufactured by GESIPA,...


The range of sealed rivets
The head of the mandrel of GOSTOP rivets is totally enclosed in the...


An exclusive POP rivet design, this rivet type incorporates a unique cup-shaped end configuration that seals tight, preventing passage of vapor or liquid...

Grip Tite rivets are steel domed head rivets designed to provide excellent mandrel retention for vibration resistance and an impressive expanded footprint on the blind side for a waterproof tight seal.

The wide blind side expansion feature will spread the load evenly even with thin sheet metal...


Advantages : Considerable clamping strength, higher than that...


SEELRIVETS® are self-sealing rivets, designed to seal out air, water, lubricants, and other liquid or gaseous contaminants. Installed like an ordinary rivet, our self-sealing rivets form a high-pressure seal while permitting metal-to-metal contact. Stock SEELRIVETS®...

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