plastic sheet extrusion line / sheet / for thermoplastics
plastic sheet extrusion line

Plastic sheets are ambitious finished products. The optical qualities have to satisfy. For Sheets demanding high Quality esde extruders with innovative drive technology and efficiently designed processing ...

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esde Maschinentechnik GmbH
flat-film extrusion line / sheet / for PP
flat-film extrusion line
max. 90 mm | SE series

... The die is coat hanger type of die with horizontal split line. It has adjustable and interchangeable lips for different ranges of sheet thickness. Dies have a flexible lip or choker bar. The sheet ...

plastic sheet extrusion line / sheet / for PET
plastic sheet extrusion line

The Extrusion/Compounding (also know as Direct Extrusion or In-Line Compounding) allows to combine in one step the compounding and the extrusion phases delivering great ...

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ICMA San Giorgio
plastic sheet extrusion line / sheet / for HDPE / multilayer
plastic sheet extrusion line

... Production Line : Equipped with high efficiency single screw extruder and automatic hydraulic screen changer, ensure the material plasticization homogeneous, free impurity, increase the product quality. With high ...

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plastic sheet extrusion line / sheet / for PVC / multilayer
plastic sheet extrusion line

For manufacturing HIPS/ ABS/ PP/ PET/ PVC mono and multilayer sheets for various applications like thermoforming/vacuum forming, Office files, Luggage, Office furniture, Roofing, and other applications.

sheet extrusion line / for thermoplastics / cable coating
sheet extrusion line

... simplest to the most complex materials, DEXSEN will provide you with the solution to all of your extrusion issues. Complete lines for insulation and sheathing. DEX-Line Control system. Dex-Foam ...

panel extrusion line / for PP / multilayer / multilayer sheet
panel extrusion line

... capture. We now have automatic production line, called CARTONPLAST, with capability to produce single/multiple layer sheets of PP, PE, and PET using mono- or co-extrusion systems. The ...

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