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The ONU 15 series containers include ST, BT, RU, SF and IM models. The ST model is a 15-litre steel container that features 1A1/X 1,2/250 approvals for package groups I, II, III for road, rail, ship and air transport. It is equipped with...


The LUBETECH Drum Top Covers are specially designed to fit steel drums with capacities of 205, 209 liters or 45 gallon drums. They contain pre-cut holes, enabling drum content access. They are an...

The 205 Liter Steel Open Top Drum is highly designed to provide a powerful functionality...

The 31 - 1308 is a 205L steel tight head drum. It contains...


* Screen printing option for top plate and jacket
* Tested and approved a million times for transport...


UN Rated and tested to help ensure safe shipping of hazardous materials
Open-head design and removable lid offer full, convenient...



- Tight head drums, the heads are fitted...

Removable lid drum, with three kind of closing available.:

- plain ring with internal...

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