Vibrating bowls

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Vibrating bowls
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The circular feeders by Fiam are designed for continuous screw feeding. They serve as a fundamental tool for semi-automatic...


Our vibrating bases are recognisable by their reliable construction and steadfast operation whatever the load.
They are designed for use with stepped...


The SF-1 Model is a vibrating bowl with up to 6 bar air pressure. It is made from mild steel,...



Speeds in excess of 600 parts per minute
Bowl sizes range from 6" to 36" I.D.
Ten different...


The Cosberg ADER is a vibrating bowl that utilize the new Piezo technology. It can exhibit...

The ADER Linear Feeders are specifically designed for industrial applications which are made as electroresonant...

The products in this series are high frequency electro-resonant circular vibrating bases, which produce vibrations...

The items are comprised of a vibrating base on which the manufacturer has fitted two grooved-rails that are independent from one another. One...

This product is equipped with a vibrating base with 3 independent grooved-rails weighing 0.5kg with 300mm length mounted...


Typical application areas are:
Dosing and/or feeding of objects (one by one) to e.g. pick-and-place robots Applicable objects are e.g. individually frozen products (pieces of chicken meat, hamburgers, sausages etc.)...

The Scan-Vibro Parts Feeder (Typce CFE) is generally applicable for usage in an array of fields involving the chemical - technical and the pharmaceutical industries. This product's typical applications involve ...


Selection and orientation of parts from bulk.


Afag feeder bowls are characterised by an optimised pitch...


Long Life Drive Shaft
After years of testing and use in the field, there is no foreseeable limit to the operating life of the drive shaft with hydrodynamically supported bearings



Universal machine used for complete finishing wet processes (Roughing - Sanding - Polishing - Polishing) on jewelry parts , all ferrous alloys objects (especially stainless steel), all of the aluminum alloys and all the plastic materials.

The machine uses...


Pre-Plate Finishing


High Quality Steel


The HR-5 has a manual grease drive cartridge. The HR-11 and HR-17 have recirculating oil.

The HR-5 has a direct drive belt. The HR-11 and HR-17 have a drive...


- Cylindrical bowl feeders
Manufactured from ordinary or stainless steel. Optional inside coating.

- Amphitheatre...


A finishing machine is the norm, but a long radius finishing machine has a greater diameter bowl. If this was it, then it would just be a larger machine, but the channel width...


Giant Finishing manufactures a lot of different machinery, from belt washers to parts separation decks but our number 1 product is our vibratory finishing equipment. We take pride in our deburring machines being...

We continue to improve the parts finishing process in the vibratory finishing industry, we have accomplished this with our GB, Giant Bowl series. This vibratory finishing machine has a spiral bottom...


Ideatec’s expertise combined with 31 years’ experience in this sector will help you to reach your part...


Structure of the bowl feeder
The structure of a bowl feeder is always characterized by two major components:
the sorting bowl, in which the parts are aligned
the drive, which generates vibrations in the sorting bowl by means of mechanical oscillations, thereby putting the parts in motion.
The dimension and design of both these com-


Multiformat vibrating bowl for perfume pumps : crimped pumps, crimpless pumps, screw-on pumps, clinch-on pumps (for deodorant cans), mini-pumps, drop dispensers / checkers.

Achieve high speeds without the use of air jets with the new generation of patented PKB vibrating bowls.


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