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tilt tray sorter / for - LS-4000E

The Crisplant LS-4000E tilt tray sorter can handle baggage of different shape and sizes with its high-speed sorting system. It has an energy efficient linear synchronous...

tilt tray sorter / for - LS-4000ECON

The Crisplant LS-4000econ tilt tray sorter is a system used for compact baggage handling. It combines the most energy-efficient baggage sortation technology with high availability and...

tilt tray sorter / for - LS-4000ECON

The BEUMER Group portfolio of Cross-belt sortation systems includes the BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter and the Crisplant LS-4000CB Cross-belt sorter. With a large number of installations worldwide, BEUMER Group sortation equipment and software...

tilt tray sorter / for - LS-4000ECON

The BEUMER Group portfolio of Tilt-tray is an innovative sorting system...

pivot arm sorter - 400 p/min

Flexlink packet divert unit is useful for diversion of products, at rate of 400 packs per minute or more,...

pusher sorter - ø 20 - 120 mm

The mode of operation for this device is a fairly simple one, being based on pushers that push products from one conveyor track to another, perpendicularly. The primary use...

sorting machine - DisposeMaster

The DisposeMaster makes it easier to dispose of scrap. It sorts...

sorting machine - SortMaster Pallet

On the SortMaster Pallet (chain conveyor) finished parts...

sorting machine - SortMaster Box

The SortMaster Box automatically sorts small parts that are ejected through the punch...

sorting machine - SortMaster Box

The removal station is used to isolate the detected damaged packages from the stream...

sorting system - 10 000 p/h

The cross-belt sorter is manufactured by SSI Schaefer, and is a highly product-friendly, fast and precise...

cross belt sorter - max. 18 000 p/h | CROSSORTER series

The CROSSORTER is ideally designed for trays, cartons, media, totes, envelopes and other product carriers. It has a capacity of up to 18,000 carriers per hour and is primarily used as shipping...

sliding shoe sorter - max. 10 000 p/h | POSISORTER

The POSISORTER is a sliding shoe sorter, combining excellent conveyability and careful product handling. The POSISORTER provides positive, high-capacity...

sliding shoe sorter - max. 10 000 p/h, 1500 x 900 mm | POSISORTER

The POSISORTER has a high capacity, being able to sort over 10,000 parcels per hour. It is extremely easy to locate and change a shoe within 60 seconds just by using the special maintenance button and an Allen key,...

roll sorter - max. 5 000 p/h | TRUXORTER

The capacity of 5,000 parcels per hour is the first impressive aspect that users will note about this device. In addition to this, the item is compatible with a...

cross belt sorter - max. 18 000 p/h | CROSSORTER

Full product range with a single sorter
Up to 18,000 carriers per hour
99.9% sorter availability

bottle sorting machine - max. 72 000 p/h | Sekamat

This sorter was designed and assembled by Sekamat and can be directly attached to a conveyor, differentiating the containers passing according to specific criteria.


sliding shoe sorter - max. 400 p/min | FlexSort™ SL

The Dematic FlexSort SL linear sorter is designed for high uptime and high throughput through the use of redundant Linear Induction Motor (LIM) drives completely eliminating...

sliding shoe sorter - max. 300 p/min | FlexSort™ RL

The Dematic FlexSort™ RL is an angle diverting sorter that can process up...

sliding shoe sorter - max. 160 p/min | FlexSort™ ML

The Dematic FlexSort™ ML is an angle diverting sorter that can process...

cross belt sorter - max. 50 kg, max. 2.5 m/s

Highly accurate, high speed bi-directional sorters

The Dematic Crossbelt Sorter is a highly accurate, high speed bi-directional sorter which transports goods safely and gently to their destinations,...

tilt tray sorter / for - max. 75 kg, max. 2.5 m/s

Dematic Tilt-Tray Sorter offers accurate and optimum-speed sortation for product mixing. It is a sorting system with exceptional capacity with its fast and versatile operations. It has a control system that is developed...

pusher sorter - max. 30 kg | RM 5730

The Pusher RM 5730 guarantees the sideways delivery of material at a 90° angle...

pop-up belt sorter - RM 5710

The Bell toothed belt transfer RM 5710 modifies the transport direction 90° and has a...

roll sorter - RM 5741

This is an advanced lift up gate, designed to facilitate access to areas...

roll sorter - max. 45 kg, 4 000 p/h | ST 5446

The Highspeed Popup ST 5446 has the unique capability of redirecting unit loads...

pusher sorter - max. 50 kg, 4 000 p/h | ST 6110

The push crank discharger ST 6110 is capable of pushing material at a 90°...

sorting system - 1 500 - 6 000 p/h | SpinSorter

The SpinSorter manufactured by Lödige, is a sorting system intended for sorting of parcels, letters and items of baggage. It is...

sorting system - 1 500 - 6 000 p/h | SpinSorter

The company implements successful projects worldwide in the courier and cargo industry. The company's system components facilitate...

sorter for food industry - TH 3

The Schule table separator TH 3 can separate elements that are even in terms of weight and size factors,...

sorter for food industry - WSM 65

SCHULE centrifugal sifting machine WSM 65 is user-friendly with smooth operation....

sorter for food industry - HUS 1260

The sturdy and high-capacity closed-circuit husk separator HUS 1260 is the obvious choice when...

sorter for food industry - PLS

The PLS is a high-capacity square plansifter engineered by Schule. It is suitable for classifying...

sorter for food industry - PLS

The Indented Cylinder, manufactured by Schule®, is a granular separator...

bulk materials sorting system - RAYCON BULK

The RAYCON Bulk X-ray product sorting system detects contaminants at high line speeds which is due to density, chemical composition, or mechanical dimensions. It absorbs X-radiation, which has a greater degree...

color sorting machine - FLAKE PURIFIER C

Application Profile
separates different colours
separates different forms
detects and separates non-transparent contaminations
Inspection of
bulk materials
Material flow
belt conveyors

sorting machine - FLAKE PURIFIER N

Application Profile
separates different types of plastics
Inspection of
bulk materials
Material flow
belt conveyors
bulk material columns
vibration feeder

Universal system for plastics recycling

Effective contamination...

sorting machine - FLAKE PURIFIER N

* designed for receiving, transportation, sorting and dispatch of parcels
* usually based on roller conveyors equipped with sorting modules,...

X-ray sorting machine - CXR series

X-ray sorting series CXR
Basic features of the intergrated systems

The CXR separation systems are characterized by the following features:

· Extending the optical properties to other frequencies than in the visible light: MIR, NIR, UV and...

sorting machine - 5 - 250 t/h | OSX series

The Sensor-based Series OSX is specially designed to provide a high quality performance and functionality...

XRF sorting machine / for mineral material - CXR-1000 sorter

CXR-1000 sorting unit in closed circuit at the Comex test center. It can sort different materials based on X-ray transmission XRT. Sorting procedure is carried...

optical sorting machine / for glass recycling - OSX-1000

OSX-1000 optical sorting machine. This sorter allow separation of different particles on the base of their color, shape, texture,...

optical sorting machine / for glass recycling - OSX-1000

CSi offers a range of sorting technology tailored to meet the individual needs of each project. Our range of sorting devices allows us to integrate the most cost effective solution and the right sorting technique...

optical sorting machine / for glass recycling - OSX-1000

Egemin Automation manufactured a wide variety of mechanized sorting systems that have a peak distribution capacity,...

optical sorting machine / for glass recycling - OSX-1000

This is a sorting system manufactured by Europress which features low energy consumption...

optical sorting machine / for glass recycling - OSX-1000

The Multichannel-sorter is highly designed to provide a good quality output and functionality...

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