air analyzer / temperature / benchtop / automatic
air analyzer

... the many removable sensor types the TGA/DSC 3+ simultaneously measures heat flow in addition to the weight change. High temperature effects up to 1600 °C can be measured with a TGA equipped with the HT furnace

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Mettler Toledo Analytical Instruments
air analyzer / temperature / for integration
air analyzer
max. 20 000 mg/l | AquaSensors™ DataStick™

... is enough to interact with the data gathered, calibrate and customize the measurement. In addition, it can only work in temperatures from -5° to +50°C

gas analyzer / temperature / portable / compact
gas analyzer
Micro GC Fusion®

Micro GC Fusion offers significant throughput gain through rapid temperature ramping and modular architecture. The transportable, lightweight chassis and web-based user interface enables simplified operation for both ...

sulfur analyzer / hydrogen sulfide / temperature / for integration
sulfur analyzer

The Model T102 TRS analyzer uses the proven UV fluorescence principle to measure Total Reduced Sulfur at levels commonly required for ambient air monitoring. The Model T102 uses a high temperature ...

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Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
water analyzer / liquid / pH / conductivity
water analyzer
CyberScan PC 10

The CyberScan PC 300 Model is a multi-parameter liquid analyzer developed by Eutech Instruments. It is built with high resistance to dust and water due to its IP 67 protection rating. The system is provided with stability ...

air analyzer / temperature / elemental / benchtop
air analyzer

... subjected to a temperature regime. TMA uses interchangeable probes at varied loads to make a number of measurements, including the softening temperature or glass transition temperature, ...

flue gas analyzer / nitrogen oxide / sulfur dioxide / oxygen
flue gas analyzer
PEM 9004

... compensated) Nitrogen Oxide (NO) - optional Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) - optional Flue gas temperature Ambient temperature Differential temperature Differential pressure Calculated ...

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Teledyne Analytical Instruments
carbon dioxide analyzer / gas / temperature / portable
carbon dioxide analyzer

- Two optional sampling methods: diffusion or pump aspiration - User-friendly meter with multilingual user interface - Numerical and graphical display of measurements - Data can be logged and transferred to PC via MI70 ...

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chlorine analyzer / water / temperature / for integration
chlorine analyzer
PCA300 series

The Hanna PCA300 series chlorine analyzers continuously monitor, control, and adjust chlorine content and pH of a sample stream. From drinking and wastewater treatment to pool and spa sanitation, monitoring chlorine ...

water analyzer / liquid / pH / ORP
water analyzer

Important values securely under control The TOPAX DX is based on the longstanding experience of many generations of TOPAX controllers from Lutz-Jesco. Its modular design makes it an adaptable and a highly compatible partner in measuring ...

gas analyzer / temperature / portable
gas analyzer

The SET-200 Stack Efficiency Tester is quick and easy to use. The unit measures O2 and CO content, and stack temperature, then calculates CO2, excess air and combustion efficiency. No special training or skills are needed ...

particle analyzer / liquid / temperature / benchtop
particle analyzer

... controlled front-loading bottle chamber Selectable 12-language instruction manual menu Analysis of fluid moisture and temperature capability icountBSplus has the capability for online fluid measurement configuration ...

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gas analyzer / temperature / pressure / portable
gas analyzer

This device is designed for measuring pressure, (draft) pressure measurement as well as differential temperature measurement and flue gas evaluation with one instrument. It is fitted with a TFT color display and is regarded ...

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carbon dioxide analyzer / gas / temperature / for integration
carbon dioxide analyzer

This CO2 analyzer from Lange is ideally used in the production of soft drinks. It renders fast services for applications that are concerned with knowing the levels of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and temperature ...

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chlorine analyzer / water / temperature / portable
chlorine analyzer

EX800: ExStik® 3-in-1 Chlorine, pH, Temperature Kit Chlorine, pH and Temperature measurements with all the necessary accessories Features: Includes CL200 meter, pH electrode, reagent tablets, 4 ...

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electrical network analyzer / temperature / benchtop
electrical network analyzer

# Integrated rack mountable MCA based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology # Two groups of 32K channel conversion gain/spectral memory # Operates in pulse height analysis (PHA), multichannel scaling (MCS), ...

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Canberra Industries
chlorine analyzer / temperature / for integration / online
chlorine analyzer

... Chlorine Sensor makes it ideal for efficient residual chlorine monitoring. Continuously measures hypochlorous acid (HOCl), temperature, and pH. * Low Minimum Detection Limit for Efficient Residual Chlorine Monitoring ...

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hydrogen analyzer / gas / temperature / portable
hydrogen analyzer
HY-OPTIMA™ 700B series

... hydrogen-specific process analyzers are designed for ease of use, interface flexibility and true process control. The HY-OPTIMA™ 700B series is a solid-state sensor that is configured to operate in process gas streams ...

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water analyzer / sodium / ion concentration / temperature
water analyzer

... design . LCD display . User interface language:English . Simultaneous display of multiparameters . Automatic or manual temperature compensation . Several calibration methods available . 4 individually password protected . ...

water analyzer / pH / ORP / turbidity
water analyzer
50 series

... calibration menu. Then there is the Graph function key which gives direct access to the graphs of measure. It can measure the temperature using the PT100/PT1000 probe. It can download data on USB key. The device comes ...

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oxygen analyzer / gas / temperature / for integration
oxygen analyzer
Model 412N4

... built-in barometric pressure compensation and detector temperature control. A high resolution digital readout is included in the case of high-purity applications, such as Model 412HP. This analyzer works ...

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Nova Analytical Systems
biogas analyzer / CO / CH4 / hydrogen sulfide
biogas analyzer
RASI 700 Bio

... task oriented menu - Data logging, site management and data export to SD card Portable Biogas Analyser The RASI 700 BIO is a portable biogas analyser ideal for measuring gas in landfill, biogas, ...

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Eurotron Instruments UK ltd
metal analyzer / total fat / temperature / for integration
metal analyzer

... while scope and high precision of temperature control. · Timer and timing functions are available. · Exclusive air insulation technique leaves the case in room temperature, has thermal ...

gas analyzer / temperature / portable
gas analyzer

BOSTON HD, the latest version of the prestigious range of portable combustion gas analyzers, has interesting new performances that put it at the top of the market. Usable on any heating plants of every dimension, it ...

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Tecnocontrol - GECA - CPF Industriale
water analyzer / water hardness / temperature / for integration
water analyzer
Testomat® 808

... external load Protection class: I Degree of protection: IP 54 Conformity: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN 61010-1 Ambient temperature: 10 – 40 °C; 50 - 104°F Current interface: Output of defined values (5, 8, 11, 14, 17, ...

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Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik