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Do you want to equip the workspace for the team? This problem can be solved without any extra efforts if you pay attention to the metal wardrobes. Submitted kinds of wardrobe are metal furniture which main features are reliability and functionality.


storage  cabinet / drawer / floor standing / metallic - Slimrack

Our stand for shoes includes many advantages. It allows you to increase the useful area in your corridor, using it in the most efficient way. Purchase of our stand for shoes would be the best choice for people living in homes with small hallways.


storage  cabinet / drawer / floor standing / metallic - Slimrack

Manufacturer of metal furniture UHL-MASH provides for you a tool cabinets for equipping workshops and production workshops, as well as for use in garage workshops. Tool cabinets are designed for the full equipment of a workplace: accommodate...

storage  cabinet / drawer / floor standing / metallic - Slimrack

Tool cupboard needs to equip steady jobs in industry, in repair shop and automotive services. Cupboard for the tool can be equipped with a variety of boxes...

storage  cabinet / drawer / floor standing / metallic - Slimrack

Mobile repair shop - a fairly broad term that includes a specially fit out vehicles designed to carry out repair or maintenance work. They may be subject to special machines and equipment, sewage system, hot and cold water.
That is the object depends...


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A storage cabinet is a piece of furniture intended to hold diverse objects and/or dangerous products. In addition to its sturdiness, it is distinguished by its protective characteristics.


These pieces are found in manufacturing plants, workshops and in the pharmaceutical industry. They protect the contents from fire, isolate them from the exterior environment or furnish controlled access to certain items.


Cabinets holding flammable products, including petroleum derivatives, chemicals and gases, are fireproof. Others include a drip tray to catch fluid leaks. This protects floors and the surroundings from corrosive and toxic substances. Cabinets must be certified if used to store dangerous items. Icons indicate the type of protection offered. Such units are often locked or padlocked.

Some models have natural or forced-air ventilation, an air filtration system or temperature and humidity control. This is often the case when the cabinet holds biological products or small laboratory animals. A galvanized grate bottom allows the cabinet to be moved by forklift or pallet truck. The doors can be transparent or resistant to fire and impacts. A multi-risk model incorporates most of the aforementioned protections.

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