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video TOPTICA Photonics AG
TOPTICA Photonics AG

Two DL DFB lasers + FPGA-based frequency control Available wavelengths: 780 nm and 1550 nm Difference frequency tuning up to 1800 GHz Frequency accuracy 2 GHz absolute,...

1 products M SQUARED

Firefly-THz is a more practical alternative to other methods for generating THz light. It is more compact, convenient and efficient because of its integrated diode-pumped pump laser,...

3 products Optolita
Crystal Optolita

EKSMA OPTICS offers organic DSTMS, DAST, OH1 crystals for THz generation and detection using different femtosecond laser pump sources. Inorganic THz Crystals: GaSe...

Optolita Zint Telluride ZnTe Terahertz Crystals
Crystal Zint Telluride ZnTe Terahertz Crystals Optolita

ZnTe (Zinc Telluride) crystals with <110> orientation are used for THz generation by optical rectification process. Optical rectification is a difference frequency generation in media with large...

Optolita Gallium Selenide GaSe Terahertz Crystals
Crystal Gallium Selenide GaSe Terahertz Crystals Optolita

GaSe (Gallium Selenide) crystals used for THz generation shows a large bandwidth of up to 41 THz. GaSe is a negative uniaxial layered semiconductor with a hexagonal structure of 62 m point group and a...

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