swivel caster / threaded stud / for furniture / steel
swivel caster
REGENT series

Tread width: 0.81, 0.94 in
Wheel diameter: 5, 4, 2.5, 2, 3 in
Load capacity: 80 lb - 160 lb

... the USA, this very popular light duty wheel caster series is sure to surpass your mobility expectations. With a variety of fastening, size, and wheel options available- you will be sure to find the perfect caster ...

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Shepherd Caster
swivel caster / base plate / very heavy-duty / metal
swivel caster
MD series

Wheel diameter: 6, 8, 10, 12 in
Load capacity: 3,000 lb - 23,000 lb

Maxi-Duty Casters Capacity Range: 3000 - 23,000 lbs. Swivel Construction 5/8" thick drop forged steel mounting plate (rigid plate 1/2" thick); 3/8" x 5" plate steel contoured legs are ...

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swivel caster / base plate / threaded stud / ball bearing
swivel caster
LEN75 series

Ball bearing, thread protected castor for moveable constructions like moveable tables etc. The assembly can occur directly in the core hole of the profile or in combination with a foot plate.

swivel caster / rod / non-marking / double
swivel caster
GEP, REP, EPF series

Tread width: 18 mm - 50 mm
Wheel diameter: 50 mm - 200 mm
Load capacity: 40 kg - 300 kg

Housing: Light swivel fork made of steel with zentral bolt, double ball race, wilh bolt hole, zinced, sealing, our Series NRA / NR Wheel: Tyre: made of thermoplastic rubber, 95 shore a, non-marking, grey; Rim: made of ...

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Rollentechnik vom Stein GmbH
swivel caster / rod / steel / rubber
swivel caster
OU-BC4-XSR, OU-BC5-XSR series

Wheel diameter: 4 in - 5 in
Load capacity: 0 lb - 325 lb

Swivel Caster, Stem mounting. Neoprene Super Roll wheel tread, Precision Ball bearing.

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swivel caster / rod / light-duty / steel
swivel caster
EP RAR series

Wheel diameter: 75 mm - 125 mm
Load capacity: 75 kg - 100 kg

• Pressed steel fork assembly, zinc-plated • Swivel head with double ball race and sealing • Wheel axle bolted • The articles marked with .. are generally supplied with thread guards and wheel with ball bearings • ...

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swivel caster / base plate / steel / rubber
swivel caster

Wheel diameter: 50 mm - 125 mm
Load capacity: 51 kg - 127 kg

APPLICATIONS Standard materials handling on industrial surfaces. CASTOR ASSEMBLY: • Swivel or fixed. • Pressed steel. • Fastening by top plate. • Swivels on two rows of balls (except for diameters 50 mm and 65 mm ...

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swivel caster / base plate / nylon / steel
swivel caster
ø 5'' - 8'', max. 900 lbs | CR, CS series

Description: Casters are available in 5" and 8" diameter in either swivel or rigid style. The swivel has sidelocks. Use of casters with supports require 3H30 or 4H30 H-stands and kneebraces. Casters ...

fixed caster / rod / steel / rubber
fixed caster

Load capacity: 50 kg - 150 kg

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elcom SAS
swivel caster / base plate / polypropylene / steel
swivel caster

Tread width: 20 mm
Wheel diameter: 30 mm
Load capacity: 45 kg

Castor for furniture equipped with a polypropylene wheel. 4 holes top plate Castor for office or workshop. Fits any surface indoors. Small footprint.

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swivel caster / rod / steel / rubber
swivel caster

Wheel diameter: 6 in

Custom designed and upgraded R-Trac casters feature pneumatic tire-like cushion ride, a locking brake on the assembly, low rolling resistance and are extremely light weight with no-flat function.

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Ace Products Group
swivel caster / rod / light-duty / steel
swivel caster
2000 series

Wheel diameter: 75 mm - 150 mm
Load capacity: 35 kg - 50 kg

Flexible rubber tyres make these castors ideal for equipment that need to move smooth and silently. For cleaning trolleys, sign stands, clothing racks, light installation and tool benches, and audio-visual equipment tables and wagons. Load ...

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