Terahertz lasers

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Optically pumped lasers
FIR Series (Far Infrared Lasers / Terahertz lasers)

A range of optically pumped, far infrared (FIR) lasers are available for applications that require coherent radiation in the spectral range of 40 microns to 1.22 mm, the TeraHertz (0.25 to 7.5 THz)...


Firefly-THz is a more practical alternative to other methods for generating THz light. It is more compact, convenient and efficient because of its integrated diode-pumped pump laser, sealed...


Amplitude Technologies TT-Mobile laser system is an integrated Terahertz laser system designed for mobile use, such as container or mobile truck applications, where laser pulse filamentation...


Two DL DFB lasers + FPGA-based frequency control
Available wavelengths: 780 nm and 1550 nm
Difference frequency tuning up to 1800 GHz
Frequency accuracy 2 GHz...

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