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air tapping machine - DS 040, DS 070

The DP series of tappers are ideal for tapping threads into numerous alloys, as well as aluminum and steel. The capacity...

air tapping machine - DP 015, DP 030, DP 040

The DP Tapper Model Series features a Pistol grip design that starts and reverses through its...

air tapping machine - 475 rpm | 7 series

Introducing the 7 series by Ingersol which is a tapper. This tool features its...

air tapping machine - max. 1 000 rpm | Q2 series

This tapper engineered by Ingersoll Rand, is part of the Q2 Series that features variable...

air tapping machine - max. 2 400 rpm | 2200 series

The 2200 Series are lead screw tappers that are engineered for accurate hole tapping in medium to high-production machining operations....

electric tapping machine - 0 - 450 rpm | ASge 636

ASge 636 is a precise tapper embedded with rapid return action for convenient and fast results. Speed and stability is possible through the high torque motor. The device saves time required...

electric tapping machine - 0 - 240 rpm | ASge 648

The ASge 648, assembled by Fein, is a tapper that features an idling speed in reverse running of 0-910...

air tapping machine - max. 1500 rpm

The 180 W is a thread cutter designed by Bosch. It generates a tightening torque...

CNC tapping machine / vertical / high-speed - 520 x 360 x 350 mm | DT 360D

High-productive tapping center
Low inertia spindle motor (Standard:12,000rpm)

CNC tapping machine / vertical / high-speed - 520 x 400 x 350 mm | DT 400

Doosan DT400 tapping centers have a high maximum spindle speed of 12,000...

tapping machine - MT-M16 (M2-M16)


INCHES: BSW 3/32 - 1/2
BSP 1/16 - 1/2


R.P.M.: 200 a 570

tapping machine - MT-M45 (M3-M45)

Metric: M2-M45
Whitworth System: BSW 1/8 - 1 "3/4
BSP 1/8 - 2 "1/4

Capacity M2-M45
R.P.M. 15 to 590

tapping machine - MTC-M39 (M2-M39)

The MTC-M39 is a tapping machine from Gamor. It has a M2-M39 tapping capacity and accommodates a maximum pressure of up to 160 kg/cm3. Its motor runs at 5.5 HP and operates in voltages...

tapping machine - MTC-M45 (M2-M45)


Metric system: M2-M45
Whitworth system: BSW 1/8 - 1" 3/4
BSP 1/8 - 2" 1/4


R.P.M.: 15 a 590

tapping machine - RHG - M60

The RHG - M60 Sereis, manufactured by Gamor®, is a tapping machine that is utilized in a variety of operations that comes with technical characteristics...

air tapping machine - Ø 6 -18 mm

They are the ideal solution for manual machine tapping, being fast to use and easy to handle, even when high quality standards are required....

electrical tapping machine / swing arm - M2 - M14, 300 - 600 rpm | Roscamat MOSQUITO

The Roscamat Mosquito by Roscamat & 3Arm is an electric articulated arm tapping machine which comes with a radial arm joint that is connected to a tilting...

electrical tapping machine / swing arm - 90 - 2100 rpm, M2 - M27 | Roscamat TIGER

The machine itself consists of a radial arm joint to a tilting arm balanced by means of a pneumatic spring. The head member and the electric motor find themselves at the end of the tilting arm and is adapt to always move at right angle with respect to its working area.


electrical tapping machine / swing arm - 40 - 900 rpm, M3 - M36 | Roscamat SHARK

The machine is formed by a tilting arm being by means of a pneumatic spring, said arm being fitted through an intermediary union to a radial arm...

air tapping machine - max. 350 - 750 rpm, M2 - M14 | Roscamat 200

The Roscamat 200 from Tecnospiro is engineered with a pendular parallelogram. This appendage is balanced...

air tapping machine - 90 - 2 100 rpm, M2 - M24 | Roscamat 400

The Roscamat 400 by Roscamat & 3Arm is a pneumatic tapping machine which has a capacity of M2 up to M24 (M27). This unit can be easily fastened in a working bench using a three...

tapping machine - 27 / 32 mm | GTB 1200

The GTB 1200 is a tapping machine, manufactured by Knuth Machine Tools. The product is made of large and ultra heavy parts that can be machined easily, following...

electrical tapping machine / swing arm - JT3500S

The JT3500S is an electronic tapping machine from Volumec. The device accommodates tapping operations for M5-M24 and is integrated with a depth sensor and an automatic...

electrical tapping machine / swing arm - JT3150S

The JT3150S is an electric articulated-arm tapping machine developed by VOLUMEC. It has a tapping capacity that ranges from M5 up to M16. The machine...

electric tapping machine - M3 - M12, 100 - 1000 rpm | JT3000

Electronic Tapping Machine VOLUMEC JT3000
Tapping Capacity M3-M12

- Adjustable speed from 100 to 1000 rpm
- Working radius r = 1900 mm 360 °
- Electric Brushless...

electric tapping machine - M3 - M12, 100 - 100 rpm | JT2000

Electronic Tapping Machine VOLUMEC JT2000
Tapping Capacity M3-M12

- Adjustable speed from 100 to 1000 rpm
- Working radius r = 1300 mm 360 °
- Electric Brushless...

air tapping machine - M3 - M12, 600 rpm, 28 N/m | VT512

The VT512 tapping machine is designed to deliver efficient tapping of holes with exceptional precision and reduced working time. The pneumatically powered machine is equipped with a flexible arm, balanced at three points, and manufactured from specialized aluminum. This feature facilitates excellent ease and...

air tapping machine - 250 - 490 W | TR08

Low speed and high torque, these air motoreducers are built on the basis...

CNC tapping machine - max. 1 250 x 2 500 mm | TapOne

TapOne represents the new generation in cnc-controlled tapping. Tapping is one critical step in sheet metal production process. Usually tapping is done as manual operation, which is slow and not cost effective way to operate. Otherwise, punching machine can be equipped by tapping unit.

Problem is that machine which is mentioned to be fast for punching, appears to be slow and expensive...

CNC tapping machine / vertical - 500 x 300 x 280 mm | RMV500APC, RMV500T

The RMV500APC, RMV500T are manufactured by Akira Seiki. They are vertical CNC tapping machines...

CNC tapping machine / vertical - 700 x 400 x 400 mm | RMV-700APC

The RMV-700APC is a vertical CNC tapping machine from Akira Seiki....

CNC tapping machine - max. 1 300 Χ 800 Χ 400 mm | Hi-M 1300

• High frequency spindle

Suitable for high speed mock-up process by high precision built-in motor

- Hi-M1300(1Head) : 5.5kW, Opt. : 15kW

- Hi-M1300(4Head) : 3.3kW, Opt. : 5.5kW

Spindle bearing : Air blow purge structure


CNC tapping machine - 520 Χ 400 Χ 300 mm | Hit-α400

High Speed Spindle
Standard tool : BBT30(BIG PLUS)
Standard spindle speed : Max.15,000rpm(SIEMENS-802Dsl)

CNC tapping machine - 440 Χ 360 Χ 300 mm | Hit-α360

• High Speed Spindle
Standard tool : BBT30(BIG PLUS)
Standard spindle speed : Max.15,000rpm(SIEMENS-802Dsl)

CNC tapping machine - 520 Χ 400 Χ 300 mm | Hit-M400

• High Speed Spindle
Standard tool : BBT30(BIG PLUS)
Standard spindle speed : Max.20,000rpm(SIEMENS-828D)

CNC tapping machine / vertical - 500 Χ 300 Χ 300 mm | PVC-30

The PCV-30 is an Innovative Performance / New Design PCV series. Advanced Machine, Computer Structural Element Analysis Construction.


CNC tapping machine / vertical / with moving table - 500 Χ 380 Χ 300 mm | KPC-30a, KPC-30b

Larger, Faster, More Powerful 30 Taper Machine


CNC tapping machine / vertical - 350 Χ 290 Χ 320 mm | HPC-30Vb-2APC

High speed Drilling, Tapping, Milling, with Automatic 180...

CNC tapping machine / broken finger - 500 Χ 400 Χ 350 mm | PC-30H

PC-30H has a non moving, fixed table. All movements are in the column. These features allow the workpiece to remain stationary and even extend outside of the enclosure.

CNC tapping machine / vertical - 500 Χ 350 Χ 400 mm | KN-40Va, Vb500

Fix table Design with a small footprint.
Application ; Heavy fixtures mounted to a fixed table. Heavy parts, complicated...

CNC tapping machine / vertical - Alpha-Speed x.5X series

The heat loss and cooling takes place right there where it is generated.

Absolute direct drive


CNC tapping machine / vertical - Alpha-Speed series P2

Through the use of roller bearings, in linear guides, high precision can be maintained, even at high travel speed, supplemented...

CNC tapping machine / vertical - TCR 500 CNC

Ideal for drilling, tapping and for light to medium milling work
High precision is supplemented through the...

CNC tapping machine / vertical - TV-510Aapc

One of Zagar Inc.'s product lines, is high speed, CNC tapping machinery and auto. parts feed systems. The Zagar tapping...

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